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  1. Ouch!!!! someone is not happy but please expand on kitbag which one of the following is he :(bigot) Extremist, Diehard, Dogmatist, Racist, Hypocrite, chauvinist
  2. Cheers Tommy looking forward to visiting but it will have to be going some to be an improvement on DRACAENA
  3. Tommy please except that I am not knocking this project because I am glad that Falmouth are having these new facilities it is well overdue for both adults and the youngsters in that area,however if the funding is coming from the school then surely that is public money or has the money came from private sources?
  4. The glass half empty brigade are out why is it about the money?, why don't you talk about the opportunities the stadium and these clubs could offer the youngsters down here not only giving young players the ambition to develop and to play at the higher levels also for local supporters to watch a higher standard of sport. On the football side as I very occasionally watch the pirates I have been involved in local football for many years my son played in the south west premier league and now I have grandchildren which if they decide to take up football would love them to be given the chance that the likes of home grown players in Cody Cooke have had and that’s all down to Truro City Fc it doesn’t matter whether you like the owners of either of the clubs because this isn’t about them it’s about the development and opportunities for the youngsters. It would be nice to see folks who enjoy sport pulling together on this and speaking about what the stadium requires making it work rather than tongue in cheek comments off the tax payer shouldn’t have to pay towards this primarily because I don’t like the owners. For my immoralities I travelled to Devon to watch Argyle the other week and in the crowd was half a dozen Cornish youth teams watching, wouldn’t it be nice if they had a local stadium to watch their local team play with the opportunity of one day playing in that stadium.
  5. Jordan Adlard one of the elite players,well thats what he told me the other day lol
  6. You might well be right but i think both were struggling to make the team this season Matty stepped in at the end of last season to help with promotion but started from the bench most games and Charlie is having problems with injurys and fitness,the boys that have signed look like good signings but lets wait for the first game and then Theo you might want to retract your rash statement