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  1. NLS - Saturday 28th October 2017

    Whilst the media will go big time on the “great for Cornish football” etc., the reality is that the players don’t live in Cornwall, or train in Cornwall. They aren’t even governed by the Cornwall FA. The owners are hell bent on playing home matches outside of Cornwall. I wouldn’t mind betting that of the 700 or so in the away end next Sunday, over half will be from outside of Cornwall many with no links to the county. These ‘out-of-towners’ care little about Truro City’s standing in the Cornwall football community because their only interest is jumping on the tube to clap their adopted little non-league team.
  2. Off to Hampton in next round of FA Cup!

    Free transport for fans? The Press Officer in his interview on Radio Cornwall never even mentioned the fans in his summary of Saturday's match, it was all about Peter Masters and he wasn't even there.
  3. From the latest planning application documentation: http://planning.cornwall.gov.uk/online-applications/files/B019051B81D15C9A81A21DEF2A40E1F6/pdf/PA17_08182-HELT3001_ES_VOL_1_SEPTEMBER_2017_CORRECTED-3500971.pdf “3.8. The Relocation Agreement is currently being redrafted and is expected to be complete in September 2017. The Agreement provides for two payments; one for £2M by way of a variation to the Section 106 Agreement to go towards the new joint Stadium, and another payment directly to the TCFC. This will replace the obligation to build a new facility solely for the use of TCFC. “ One could perhaps be forgiven for thinking that this looks like a bit of a “brown envelope” to TCFC owners for “going quietly” with only the paltry sum of £2M being ring-fenced for relocation to S4C. We await the fully redrafted agreement but this arrangement looks to place TCFC in a very dangerous place in my opinion.
  4. East Thurrock v Truro City

    Oh OK then then, lets close the forum as there is no point actually discussing anything then. I believe the approach you suggest was adopted under the previous regime. That ended well didn't it! You're not a former Trustee by any chance are you?