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  1. Duchy League Favourites

    Those 12 years certainly seem to have flown by and a lot of good people have been lost along the way. Very nearly time to call it a day but I must pop over for a pint or three before I do.
  2. Duchy League Favourites

    Certainly not the way promotion and relegation should be working Richard but we are in control of the promotion side of things with just one team being allowed up (the Premier champions if eligible). Unfortunately too many sides have dropped out of the ECPL and it is still 5 teams short of a full compliment . It will be interesting to see what, if any, difference the Peninsula League's plans will have.
  3. Duchy League Favourites

    I haven't checked and could be wrong but i'm pretty sure that the last actual relegation (as opposed to teams withdrawing) would have been St Columb Major after the 2009/10 season.
  4. Duchy League Favourites

    That would be a novelty !! trivia quiz - what was the last team to actually be relegated from the ECPL and when ?
  5. Junior cup semi-finals draw

    It also helps when finding a pitch to play on, most of the top grounds will be in use every Saturday so weekdays are less likely to disrupt fixtures and give the host club some extra income making it a more attractive proposition for them. Then of course there is the referee situation, three officials on a Saturday would basically mean that two other games didn't get one.
  6. The skill is in making a shot look like a cross to those lesser mortals than us!
  7. New Inn Titans 0 - 1 Torpoint Athletic Job done but it was not easy viewing. Curtis Damerell's shot from the touchline after 30 minutes was all that separated the sides and that probably shouldn't have eluded the Titan's 'keeper - but they all count. Last time I watched Torpoint they fielded a young, fit side but today's line up was heavy on experience and they found it quite hard going on the understandably heavy pitch. Neither goalie was troubled much and the home side probably had a bit more of the play and the tie could definitely have gone either way. Surprised and disappointed to see Sticker out. The semis will be interesting.
  8. St Mawgan v Wendron United - Junior Cup 1/4 Final

    Congratulations to Wendron for being the first team through to the semis. Great cup run by St Mawgan - a credit to the Duchy League.
  9. Bugger ! I was so looking forward to it !!
  10. Thank you, you're making it sound really inviting! The older I get the less tempted I am to stand in the rain watching football.
  11. Looking like a pretty bleak afternoon ahead. Any news on pitch inspections, postponements or games definitely going ahead would be welcome. Anyone out there know if there is any spectator shelter at New Inn Titans ground ?
  12. All four ties now showing as being played this coming Saturday (Feb 10th) on the referees appointments list . Looking forward to a trip to Illogan.
  13. quite right, everyone wants to be playing somewhere on Saturday. Only issue really is the travel for an early kick off and late notice. Torpoint to Illogan is a fair old journey, not much warning for players to re-arrange any work etc Not to mention the severe disruption to League fixtures and all the extra work for the Secretaries
  14. Whilst the confusion and uncertainty doesn't reflect well on the administration, i expect none of this is a done deal yet and the County & clubs (and hopefully both leagues) are probably still in 'talks' .
  15. Sticker apparently beat Frogpool/Cusgarne so its been a great day for the Duchy clubs - any news of Lostwithiel v Wendron ?