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  1. NLS - 17th March 2018

    "Winning ugly" is a very useful habit to get into. That said, we worked hard, and were very good without the ball today. (Which was most of the game)
  2. NLS - 17th March 2018

    Got away with one today.. Great result though.. BLOODY COLD
  3. Is anybody connected with the football club, familiar with the story, of the boy that cried wolf??? Nobody, with even a modicum of sense, EVER thought we would be playing anywhere else but Treyew road.
  4. NLS - 17th February 2018

    I don't think promotion is something we are going to have to worry about. If I'm to be brutally honest, at the end of last season, I would have ripped your arm off for a top ten finish, and to win as many games as we lose. I've no reason to think any different at this stage. It's already been a great year......... No need to go up.
  5. I think it will settle down when Palmer and Cooke return. Both are big characters, and have left a big hole in a smallish squad. Wing backs are more inclined to get forward, if they have confidence in the three central defenders, and if the ball "sticks" a little longer up top.
  6. I wasn't aware Treyew Road held 6 to 10,000