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  1. Rayvon - I am a fan of Football and especially Cornish football - TCFC are the best of what we have and I wish them every success on and off the pitch - simple fact is they have done absolutely nothing to ‘make’ me a fan - their PR is poor, there is no engagement with locals , no youth set up and virtually no local players - simply being the best in Cornwall does not get you fans - just my view.
  2. Very tolerant! As it happens I do believe that Cornwall needs a stadium for major events, concerts and sports events - such as the Senior Cup or County Youth games However like CTB I do question why all the householders in the County should fund a £6,000,000 shortfall - if there is a sound financial case then the money can be raised through commercial / banking sources. If there is not and this is a community improvement issue, for which Council Tax payers could shoulder some liability - who exactly is going to benefit. The Pirates have a proven development programme and links with the community and through Truro College, so they may have a possible case. What exactly do TCFC do to warrant a ‘prorata’ (the principle stakeholders including Truro and Penrwith College)£2,000,000 wedge of householders money??? They have no youth setup, no reserve team for local players, they have no community engagement / outreach, they have a couple hundred spectators each week of whom as many are undoubtedly away supporters. There are also financial considerations, such as what happens if the money is paid and then TCFC (or Pirates) are sold - if the clubs are worth more due to the stadium, do individuals make money and what safeguards are there to recoup some of the £6m??
  3. Couple of games ago I would have put this as a comfy win for Tavistock, but with their recent form and having 6 put past them by Parkway, Bodmin have to be feeling optimistic.
  4. St Austell 2 v 1 Camelford Just back from watching this one, which considering the conditions was a good game of football with both teams playing as well as the conditions allowed. St Austell did edge the game on chances, but only just and probably an extra time or penalties result would have been a better reflection of the game. First half ended 0-0 and was a very close affair for the first 40 minutes, St Austell having several chances in the last 5 minutes of the half, but Camels holding firm. The major issue in the first half, for me, was the suitability of the pitch - there is no doubt at all that St Austell did a great job to get the pitch ready for the game, however it was obvious that sections of the pitch were very heavy. 2 minutes 30 seconds into the game saw a 50/50 tackle ending up with Matt from Camelfords foot catching in the mud and he is still in hospital as I type. 25 minutes later another 50/50 tackle saw two players slide in for a ball and Tom from Camelford is with Matt still in hospital - yes accidents happen, yes it's a contact sport - but I would suggest that neither injury would have occurred on a more suitable pitch. Second half started with St Austell in the ascendency, however Camelford kept looking dangerous on the counter - new signing Keegan Lloyd giving the leagues best two centre halfs (Giler and Tom Chambers) a run for their money. Camelford took the lead from a neat piece of work on the left and close range finish from Cam. Shortly afterwards saw Camelford attacking and (what looked like) a clear handball in the St Austell box by Giler, St Austell break with a long ball, followed by a handball given against Camelford and from the play that followed Dingle finished his chance we'll. St Austell took a clear front foot and had a few chances, if their players stayed on their feet more than throwing themselves to the ground, complaining as they fell, they may have scored at least one maybe two. Following a St Austell corner by Wattsy, Camelford cleared and had a counter attack - a bit of interchange play by both teams and a speculative long ball clearance by St Austell found Wattsy (still making his way back) and using the best left foot in the league, Wattsy scored and finished the game. Well done to St Austell and good luck in the next round against Falmouth (I doubt the pitch will be ready for the 3rd Feb), and hopefully Eddy will be back, as St Austell are nowhere near as good without him. Will be the tie of the next round and for me, whoever wins has to be favourite for the Senior Cup.
  5. Very surprised St Austell v Camels and Newquay v Millbrook on - weather in mid Cornwall has been awful - hope the refs haven’t been put under pressure to play the games and we’ll done to the ground staff!!!
  6. PREMIER DIVISION Exmouth Town 2 v 1 Godolphin Helston 1 v 2 Stoke Gabriel Ivybridge Town 2 v 1 Sticker Argyle Res 1 v 3 Falmouth Town Saltash United 3 v 0 Callington WALTER C PARSON FUNERAL DIRECTORS CUP Mousehole 1 v 2 Launceston Tavistock 3 v 1 Bodmin Town RGB CORNWALL SENIOR CUP Newquay 2 v 2 Millbrook Camelford 2 v 1 St Austell Torpoint Athletic 1 v 2 Carharrack
  7. I think both clubs knew the game was going to be off, as water logged pitch and band of more heavy rain coming in so did the right thing and called off game and Ref was aware. It would appear that CCFA wanted a pitch inspection at 5 (which would be normal other than when it has rained constantly for four + weeks) which threw everyone into confusion. Hopefully a couple of dry days and a game on Saturday
  8. Legend - Joe Tickle signed as cover for one game and drove down with Tucker from Bideford (at apparently huge cost), when Helston ‘surprisingly’ beat Launceston by 4.
  9. Knighter - I’m sure everything was by mutual agreement and the point at which a game changes from being ‘re arranged’ to ‘postponed’ is a mute point, it’s more about equity. Would be interested to know, from yourself or someone with Senior Cup experience - as this will be the 4th (5th or 6th) attempt for the game - what happens if the bad weather continues for another couple of weeks? I got it wrong and it’s 17th Dec for Camels - still not as bad as Cally though.
  10. Blues10 was unaware of that one being discussed or agreed by clubs, but my sources are often flawed!!! Wednesday is now looking dodgy as well (appears there is now a weather warning!! ). Would just be nice to get the game played - Camels haven’t played since 23 Dec!!
  11. This fixture was initially Camels v St Austell on 6th but postponed due to waterlogged pitch. Then moved to 9th at Camelford, but postponed due to weather. Then 13th switched to St Austell but postponed due to waterlogged pitch. Then moved to 16th at St Austell but bad weather predicted - so moved to 17th - surely this is another postponement due to weather and should revert back to Camelford Home game??
