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  1. Portreathlegend I disagree with some of your comments. I have recently qualified and am in my first season as a ref. I can’t speak on other people behalf but I don’t do it for money, I do it to be involved in football. I’ve spoken to a few people who used to referee and they have given it up because of the attitude and abuse from players. I believe the fa are trying to improve this with the sin bin trial but this will take time for attitude and behaviours to change. I hope if they do some refs might come out of the woodwork to ref again but who knows... i don’t think you can blame the league for the lack of refs. At the end of the day if someone wants to be a referee my understanding is it is free if referred through a club. For anyone thinking of becoming a referee I would say go for it! I’ve given it a chance and for the most part enjoy it. Tom
  2. Wadebridge thirds vs boscastle reserves OFF. waterlogged pitch.