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  1. Mabe FC Fold

    IMO football clubs shouldn’t be allowed to have three senior men’s teams surely can’t help the numbers in other clubs near by?
  2. I thought someone was on Facebook last week saying they would referee if there was a shortage?
  3. Mabe FC Fold

    One of the things I hate about these new leagues is that you don’t know anyone anymore.Years ago you would know pretty much everyone on the other team by their first name now it’s 90 mins of football and Home.The distances between games now at junior has affected the social side of it I have no doubt
  4. Mabe FC Fold

    Very good point about season being too long,it’s too long by about 2 months!!!
  5. Mabe FC Fold

    Uni....what’s that ? oh yes that thing that keeps the unemployment numbers down!!
  6. Mabe FC Fold

    Am I misguided? i think it’s the biggest problem but of course there are others
  7. Mabe FC Fold

    Bring back the Falmouth/helston league bring back the West penwith league bring back the mining league end this nonsense travelling is the main reason!! they can stay in bed till 1pm then and still play!!!!
  8. What a numpty,did you do an accumulator ?🤡
  9. Another club folding!?

    I think this is the main problem that teams are short/folding . i know lots that get asked ‘can you play Saturday mate we’ve got 10’ possibly we’re are we ? er umm st keverne away! no f r off!!
  10. Another club folding!?

    No sat navs on Saturdays
  11. Another club folding!?

    Would get bigger crowds and I think teams would stay for a drink/food more often they don’t hang about much if they’ve got an hours drive back to st Erme or probus etc
  12. Another club folding!?

    Travelling is another massive off put these days im sure you wouldn’t have all these problems if sennen were back playing pendeen in the West penwith league and marazion were playing madron in the amor shield....just take a look and see we’re some clubs have got to travel to play in a junior football match,it’s ridiculous! teams in and around the Truro/Falmouth shouldn’t be travelling to mousehole,st just to play in the trelawny league
  13. Another club folding!?

    It’s funny isn’t it that people harp on about The FA and money etc yet people still refuse to accept the millions of quotes on here.......no amount of money/policy changes/facilities etc can change society. youngsters lives have changed they see no problem in letting people down anymore,not turning up,turn their phone off!!! there are many many on here who were used to a good bollicking from there manager or a solid clip round the ear from there father but that has all changed now the sooner we accept that many things have changed for ever the better we will understand two words that do not exist anymore in sport DESIRE and DEDICATION
  14. Calling games off

    That’s good news
  15. Calling games off

    In this case no games should be called off I know loads of ex players who’ve played a decent standard of football who would love to referee a match now and again they just thought you needed to be a qualified referee!!!
  16. Calling games off

    Is it allowed
  17. Calling games off

    Can anyone referee a match if both teams agree to it?
  18. Just a quick genuine question what are the youth sections like at Bodmin,st.austell,parkway,tavvy,Saltash etc
  19. Love seeing Bodmin representing cornwall flagship cornishclub
  20. Cornwall Senior Cup

    Just because someone dreams something it doesn’t make it true statement!!
  21. Cornwall Senior Cup

    So the draw cannot be fixed looking at how many times you have been in the final i will tell you this one more time,you are hated because you are successful. football fans don’t hate Blackburn bcoz they won the league once....they hate Man Utd coz they’ve won it lots....it’s very simple but one thinks you don’t seem to understand !!
  22. Cornwall Senior Cup

    Leeds how many times have Bodmin been in the final in the last 20 years?
  23. No wonder with what’s coming tonight
  24. is Hobbs not good enough for a crack at a football league club? Dereck Adams give him s go!!