  12. CORNWALL SENIOR CUP 3rd Round (7.30PM) Newquay 2 v 2 Millbrook St Austell 2 v 2 Camelford Torpoint Athletic 1 v 2 Carharrack
  13. WALTER C PARSON FUNERAL DIRECTORS CUP 3RD ROUND (7.30PM) Bodmin Town 2 v 3 Tavistock
  14. Well done guys - looks like the forum is safe (for a year). Congrats to the 59 who put their hand in their pockets.
  15. PREMIER DIVISION Callington 2 v 2 Witheridge Godolphin 1 v 4 Tavistock Ivybridge 1 v 3 Falmouth Town Ply Parkway 3 v 0 Saltash United Stoke Gabriel 2 v 2 Launceston CORNWALL SENIOR CUP 3rd Round Carharrack 2. v 1 Torpoint Athletic Millbrook 1 v 1 Newquay St Austell 3 v 3 Camelford St Dennis 3 v 2 Bodmin Town
  16. Tuesday 9th January PREMIER DIVISION Argyle Red 7 v 0 Witheridge CORNWALL SENIOR CUP Bodmin Town 3 v 3 St Dennis Camelford 3 v 2 St Austell
  17. Thanks - one to watch then with two Prem sides playing.
  18. That one is off - all the postponements are on the SWPL site - it’s just a few games that are presumably awaiting inspections missing.
  19. Any news on the Sticker v Launceston game?
  20. Firstly I think that any idea to promote football in Cornwall and increase opportunities to play at the highest possible level has to be worth investigation, but (and it's a big but) the devil is in the detail. This was an FA hosted event attended by Devon FA, Cornwall FA and the SWPL - and it will be those four bodies that will dictate what happens: The suggestion is to go from 36 (currently 34) Step 7 teams to 48 an increase in real terms, with current league members of 14 teams, however the geographical split within the Step 7 leagues will be crucial to where any new opportunities will occur. Looking at current members the Leagues would be (guessing, but looking at travelling distances) East Central West Crediton Newton Abbot Ludgvan Exeter Uni Bovey Tracey Liskeard St Martin Millbrook Mousehole Budleigh Teignmouth St Blazey Axminster Brixham Porthleven Torridgeside Galmpton St Dennis Illfracombe Liverton Wendron Sidmouth Holsworthy Penzance Honiton Marjon Wadebridge Appledore Elburton Dobwalls Alphington Plymstock Illogan Bude 5 vacancies 4 vacancies 5 vacancies Where exactly would you find 5 vacancies from feeder teams for the West League: There is a very clear message contained in the report that the Combo League has too many teams and the ECPL too many Reserve teams, so things are looking to change. If you remove Reserve Teams (who cannot take promotion) from the ECPL then that only leaves 5 teams out of 15 (Polperro, Bere Alston, Looe, St Stephen Borough and Pensilva) - meaning no disrespect to those teams or their facilities but certainly 4 of those teams would need massive input to meet Step 7 ground grading. Looking at the Combo and removing their 4 Reserve Teams, do their other possible teams, finishing in the top 3 have the desire, facilities, funds to be interested in promotion - and they would only have 12 months to consider and apply to meet deadlines - I would suggest that at most there are 2 teams across the 'West' area to whom this would be a consideration - meaning that the West league would take in teams from the Central (Plymouth) area and thus continuing the travelling issue. The Central league would get 4 from Plymouth and I would suggest that the East could meet their quota, supported possibly by Torbay / Plymouth teams from the Central League. So being very Cornwall centric, I see Cornwall loosing opportunities to move to Step 6 in due course with a greater input from (Plymouth and) Devon into the SWPL Prem. Any merger between the Combo and Trelawney or ECPL Prem /Div1 and Dutchy Leagues would not address the above issues for several years and long term I actually see the disruption this proposal will generate as creating more problems than it resolves - although I really hope not. Also, looking at the time scales involved (any team looking to apply for the new leagues would need to do so by Jan 2019 - only 12 months away), would it not make more sense to state now that 2018/2019 season there will be no promotions or relegations in SWPL Prem or East / West so at least a clear planning process can take place. Hopefully the Cornwall FA will protect the interests of the County's football sides, as otherwise the vast majority of teams will be given a 'fait accompli' from those outside the County. Good luck to all involved as this proposal will create many varying views.
  21. PREMIER DIVISION (3.00 PM) Cullompton Rangers 2 v 1 Ivybridge Town Stoke Gabriel 1 v 4 Plymouth Parkway Witheridge 2 v 2 Godolphin Atlantic CORNWALL SENIOR CUP 3RD ROUND (2.00 PM) Bodmin Town 3 v 3 St Dennis Bude Town 0 v 7 Saltash United Camelford 2 v 2 St Austell Carharrack 3 v 2 Torpoint Athletic Falmouth Town 4 v 1 Penzance Millbrook 2 v 2 Newquay Sticker 2 v 3 Launceston
  22. 13:00 Bodmin Town 1 v 2 Camelford 11:00 Callington Town 1 v 3 Launceston 11:00 Cullompton Rangers 1 v 2 Exmouth Town 11:00 Falmouth Town 4 v 1 Helston Athletic 11:00 Ivybridge Town 1 v 1 Stoke Gabriel 11:00 Plymouth Parkway 3 v 1 Tavistock 11:00 Saltash United 3 v 1 Torpoint Athletic 11:00 Sticker 2 v 2 St Austell 12:00 Godolphin Atlantic 2 v 1 Newquay Dave - fairly certain the Bodmin v Camels game is a 1pm ko on Boxing Day at Bodmins request.