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  1. Don’t be so bitter jealousy never ends well
  2. Parkway need to build strong ties to argyle and work together......can see parkway in the southern conference in a few years if they get it right.
  3. Stop going on about travelling ffs......if a football match finishes at 445pm in east Devon you can be home in West cornwall at 630/7pm to be with your mates or play x box or go out on the for your sisters cats anniversary.people who harp on about travelling blatantly haven’t played much sport at a higher level....it happens every weekend to some people just chew it and get on with it.....an hour and a half in a car is not the end of the world
  4. Torrential rain here now in west cornwall serious rain

    Very good quality highlights I really enjoyed that
  6. Paying Players

    I still can’t get my head around why you would leave any evidence of payments ie envelopes in a changing room....bizarre when you think about it.