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  1. Tuesday 21st November WALTER C PARSON FUNERAL DIRECTORS LEAGUE CUP 3RD ROUND Cullompton Rangers 1 v 5 Plymouth Parkway Torpoint Athletic 1 v 2 Stoke Gabriel
  2. Footylad - I never blamed Luke for any of the goals, simply said I think he will feel he could of done better and i’ve watched all their games this season amd know the standards he sets himself. Consistency of players is costing them, however I would disagree that the 11 that played Parkway was actually their strongest - just played amazingly on the day. I can also guarantee that although other clubs may like to have the players you mention - none would leave Reg or the Camels - they have something many clubs lack these days - Loyalty.
  3. Camelford 0 v 5 Saltash Decent game and the score was slightly flattering to Saltash but worthy winners. Camels missing a lot of players, a couple of contentious decisions (or lack of) by the Ref and of the five goals, four ‘scrambles (one a deflected tackle, two where the keeper will feel he could of done better, one toe poke from a yard) and one cracker into top corner. Camels played some decent football but lacked a finisher and some one to hold the ball. Having watched all the ‘top teams’ now Saltash have several decent players and will do well in the league, however I don’t see them challenging Parkway or Tavvy this season - probably battling for third with Falmouth and Launceston. Good luck to Saltash and the Camels goundsmen as the pitch was shredded.
  4. Bude Town 3 v 2 Millbrook Dobwalls 1 v 3 St Dennis Elburton Villa 2 v 2 Mousehole Holsworthy 2 v 1 Penzance Illogan RBL 2 v 3 Plymouth Marjon Plymstock United 2 v 1 Porthleven Wendron United 1 v 3 Ludgvan
  5. Bodmin Town 3 v 1 Stoke Gabriel Callington Town 1 v 4 Falmouth Town Camelford 1 v 0 Saltash United Godolphin Atlantic 1 v 2 Cullompton Rangers Helston Athletic 2 v 1 Exmouth Town Ivybridge Town 6 v 1 Witheridge Launceston 3 v 1 Torpoint Athletic St Austell 4 v 0 Newquay Sticker 2 v 4 Plymouth Parkway
  6. Friday 17th November Premier Division: Tavistock 4 v 0 Plymouth Argyle
  7. FA Vase 2nd Round Proper: Team Solent 2 v 2 Tavistock Premier Division: Witheridge 1 v 1 Stoke Gabriel
  8. So there is a 3G pitch available?
  9. FA VASE 2ND RD PROPER (3PM) Baffins Milton 2 v 1 Cullompton Rangers Exmouth Town 1 v 2 Blackfield & Langley Plymouth Parkway 4 v 1 Bodmin Town Team Solent 2 v 3 Tavistock PREMIER DIVISION (3PM) Godolphin Atlantic 2 v 3 Launceston Helston Athletic 1 v 3 Saltash United Newquay 4 v 1 Ivybridge Town St Austell 1 v 1 Callington Town Stoke Gabriel 1 v 2 Sticker Witheridge PvP Camelford
  10. Falmouth were very good last night and Camelford were very poor - however surprised you didn’t mention that the team was also massively different, across the back four and out wide - no excuses Falmouth should have won by more and Camelford seemed very flat. Unusually their tempo and commitment was not there as normal. The Camelford substitute no 14 was a bit lucky overall - however the karate kick as you refer to it, was no such thing - he went in high but pulled out and made no contact with his boot - I was in line and saw it - despite screaming from the Falmouth bench that it was a ‘leg breaker’ - ask the player - it was hip to hip. The Ref who was also close saw it as I did as well. He then did make a few tackles that could have resulted in more than one yellow though. I thought Falmouth looked well drilled and with Rob / Jordan / Harry and Ollie as a front attacking four, Falmouth looked very sharp and formidable. As aside, for such a good footballing team, Westy needs to monitor what his assistant is shouting about from the touch line - don’t end up like some teams in the Prem who are disliked because of their ‘touchline support’. Think Falmouth will do really well and congratulations - hopefully Camelford will get their mojo back for Saturday.
  11. Bodmin Town 1-2 NewquayExmouth Town 3-1 Launceston Falmouth Town 1-3 CamelfordIvybridge Town 2-1 Cullompton RangersSaltash United 0-2 Tavistock
  12. Would have to agree that 3rd looked very suspect to me. Was told the two teams have a cup tie coming up - I think Probus had several away today so would imagine that game will be a cracker and as Probus had no senior players today they have room for two of their home grown SWPL Prem Players to make an appearance.
  13. Watched this game today to take Iin some local football, normally watching SWPL - totally one sided match and if Probus had switched on all game rather than spells of 5 minutes could have won by a lot more. Illogan had a decent player in Anton Oliver but Probus were strong across the field. All 4 Probus goals by Liam Paddock - the best being one that was wrongly given as offside. This was a 2nd v 3rd game in Trelawny league two - big gap in quality.
  14. I think thats only if both in the same competition - so if reserves in Trelawney Prem and thirds in Trelawney 2 it would apply, as Combo v Trelawney there is no 'rule', just would have thought the club would want to honour the higher fixture, although the thirds are pushing for promotion.
