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  1. Sticker Reserves docked points?

    does the date off being given the card matter? because i have seen players given cards then they never come through were the ref has not put them through .Dare i say it but this looks like a communication error between Ref/FA/STICKER no prizes who will suffer cant understand why clubs struggle for volunteers
  2. Good to see a team with quality and ambition and good support who conduct there self well at Sticker good luck Parkway a great advert for Devon only down poinjt was attiude of a Devon FA offical who both sets of suporters felt his actions was wrong but being part of the FA he will continue to get free entry to games and not help our strugling game GOOD LUCK PARKWAY
  3. I watched this game last night and i thought Bodmin was poor so Parkway have a easy vase draw if the men in black new what they was doing and stood up to the Bullies of Bodmin i think a draw or Sticker win would of been result.
  4. FA Cup

    suporters group 4 wurzzels dont make a group in my eyes