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  1. Blue flame vs coastline housing on 23rd of June blue flame 🔥 will be taking On coastline in a charity football match at Penryn 3G. We Will be raising money for children’s hospice . We are looking for a ref for the match preferably someone who would do it for free as we are trying to raise as much as we can for the charity! If anybody would like to help out , you don’t have to be a qualified ref just happy to ref the game please send me a message from dan geach building support manager blue 🔥 flame
  2. Truro finish 7th in the last play off position after 1-1 draw today
  3. after running the line this morning for truro under 11s I was looking forward playing this afternoon! this has got to be the worst season in the history of Cornish football, multiple teams withdrawing from leagues , constant raining during winter causing mass postponements , then teams unable to raise sides .cancellations of cups . all we need now is postie pidge to be made president of the Trelawney league to put the icing on the cake. roll on next season
  4. Ryan caddy is the type of player to get out muscled in an under 11s match 😀
  5. Is this the worst winter in Cornish football history?
  6. Maybe clubs folding is a good thing, with less clubs shouldn’t the standard increase? Be harder to get into teams and maybe we will see less of these double figure score lines, just a thought
  7. Nail on the head I think. I don't play no more as I do like going to the gym , and doing things with the family , but i I think I will start playing again if someone wanted me to play as I do miss it
  8. Wats happened down there pal??