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  1. It will be a mistake if they have, Tavvy have had a hard run and Camels have taken 9 points in the last week - playing with roughly the same players each game and improving. Callington need to be targeting every game as there are points out there to be won - and until the FA decide that definitely only one relegation they need (and should want) to give themselves every chance - Witheridge need points urgently or gone and Callington should be aiming to finish above Exmouth (who I reckon will end up 19th who have lost 9 in a row and other than the last game v Godolphin I can't see them picking up any points in their last 5 games).
  2. Exmouth 1-4 Camelford Another very good performance from Camelford, who travelled to Exmouth missing a couple of attacking players and some players playing out of position. First half was virtually all Camelford, who didn't capatilise on opportunities and went in at HT 2-0 up with goals from Leighton (possibly an own goal but he will claim the shot was going in) and an excellent run and finish by Rob. As the second half started Exmouth took a brief spell of initiative and scored (og) - and for about 5 minutes after that really pushed but did not create much. Camelford then scored a cracking goal from Ed which settled everything down again and from that Camelford took control again and scored a 4th with a powerhouse shot from Adam. Thought the movement, upfront, from Keegan was outstanding and he was (for me) joint man of the match with Ed and Tim Rice for Exmouth - his pedigree as the ex Torquay United keeper showed and he made four outstanding saves and denied Keegan at least a hat trick with fantastic saves. The long journey back from Exmouth didn't seem that long on the return journey.
  3. Don’t forget the impact of coaches at Truro College who ‘identified players who played elsewhere’’ and directed them towards Falmouth - Jordan (and Tom) (plus more from that year) / Harry C / Marcello / Ollie / Jack W ans others and a lot of the Reserve team. Westy has done really well but a lot of the upturn has come with these better players.
  4. Camelford 3v0 Godolphin Atlantic Pitch was soft and a strong wind blowing diagonally across the pitch - with even some rain - so much for the predicted ‘heat wave’!! Both teams really tried to play football and at times succeeded, other than the last 10 where everything looked in slow motion with tired legs on a pitch than had had enough. Camelford were very comfortable in the win and the Godolphin keeper made at least 5 outstanding saves to keep the score respectable - Godolphin missing a couple of good chances as well. Game turned a pitch ‘fiesty’ In the last 10, probably through frustration by Godolphin who had one player shown straight red and could have had another two dismissed (and Camelford could have lost one) - but it wasn’t a dirty game. One more out the way, 3 valuable points and on to Exmouth on Wednesday. Thought the officials had great games, especially the lady lines person.
  5. Midweek away trip to Exmouth for Camelford, coupled with an away trip to Witheridge on Saturday (ignoring the home games against Godolphin and Callington) - two longest trips of the season all in the same week - going to be some very tired players!
  6. Bobjfh

    Kevin Richards

    The fact that Callum Elliot has stepped in as manager seems to suggest that Mousehole intended him to take that position when he went to the club. They only need one manager so dismissed Kevin - nothing to do with Dave Leonard’s position. As I said at the start of this post, without knowing the internal politics or whether there has been a falling out - this is a ridiculous decision.
  7. Bobjfh

    Cornwall Under 18's Play Off Opponents.

    Can this not be played after 12May as most of these lads have fixtures for their SWPL teams up until then?
  8. Leeds - from what was on Twitter, this was probably the strongest St Austell team that has been put out for a fair while, other than Liam Eddy (who was shown on the bench). To loose 4-1 is not good and I am sure many of the St Austell faithful will see beating Bodmin as a priority - so even worse. Looks like there is a 'change of guard' taking place with Falmouth taking up seniority in mid Cornwall.
  9. Bobjfh

