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  1. Jumbo - you are right, it is in my opinion and as I said I wish Hayden all the best - the bit you didn’t quote. I have also watched Hayden (and his age group - of whom I do actually (IMO) think there are better players) for 10 years since coming through Newquay Youth - however have not seen him play for the last 8 months. At that time, in my opinion, he was as I described him - Fanfare makes a good point about the opposition for a team of Truro’ s level - that said it would be nice to see him given a chance to play against higher level teams and defenders - at which point I would be more than happy to be proved wrong and see a Cornish lad playing for Truro.
  2. Hayden is a young lad (20/21ish) came through Newquay youth teams and played for Hartpury College - whilst there also some game time for GCFC, but also played for Newquay in SWPL Prem (certainly at start of season - not sure if he played all season) Very quick winger To be honest very surprised to see him being mentioned at this level - a bit light weight and easily dominated - but there again he may we’ll have matured since I last saw him play, about 8 months ago - if he has, good luck to the lad and hope he makes a go of it.
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    Endorsed Academy

    It’s a well worded document that basically states Mousehole have set up a youth section - and that you can get Nike discount - no more, no less. It appears they have or nearly have Youth Charter Standard (i assume that is the reference to conversations with the Richard at the CCFA, although that isn’t actually his role) - as do many other local Cornish clubs. They have also moved away from calling themselves an EPP or EPPP which they initially wrongly branded themselves as. Just, sincerely hope it gives youngsters in the West greater opportunities - however i just get more cynical with each press release they do - sorry.
  4. Pistol - was unaware of the link between Sam and Harrop and to be honest I wouldn't put anything past him - he did little for Torquay Academy (probably spending too much time on TV, if he was on Come Dine With Me - he was also on Escape to the Country). That said the practicalities of using Torquay u18.s at Mousehole still makes no sense to me - apart from the fact they would really struggle at SWPL West level
  5. The ‘link’ to Torquay is through a lad who played for Torquay u18 Academy at the time they folded their Academy (over 3 years ago) - he went to Yeovil with Geoff Harrop the ex Academy manager and subsequently did some goalkeeping coaching and is now at Mousehole - in short no link to current Torquay whatsoever. Torquay United (to my knowledge) do not have a Reserve Team - they were looking at providing an opportunity for their u16 team (who are not an EPPL / Academy squad) moving forward with an odd First Team squad player returning from injury etc - the majority of the players being 16/17 and doing an educational course at Torquay or Paignton college - to suggest that they would ‘move’ to Mousehole is senseless. However Mousehole using their contacts to bring in u23 players who haven’t quite made it at teams from the North has got to be a possibility - at the moment they have a Cup coming up with three northern teams and no squad!
  6. That makes no sense at all - however what is surprising is that Mousehole have made no comment at all - either they have been ‘caught cold’ by the moves or they already have next seasons team sorted - and as Mousehole have a habit of making press releases at the drop of a hat, it looks like the former.
  7. These were (in my opinion) Mousehole’s best three ‘local’ players and all well capable of playing SWPL Prem They held Mousehole together 18 months ago when half the team left - were former captain and manager and all had fantastic seasons last year - and yet all now want to leave???? Can be sure it’s NOT for the money - Mousehole must have a bigger bankroll, it’s NOT a lack of loyalty as they all stayed before when others left the club in the lurch and it’s not to go to a better team (no disrespect but Mousehole last season were miles better than Penzance) -so something must be going wrong at Mousehole - surely their supporters must have a view??? Great signings for Penzance - they must now be contenders in the West, again.
  8. SCFC - I watched Tavistock 6 times last season and for me the lad Robbins was there best player - really mobile / fast, technically good and surprisingly these days for a 'wing back' he can actually tackle. Two big problems though, I think he is already having problems getting time off work so to look to Western Prem or TCFC would be a major step and secondly he is too small to go much higher (league wise) - I know height does not matter on ability but most Western Prem and above seem to favour big defenders.
  9. