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  1. Hayle FC

    More plans still in the pipeline I believe. Clubhouse/changing rooms next.
  2. Don't spoil a good rumour, with a little thing like the truth.
  3. Pre season, I think most of us would have been happy with top half, although secretly dreamt of top ten.. i would still be chuffed with either.
  4. They most certainly have proved a few people wrong, of course nobody will willingly admit it. Wrong about the squad and wrong about the manager. Hopefully there will always be another game for these people to watch.
  5. It's difficult to see how you can judge anybody on one game. However I tend to agree to a certain degree, it would seem a big jump up to league 1 or 2. The one with the best chance would be Tom Mchale, if only because keepers are slightly harder to come by. Cody is a very talented young man, but that alone is rarely enough, I think he lacks that yard of pace that is so difficult to substitute.
  6. Vets 12th Nov

    Brilliant... Keepem coming.
  7. As a past player in the mining league and later the Falmouth/helston league, I still have an interest in old friends and foes. If only there was a place I could go, and find out results and match reports for the trelawney league.....Ah yes wouldn't that be nice.
  8. Does transfer money change hands at this level? Really hope they stay, both are integral parts of the squad. You wouldn't blame either of them if they did challenge themselves higher. Especially Tom, who in my opinion hasn't been treated the best over the years. How much higher do you think they could they go, and get a regular spot?
  9. Looking from the outside, the players seem to be playing as a team. Nobody on each other's back if mistakes are made. If the ball is lost or given away, then 3 or 4 go looking to win it back. Back three keeping good shape and communication. Midfield work tirelessly on and off the ball. Front two are a handful and make good runs. It maybe that the wheels do come off, but at this moment in time, credit to EVERYBODY involved.
  10. ??????????????????????????????? Played really well today. Another good shift in by all. man of the match... Cody Cooke, but could have been any of the 10 outfield players. Not sure about the negativity? I'm just here sipping from the victory cup, which, by the way is HALF FULL
  11. Mabe FC Fold

    I'll have to take your word for it. I misunderstood. I was under the impression, Mabe folded because most if not all players were transient and up and left. Maybe, and it is just maybe. If they had stuck with the more loyal, but not as good boys they would have lost a few games, but would still be going and be having a social after. winning was VERY VERY important to me... But not as important as playing.
  12. Mabe FC Fold

    Some, but maybe not all have themselves to blame.. Managers often choose to play, transient, here today, gone tomorrow "superstar" players ahead of more loyal(maybe a little older) not as good players. I understand the desire to win. But who's winning now???
  13. FA Cup

    It was exactly that.. Got there 5 mins from KO. Final whistle went, quick cheer for the boys. Out on the bus and home. Five and a half hours each way....literaly in the ground for 2 hours MAX.. FANTASTIC day out though. I hope the players took a moment to enjoy it as much as I did.
  14. FA Cup

    Speaking as a part time fan. I haven't missed a home game for six or seven seasons, but don't go to away games, so presumably only classed as part time. It was fantastic to see as many there cheering the boys on, at no point did it occur to me they were not "proper" fans. when Cornwall rugby took near 20,000 to twickenham, everybody thought how wonderful that was, is this really that different?
  15. Say what you like about me...... But I won't have a bad word said about my uncle Pete!!!!