    Kevin Richards

    I have been a supporter of Mousehole's ambitions, their model of setting a solid infrastructure and building a player base (supported by a few imports), but this seems a completely ridiculous decision - Mousehole's fate for this season was set in September / October and your record (Kevin) is undoubtedly the best in the West League. Without knowing internal politics or what conditions were set on Kevin's appointment - next season, the top 7/8 teams will get promoted to Step 6 and the 'owner' will undoubtedly get his wish of moving upwards - surely the end of this season and next would be best served by finishing off the stadia and player recruitment / coaching - which requires a manager who knows how to manage. As Mousehole appear to want to model themselves on top flight clubs unfortunately it is no surprise the owner acts in the same way - as with top clubs, money may give the owner the right to change managers but it does not mean he knows football. Perhaps you may have done too well - giving some too high expectations! I'm sure there are plenty of other clubs that will value your services and no doubt you will have the opportunity to make the owner regret his decision making - and it will be very interesting to see who takes on running the first team
  10. Camelford 1 v 2 Ivybridge To be honest a game neither side deserved to win and as such Camelford will be unhappy and Ivybridge now comfortable. Five changes for Camelford from last game and although still a squad of 16 players had some players playing out of position - including Bobby Hopkinson kindly stepping in to cover Luke in goal who was on winning County u18 duty. The wind was blowing straight down the pitch and the pitch was still very very soft, cutting up badly again. First half saw Camels in total dominance and should have scored at least 4 but failed to convert - other than a close disallowed goal for offside. A penalty waved away (must start teaching the young honest players to dive screaming as otherwise refs won’t give penalties) and a 45 yd strike just missing whilst the keeper was out of his box were probably the highlight for Camelford HT 0-0 Second half saw Ivybridge with a lot more possession, but like the Camels never took advantage of possession. I think in the whole game both keepers made one save each. In the 80th minute a well delivered corner saw a scramble and Ivybridge found themselves one up. Five minutes later a carbon copy but good finish on the back post 2-0 Ivybridge. Final kick of the game saw a 20yd volley by Josh I rocket into corner, 2-1 and game over. Thought all the officials had good games - didn’t agree with some decisions but that’s football. Onwards to the next game.
  11. Goalkeepers are a strange bunch - but in fairness Dave is right, outfield players are as bad amd worse / more frequent - they just don’t stand out as much with different kit and usually the first 15 yds are on their own!
  12. Assuming Stoke Gabriel (no lights) one of the two prem clubs - who is the other - is it Falmouth as issue over ground move etc? Any ideas why St Blazey failed - they have stand / lights / toilets etc - used to be one of top teams and now?? Having visited Carharrack, I thought they were heading in the right direction. Not certain Mr Justice how the new setup will help - in 2019/20, there will be a need for 7-8 West clubs to go into Prem and there will probably be enough, but will also require 10 or so from Combo /ECPL to go into Step 7 Cornwall - allowing for all the Reserve teams (as I gather they will now be allowed) - who else is going to want / has facilities to join Step 7? so many questions!!
  13. Fantastic - I knew Luke was and hoped the others would be - need to beat Devon!!!
  14. Good luck to the lads, with Bodmin, Camelford, Falmouth, Saltash and St Austell (forgive me of o missed some players / clubs) all playing - hope the lads get released
  15. Any actual match reports?
  16. Leeds - for once I am in total agreement with you. I know for a fact that Reg, committee members, ground staff and players have been working on the pitch every day, last week and this to get games played. As well as forking, repairing ‘divots’ and applying sand, the ground has been too soft for any machinery and ground staff have being going up the middle of the field with wooden planks to try and flatten out damage caused after the Newquay game. Every effort was made to play the game and most importantly Camelford wanted to play the game - why wouldn’t they, they had a full squad, more than just comfortably beat Newquay and need to get games played (more so than St Austell). The ground was still exceptionally soft and whilst Reg would have given it a go, the club rightly followed SWPL guidance and sought a referee inspection - as none was available to attend - the match Ref was sent a video (as was done on Monday prior to the Newquay game) of the entire pitch - the Ref stated he felt it was too soft / waterlogged and was unsafe. He was asked whether he would change his mind but stated he would not and if he attended and his shoe sank into the ground (which it would of all over the pitch) he would call off - I’m sure St Austell would not have seen the funny side of that, especially after the officials called off the last game just prior to ko. I hope comments made were not representative of a great club like St Austell - everybody is frustrated about this and the other 600 postponements - but don’t blame other teams, without any foundation.
  17. Any reports on the Sticker game?
  18. If Exmouth play like they did against Sticker - Parkway will put a double figure score past them, even without Hobbs
