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  1. Does anyone know if there is a jon Sheffield goalkeeper academy at Camborne college still? my 10 year son wants to play in goal (and is quite good) and i want him to get trained properly .
  2. I think it's a character in finding nemo
  3. Combo League Approved Footballs

    Cornishteddyboy with the quick maths , Take off your jacket
  4. Combo League Approved Footballs

    There 15 quid up Dw sports
  5. Avoiding Backlog

    Cricket is not a real sport anyway
  6. An idea for The Combo?

    its only going to get worse once brexit kicks in
  7. Start the season earlyer

    I think people would rather play in summer than winter , who wants to stand up in cold and wet I know I don't, the ground does not get that dry in summer , our summers are not that hot. i don't remember games getting called off for weeks on end 15 years ago , seems like the winters are getting wetter
  8. Forum To Close - Need Your Help

    you should approach pro direct soccer see if they will sponsor the site , if they advertised on here they would be advertising to the whole of the Cornish football scene , which would be good for them and good for the football forum.
  9. sin bin the ref
  10. donated, although I don't play no more I do like to come on here every day and see whats on
  11. That's y they call you the special one
  12. no goals from the k dogg ?
  13. Wats happened down there pal??