  15. Wonder how many of the Reserves will play for the 3rds in Trelawney 2 - rather than other way around.
  16. Camelford 1 v 0 Plymouth Parkway This was always going to be a rear guard action for Camelford against the league leaders, especially when seeing that both Hobbs and Krac were back fit and Parkway fielding a full strength squad - Camelford still missing a couple, but for once having a decent size squad/ bench. For all the quality in the Parkway team they created very little in the first half and Camelford held them fairly comfortably which subdued their travelling supporters. THE BALD ONE was correct - up front they were poor - young Harry Hambly had the prolific Hobbs under total control and Camelford out battled Parkway on virtually every 50-50 ball. The lad Joyce should hang his head in shame for a couple of his ‘tackles’ - clearly dominated and frustrated. Second half saw much the same with a very evenly contested match - Parkway upped their tempo but not their final quality and Camels soaked up pressure and attacked with real threat on the counter. Then the turning point - ball played through the channel by Camels - collected by the Parkway keeper, who for some totally unexplainable reason decided assault the Camels player who had chased the ball through - there had been no prior contact and absolutely no reason for his behaviour?? Ref missed it as he was looking down pitch where he and everyone expected the ball to go from the keeper but lineman didn’t - this can be the only reason that the keeper stayed on the pitch (it should have been a straight red for stupidity!). Penalty given and slotted home by Ryan Pooley. Parkway lost all shape and composure, playing as a group of very talented individuals against a strong cohesive Camelford team. Last 15 was all Parkway attacking and Camelford giving all defending, to a man. Final whistle went with a bit of disbelief all around but no one can complain about Camels getting something out of the game - a draw was probably about right but the win was deserved for the real effort and team play of Camelford (and the total stupidity of their keeper). Parkway must be better than what was displayed by them last night - but having seen Camels play both Tavvy and Parkway - Parkway have better players, Tavvy are a better team with a clear coached style - can’t see anyone else challenging those two.
  17. Leeds - crass comment as you were not at Camelford, better team on the night won - any team who turns up at Camelford thinking the points are in the bag suffer - ask Bodmin last season.
  18. DURNING LAWRENCE CORNWALL CHARITY CUP 1ST ROUND Bude Town 1 v 2 Liskeard Athletic Carharrack 4. v 2 Dobwalls Illogan RBL 2 v 2 Penzance Millbrook 2 v 3. Wadebridge Town Mousehole 1 v 2 Ludgvan Polperro 1 v 4 St Dennis St Agnes 1 v 3 Wendron United St Blazey 2 v 3 Porthleven
  19. PREMIER DIVISION Cullompton Rangers 2 v 2 Helston Athletic Exmouth Town 2 v 1 Torpoint Athletic Ivybridge Town 1 v 3 Saltash United Launceston 2 v 1 Falmouth Town Stoke Gabriel 2 v 2 Newquay Tavistock 6 v 1 Callington Town Witheridge 1. v 3 St Austell WALTER C PARSON CUP 3RD ROUND Plymouth Argyle 4 v 1 Godolphin Atlantic
  20. Helston 2 v 1 Camelfords Game was preceded by an immaculately observed minutes silence for Helston ledgend Sam Real. Simple story for Camelford tonight and in previous games - giving away very soft defensive goals. First goal after 20+ mins was a long 'hoof' down the middle of the pitch from Helstons keeper that should have been simple for the defence to deal with, allowed to bounce and Helston player nips in and scores. Second goal on about 42 minutes was a long 'hoof' going nowhere into the bottom corner, Kyle Marks did really well but was allowed to cut into the box past two defenders and his shot went under the keeper. Other than those two moments the first half was at best even and arguably edged by Camelford - who at 1-0 had a stone walled penalty (and straight red to the keeper), turned away - both linesman and virtually all 150 spectators saw it the same, but not the man who counts, the ref - who had an okay match other than that. The reason it was not given as a penalty was because the Camelford player had 'put the ball past the keeper before he was fouled'??? Camelford having a tough time with these decisions at the moment. Second half was all Camelford who scored through a long range shot from Ryan Pooley (keeper should probably have saved it), and the Camels controlled the middle of the field and missed several clear goal scoring opportunities. The lack of an out and out 20+ goal scorer striker was clear - there just aren't many of them about. Helston have some cracking players in Kyle Marks, Mattie Buchan, Kirk Davis and George Roberts (hope he makes a speedy recovery from twisting his ankle) - which makes seeing them constantly playing a long hopeful ball as slightly disappointing - it worked and they got 3 points, just in my view they are better than that. A couple of their players need to think about their challenges and I think they need to strengthen in midfield if they want to challenge for anything by 2020. On a more positive note - cracking facilities, club and pitch at Helston and a really friendly, knowledgable local crowd of 140 plus. Also great 'cafe' with a good selection of food and nice pint in the bar. All even between the two teams with one win each (Vase 3-2 to Camelford and League 2-1 to Helston) - all to play for in next league game lol. Roll on Parkway on Friday😉
  21. I am rubbish on things like this - but am I correct that SWPP Callington TownSWPP Falmouth TownSWPP LauncestonSWPP NewquaySWPP Saltash United and SWPP Godolphin Atlantic have until March next year to reach grading otherwise they WILL BE relegated and at the moment it appears that only Newquay and Saltash appear ‘ready’ - surely the others must have a plan?? Then, if Parkway get promotion ( which seems probable) - what happens to the SWPL Prem - how many will be relegated or how many can / will be promoted?? - certainly as far as the SWPL West is concerned, there cannot be many - any junior teams from the ECPL Prem and Combo who could take promotion?
  22. Guys - games involving 10 Cornish Prem teams and 11 West teams and yet out of 32 posts only 5 match reports featuring Camels, Sticker/Saltash, St Blazey/ Dobwalls, St Dennis/Bude and a bit about Bodmin game!!! We all have teams we like but personally I would like to hear how all the team did - not just having a pop at each other?