  19. Just back from this game and I don't think anybody would have predicted 11 goals and a very decent watch (if you were a neutral or Camels fan). First thing of note was 'hats off' to Newquay for agreeing to bringing the game forward and to Camels ground staff for making the pitch playable, if obviously very soft in the middle third. Newquay were missing a couple and Camels, for once had a full squad with a full bench of normal starters. The scoreline, at 7-4 makes it look a lot closer than it actually turned out to be. Jack Bray Evans scored three worldie goals (a long range volley into the top corner against the run of play; an unstoppable freekick from 25 yds and the final goal of the game from an impossible angle) and Danny O scored a trademark power header from close range - other than that Newquay were dominated across every area of the pitch. Camelford took control very early on and Keegan Lloyd caused all sorts of problems for the Newquay's back four, Dan Balsdon's movement creating channels for him to run into and Camelford having the beating of Newquay out wide. Despite J B-E's interruptions with goals against the run of play, Newquay were just not at it tonight (words of their supporters) and Camelford should have probably scored double figures - however Keegan Lloyds 4 will make him a happy strikers (supported by 2 from Dan and Pooley netting one). Camelford played some really decent football, on the ground and expansive despite an ever worsening pitch and were simply too quick for Newquay tonight. Newqay also had to change their young keeper at half time due to a pre existing injury, with their keeping coach, which didn't really change much as far as the game is concerned but hopefully the young lad will recover. There was also some confusion as it looked like Newquay tried to bring on a player who was not named on the team sheet - purely a clerical error as the lad was there all game? Great 3 points for Camelford at the start of a long series of games and if they can keep rotating their squad then they will trouble any team they play. Officals had very solid games and the Ref has to be congratulated for stepping in last minute.
  20. Not at all - just an option / talking point Nothing is fair this season - just this affects one team as opposed to a whole league?
  21. As Witheridge can still finish 9th and Promotion not yet finalised then it is impossible to say what is meaningless - and unfair on all to do so How about the league doing away with relegation from SWPL this season - Parkway will be confirmed top 4 (inc Argyle Res) very soon so Promotion will be sorted Top of East and West have play off for one position. All those wanting to get promotion into Prem will get it at the end of next season as Prem Cornwall (and Devon) will need +7/8 from the West (and East). As no matches affecting Promotion or Relegation then season can be extended and SWPL can use the restructure for change to relegation agreements? Nowhere near ideal, but as fair as asking players to play twice in two days or 4/5 games a week - results are going to become meaningless!
  22. Watched this one and was a strange game. Sticker starting line up not including Duff, who has been outstanding this season and Lloyd both of whom apparently carrying niggling injuries. Exmouth should have scored in the first minute but as with the rest of the game their play in the final third was poor. Whilst Exmouth had the ball in very promising positions more than Sticker they never really challenged the Sticker keeper - more on him in a bit. Jack Bowyer scored a typical goal for him, nipping in behind the defenders and sliding the ball past the keeper and followed up with converting a penalty from a foul on him by the keeper (Exmouth keeper should have had straight red - attempted to go for ball, missed it completely and then rugby tackles Bowyer?). Exmouth best player was Ace High who was a continual threat in the air, however the Sticker keeper was strong against the high ball in - however he was beaten once by High and then clearly kicked High after the ball had gone should have been another red. Sticker go in 2-0 at half time, strangely without playing too well. Second half saw Exmouth starting more brightly with a slight fluke resulting in a looping ball hitting the cross bar. Ace High then scores a cracking header, pulling it back to 2-1 with 15 to go. All got a bit niggly then with silly fouls and it has to be said constant complaining, mainly from the Sticker bench - some poor fouls by both teams. Jack Bowyer missed two absolute sitters but service to him was wayward. The lad who played along side him looked very bright and a good replacement for Lloyd . Game finished 2-1 and three valuable points for Sticker that should see them safe. Overall Exmouth were poor attacking, Sticker without Duff in midfield were weak in that area. Officials had good games - missed a couple of decisions but overall tried to let the game flow. I’m sure the value of the win affected some of the Sticker squad but they did deserve the points. Can see Exmouth dropping places every game if they don’t improve.
  23. No-one said it would be easy!!
  24. Probably won’t get a better chance against Parkway as their recent bans from the Tavvy game must be due? I said ages ago that Falmouth were the best Cornish team this season (excluding Truro, before I get told off again) - however their only weakness (for me) is central midfield, which is also Parkways strength - so still a big ask. If Falmouth have a full attacking line up and can pin Parkway back they have a chance. Good luck - should be a cracker.
  25. Camelford v Callington is now OFF Despite Reg, players and ground staff spending all afternoon pitch forking the ground it has now failed a second pitch inspection. The damage caused in the Bodmin game has just meant every divot and boot print is full of water! Callington couldn't reverse fixture so looks like the backlog now even worse - and Camelford have no fixtured game on Saturday - gutting!