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  1. No promotion?

    This would be the ideal solution BUT Illogan have appplied to withdraw. As far as I can see (and I'm sure @John Mead will correct me if I'm wrong) there is no provision for voluntary relegation which means that Illogan would need to finish in a Peninsula West relegation spot and for there to be successful applicants to join. This is one of a number of permutations and a lot can change between now and the season's end. I won't be involved in the discussions on this so I'm not going to get pulled in any deeper on this, over to those who will. Back to the packing!
  2. No promotion?

    Promotion arrangements between the Trelawny and Combination are very clear in both sets of rules. If a team finishes in the promotion places and meets the ground criteria they will be promoted. The Illogan situation is potentially very complicated and I would anticipate that early in the new year there will be some difficult and protracted discussions to decide on the way ahead for any of the many potential scenarios. Good luck guys!
  3. Don't know @Sijames I'm very much on the fringes now but it's Rule 10f(vii)(b) as below. The League Sec or Fixtures Sec would be the people to ask. b. Games shall not be postponed prior to the morning of the match however, during periods of protracted bad weather or in the event of a significant weather event the League Secretary may direct that games can be postponed on the day preceding the fixture(s) by clubs providing that: i. A responsible club official has checked the pitch conditions or. ii. There is no realistic chance of play.