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  1. FA Cup

    The question is are you a Truro supporter?you always seem to have a lot to say about them usually negative, I can only suggest the next time your in the pub ask for your glass to be half filled and look at the world as a happy place.
  2. Yes but we can all go and buy some trophies
  3. Two points to note here for Bodmin: Promotion Attendance
  4. Cornwall Senior Cup

    Lets be honest all games are away for your players
  5. Think you will find Helston do not have first team players like you are suggesting they are all classed as club players and are available to all three adult teams every week
  6. Think you will find its at Porthleven, good result for Porthleven Alan Carey has got them playing some nice football he had three players from the reserves in the squad two of which started so well done to them
  7. You might well be right but i think both were struggling to make the team this season Matty stepped in at the end of last season to help with promotion but started from the bench most games and Charlie is having problems with injurys and fitness,the boys that have signed look like good signings but lets wait for the first game and then Theo you might want to retract your rash statement