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  1. Seapies or magulls? i prefer seapies myself!!
  2. digger1000

    Games conceded

  3. As long as hmrc are informed of payments to players all good.....I take it there on contracts with agents involved etc
  4. Yes it is if two players from the same side tackle each other or should be anyway
  5. Jordan annear to Truro city or not ready yet?
  6. He was called Matt Allen.......he’s being doing some high profile games recently he genuinely knows nothing about football.....he shouldn’t want to do it in the first place
  7. Did they pull the radio cornwall commentator out of the pub just before kick off?? It was amateurish at best and that’s being kind
  8. digger1000

    Illogan Reserves doomed!

    100% correct mike but you have forgot one major thing. social cultures have changed dramatically since when Penzance has no problem driving to clyst/Appledore etc... youngsters have very little desire to travel now regardless of the time it takes
  9. Travelling travelling no more local derbies causes less interest fact
  10. digger1000

    Illogan Reserves doomed!

    No other county in England has to travel 2 hours to play amateur football can you imagine a team in Berkshire/Hampshire etc having to tell there players that we gotta leave at 11am ish for a junior/amateur football match not happening kev well put!! It’s happening in the cricket and the rugby and it’s destroying it they won’t be happy until it’s completely screwed!!
  11. digger1000

    Illogan Reserves doomed!

    Travelling human evolution travelling we will evolve as one one day!! Not just these leagues they won’t travel listen to those who know!!
  12. digger1000

    Illogan Reserves doomed!

    Why are clubs having second thoughts?