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  1. FA Cup

    6K up in smoke. Oh well, good job there's more where that came from .
  2. FA Cup

    I got odds of 7/1 for Truro City to win the tie after 90 minutes - £5k went on that , then a cheeky £1k on TCFC winning the FA Cup at 10,000/1. Winning the cup would be the biggest thing to ever happen to Cornish football, and at 10,000/1 it would seem unlikely - but with some decent home draws and bit of lady luck, who knows?
  3. FA Cup

    With regard to fans not being keen on their owners - Charlton fans really do not see eye to eye with their owner. A great pity, as I believe he has the best of intentions . I am going to do something I rarely do, and that is place a bet on Truro City winning this tie. I have yet to receive the odds for the game, but I intend to place £5000 on Truro winning.
  4. Change the record indeed. In one of the club's finest hours, the negative people still want to drag us all down. Pathetic.
  5. East Thurrock v Truro City

    Of course they didn't. Just ANOTHER case of anti-Truro City propaganda.