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  1. Ryan caddy is the type of player to get out muscled in an under 11s match 😀
  2. Is this the worst winter in Cornish football history?
  3. Maybe clubs folding is a good thing, with less clubs shouldn’t the standard increase? Be harder to get into teams and maybe we will see less of these double figure score lines, just a thought
  4. Falmouth dc - st just res off
  5. Falmouth DC 2- 2 west cornwall res div 3
  6. Does anyone know if there is a jon Sheffield goalkeeper academy at Camborne college still? my 10 year son wants to play in goal (and is quite good) and i want him to get trained properly .
  7. Nail on the head I think. I don't play no more as I do like going to the gym , and doing things with the family , but i I think I will start playing again if someone wanted me to play as I do miss it
  8. GEACH1

    County Junior League merger?

    If anything bring back Falmouth helston league and mining league , nearly every weekend is a derby , and people are always up for derby games
  9. GEACH1

    County Junior League merger?

    Well yeh , people don't want to travel from far west to Far East for a kick about . People pay subs to play put fuel in their cars etc people just want a kick about for 90 mins and not do 100 mile round trip for it. Imagine if your on the bench and traveling from Penzance to play up torpoint or salt ash to play 20mins at the end . People wouldn't bother going .