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  1. Doesn’t a player need to of played at least 6 games to be eligible for the semis??
  2. This forum just keeps getting better 🤣🤣🤣🤣 i admire your attempt at spreading utter , but then on the couple of occasions I was watching the G with Milesy! Think I will be president of the G, watch this space
  3. Might be a vicious rumour but I’ve heard the budget could be 10k a week. Players won’t have to pay towards tracksuits next season either. But like I said these could be vicious forum rumours!
  4. Ok I will get all the benefits for you and pm you when I get a minute, thanks for the best of luck wishes tho 👍🏻
  5. You’re right not all players will want to go up but believe it or not we can attract other players as well, if you’re interested I will let you know when we start pre season training
  6. We’ve applied, you seem obsessed with Perranporth, it’s kind of cute.
  7. Well all of the above are THE CLUB!! The benefits are endless st Darren 👍🏻
  8. I do know a lot about perran as I’m vice chairman! If we go up things will be dealt with in a different way! It’s also down to the club what happens!
  9. Answer to that is perran will apply to go up
  10. I take it you’re heavily involved in the club?? You seem to know more what our goal is next season then we do! Also is the league above a massive step up in quality??! Ludgvan seem to be coping just fine. I’ve watched a few games from league above and the top 5 of combo could easily hold their own in that league
  11. This subject seems to be really getting to you Luke, I hope in time you can get over it 👍🏻🤣
  12. Yeah can do, one of the so called players said he didn’t get any money!
  13. Keeps perran top so was a great point! £110 I smell ball ****
  14. Hi we are maybe looking for one last friendly on Tuesday 23rd August or maybe the 25th if of any interest? Home or away and could split the ref costs?