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  1. Poor game in poor conditions, but I thought Truro were slightly the better team. I favour Truro to win next week.....JUST
  2. Not sure what FISHING means, but thank-you for taking the time to reply. I must read a different forum, because I see nothing but abuse and negativity towards current owners and management
  3. So welcome to read a positive post. We'll said touchline pro. Now sit back and await the barrage of abuse and negativity.
  4. Now here's a thought, and a radical one at that. Why don't, those of us that pay our money on the gate every week and watch our team play, just let those who OWN and run the club. DO JUST THAT and see where we are this time next year?
  5. FA Cup

    Am I missing something... Are Truro not second in the league
  6. We guess the crowd every week, and all six of us guessed around 400. So 413 seems reasonable. Also I haven't played for quite a while, but when I did, if it came off their player, we classed it as an own goal. Are you sure you were at the game???