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  1. Would love to see St Austell up challengeing for titles but if that meant getting a so called big name manager who would bring in players from all over the place you can forget it . For a very long time now the club has gone for local players and managers and this season have included a lot of untried youth players . Just hope the majority of the senior players show loyalty and give Damo a chance . One of the nicest blokes in football and I wish him all the best 👍
  2. Big Al needs to get his head out of his ass ! Not a Fal town supporter myself , in fact it's the 1st time I've seen them this season . They worked hard throughout for each other , defensively strong , especially through the middle , pace and aggression in midfield and in the lad Annear ( man of the match ) got one of the best forwards I've seen this year .
  3. See argyle scored 7 !! Town poor or argyle manage to field a strong side ?
  4. Tribute

    S4C looks impressive!

    Is this going to be 4G or whatever the next grade up is , cause if it's grass there's no way anyone but truro and pirates will be playing on it
  5. Tribute

    Tottenham Hotspur

    Just putting this out there as I support neither spurs or Arsenal. 2nd in the league and no cup final or 4th and win FA cup ? Cause the way man Utd and Liverpool are playing 4th is up for grabs .
  6. How can you predict a Argyle score line ?? Has 1st team got a game ?
  7. I think phill knows what to expect from the players he had last season and their fitness levels . Taken a 2nd teamer along , I think , rewards him for hardwork and sets a example to the rest of the 2nds . We are not talking about a full 90 , maybe 10/15 mins . We know in the 1st few friendlies there are plenty of changes . The likelihood of it being hot as well as players only needing say 60 mins max on the 1st few games strengthens the position to bring in a couple fringe players . By the way , I'm not saying phill will bring any of the 2nds . Season nearly here ?? ⚽️⚽️
  8. ​Sorry but in my opinion too early to be "rewarding"! What, take him along, give him 5 minutes and disillusion him before the season has even begun and that might also mean the seconds running the risk of losing a player So you give him his 1st chance when short against bodmin or parkway . Don't think so , if you think they are good enough you play them in a few friendlies and see how they react to the big step up .