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  1. Think u will find im more qualified than you will ever be and associated too but nice try. You are a joke end of And pretty sure most ppl wont cheat and if u fail to win the game because of a un qualfied ref that is ur fault for giving him the chance too. Joke end off. Clearly have a problem with probus
  2. You just contradicted yourself. We have sorted out and played with no official ref many times. But we aren't willing to do it wgen playing probus. Your part of the problem with grassroots football and a joke in my opinion. This is why the league is dying. Shortage of refs and rarther than play a game where someone was happy to ref you said no. It's just childish. Cornwall fa should state a rule as where a ref is offered you can't turn it down.
  3. Mabe FC Fold

    Well rude. But keeping hold of players means transfer fees which means ur hurting the club or player financially dependent on who pays the fee and as for paper work. Transfers are paper work. The players are going to just not play. And the club still gonna fold. But great sugesstion dummy
  4. Mabe FC Fold

    Ccfa is a sister to cornwall fa same as devon fa. Same as derbyshire fa and so on. Efa is the parent so ccfa will look after the 5 aside and 6 aside leagues here by order of efa
  5. Mabe FC Fold

    Yep alot. One in truro. One in poole. One in st austell. Etc etc they have there name to them.
  6. Mabe FC Fold

    Sorry but no. No protection for players. And still alot of paper work for transfers as won't stop players leaving and you are actually costing teams money because of transfer fees. So hurting the team more than the fa. They don't need more money.
  7. Mabe FC Fold

    Sadly you are right. But this is what the fa thought was a good idea 13 years ago and are only beginning to realize it is killing 11 a side. There is more money to made in 6 aside and 5 aside run leagues for the fa. They get to keep thier pockets fat
  8. Another club folding!?

    Quite alot of young males in st agnes. But lets just say most of them are into a different kind of white line
  9. Another club folding!?

    Agree with this in some aspects apart from st agnes as they have 3 teams plus a womens side plus youth sides and a disabled side i believe. But think this more comes down to playing with friends and other reasons for teams struggling. Aka playing time. Traveling as less ppl seem to be willing to give lifts. Team spirit in general just not being there. Less volunteers. Cost of running a team. Sadly going to get alot worse before it does better.
  10. Ex manager ladies and gentleman
  11. My only problem with this is we had a game cancelled because of no ref. Even tho two of us are affliated and offered to ref the game the opposing team said no. Don't think they should be allowed to reject no matter what time in the season it is
  12. Correct plus with him being a first aider they can't ban him from saturday activities if he is there as an aider. But yeh can stand on the sidelines as fa can't nothing about him being on a field. So as far as i see and understand of rules. You will be fine. Congrats on getting through. Like u said said didn't play and wasn't on bench. So no rule broken Can be 1st aider fa can't ban a first aider from being there. Unless the team have another one. Also as long as the player didnt sitbon bench or play. No rule has been broken
  13. Re-training for referees......

    6 seconds. Been around for about 10 years or more now