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  1. Children get far more help from hundreds of small Clubs. They would do a better job with the 6million.
  2. If it really was about youngsters the money would be better spent supporting the myriad of Clubs already providing football for hundreds of kids of all abilities. The likes of Nigel Martyn and Chris Morris made it long before Truro's elevation.
  3. Ahead of Trevor’s funeral on Friday ...

    I have just been able to watch the full video and must say it is a touching but amusing piece of work. Thanks to all concerned in the making of such a must-view tribute to a talented man. R.I.P Trevor.
  4. C'mon lads small price to pay. You know it makes sense!
  5. Being non-active now I rely on this Forum to keep in the loop. Only too pleased to contribute.
  6. has not set their status