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  1. Got a few quid spare?

    Desperate times ahead
  2. Groundshare?

    So was the Strategic Planning Committee mislead then? They won't like that!! How much of the £2m gifted to the 'club' (as apposed to the £2m ring-fenced by the Council to go towards a permanent site) will be left to spend on ground sharing costs once the owners have, as widely understood, trousered the money as repayments of their loans. I think we know the answer.
  3. Developement

    https://cornwall.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcast_interactive/319544 if you go to 3:08:25 Councillor Fitter asks about the £2m being paid as a "dowry" to TCFC (this is separate to the £2m being paid to Cornwall Council towards the S4C project) Clearly the developer spokesman in his response wanted to keep that a secret but confirms it to be correct and goes on to say how the club would use that money in which he says (at 3:09:30) "apart from paying off debts............." Now, as the only debts the club has are the Directors Loans owed to Masters and Perryman then it would seem that those people that said that the owners are getting a payoff from the developers have been categorically proved correct. Its not by coincidence that today, only a day after the planning consent was given, that Masters announces that Perryman is to leave the club at the end of the season, presumably with his share of the £2m in his back pocket. Earlier on in the meeting it was even confirmed that there was no current eviction order in place and only that the club could "expect" one. Masters could have chosen to dig his heels in and fight to stay at Treyew Road but instead of that he took the money and let the bulldozers in. One down, one to go!
  4. Developement

    It's not a secret anymore. If you watched the planning meeting on the public webcast it was stated that the club/masters also get £2m to spend how they like. It's a shame the developers agreed to that kind of a bung rather than safeguarding all the money for a new site for Truro City. Anyone that still believes that Masters is spending his own money after watching that meeting yesterday really needs a reality check. If it wasn't so tragic it would be funny that Heaney only got about £2m for Treyew Road and he actually owned it (after the Trustees sold it to him for £1) and Masters has managed to get himself roughly the same sum from a ground he doesn't even own. Now he's got his money back I wonder how long he'll stick around after May.