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  1. St Mawgan Res 4 Boscastle Res 0 Good game to ref and played in the right spirits. Boscastle kept going until the end despite only having a bare 11. Well done both teams for a good game! Tom
  2. Duchy League Favourites

    St Newlyn East will be division one champions I think. Every time I see them play they look like a strong, organised team.
  3. No I think your right, I was surprised when I saw the switch of venue. Let’s just hope for a good game of football! 😀
  4. Bobjfh- I sometimes play 6 a side football up at tretherras and there isn’t any wiring going across anymore. The pitch does have multiple markings but doesn’t every school Astro. spectators will have to stand 1-2 metres from the side of the pitch. The lights aren’t great but will do the job if needed. I’m just pleased that there is some guaranteed (bar some horrendous weather) football tomorrow to watch in the local area. 😀 well done to both teams for compromising to get the game on!
  5. Start the season earlyer

    Zebedee-I think part of that is down to the cricket season. At previous clubs I’ve found that we were sometimes short in the August games and then in September we had a full team. I do agree that clubs should start the season earlier, in past seasons some teams didn’t start their season until 1-2 weeks into September. I think the weather is ongoing battle and i think this December and jan has been particularly bad this season.
  6. Referee Shortage 13/1/18

    Utilityman- as the others would say go for it. I was exactly like yourself this time last season. I also suffer from injuries and had my doubts but having completed the course in April of last year I have so far really enjoyed. Don’t get me wrong there are times when it can be challenging but most of the time it’s fine. Like I say to the players I can only give what I see and hear! You can pick up a decent kit for the equivalent of a couple of match fees and can commit as much or as little time as you like. I really enjoy football and is the reason I referee, to still be involved in footy on a Saturday, the money is just a bonus 😀 seriously next course that comes up, sign up! For me it was £50 but if you get nominated from a club I think it’s free (I might be wrong on that). Also like me the fact that you have played football in the past will make it so much easier to learn and understand the laws. Feel free to pm me if you need any more info. Tom
  7. St Newlyn East 7 Queens Rangers 3 great game of football to watch for a neutral!