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  1. Mabe FC Fold

    i don't play no more , not because of travelling but because I participate in other sports that don't involve diving around in mud.
  2. FA Cup

    I think everyone was there to get behind the club !
  3. FA Cup

    Would you be happier if only 200 turned up then ? I reckon the players manager etc would be disappointed then being a big game . should I feel ashamed about watching truro vs charlton because iv only watch a hand full of Truro games over the years ?
  4. Tigertalk forum

    re boot means get a jug of water and pour it on the keyboard
  5. FA Cup

    ive been to watch them a handful of times but wouldn't call myself a fan , I went yesterday to support them , glad I went it was a good game , my son enjoyed it , maybe he will peel of his argyle shirt and don a truro one
  6. FA Cup

    why does it matter ? I'm not a truro fan when I was young I used to go watch Falmouth town with my dad and uncle, I went yesterday because I'm Cornish and would of still gone wether it was Newquay, penzance or bodmin , ive been to Southampton to watch them this season and will go watch QPR next month because I will be in the area does it matter that I'm not a fan of them two either? the fact is I was born in truro lived half my life in truro why cant I go and support them in massive game in thiers and Cornish history.
  7. FA Cup

    996 truro fans , although it looked double that, and sounded like triple .
  8. Another club folding!?

    I agree bring back Falmouth helston league and mining leagues
  9. Another club folding!?

    i think people are losing interest altogether across the country, when I watch the weekend goals scored in championship, league 1 league 2 , look how many empty seats there are in the stadiums ! thousands ! I remember going with my dad to bickland park as a kid to watch Falmouth town and the car park was full and there was a good turn out of supporters, its not like that now , maybe there is too much distractions like going out drinking, playing computer games , people participating in other sports , work , women . my 10 year old son cant get into local football teams because there is too many kids wanting to play , how that will change in the next few years .
  10. FA Cup

    5 ft 8 but 5ft 5 would probably explain why I used to get lobbed so often when I played 🤡
  11. FA Cup

    ive paid my money for the coach so I'm on the trip ,, and I'm a healthy 15 and half stone .
  12. FA Cup

    tried ringing the number no answer , i want to book 3000 tickets , so i can dress as a pasty and be the only one in the away end.
  13. FA Cup

    not getting excited , just trying to be organised .
  14. FA Cup

    any news on if there will be coaches going up from the club??
  15. FA Cup

    no i will not calm down , this will be better than flambards , and thats usually the best day of the week
  16. FA Cup

    the away end at the valley has 3000 capacity , surely that will sell out ? will the club put on coaches???
  17. FA Cup

    when will be able to get tickets and will there be coaches put on also??
  18. i hope they draw a decent team blackburn away or argyle
  19. Best and worse showers in Cornwall

    best , Wendron , Trispen/st erme , Falmouth dc worst , Mawnan ,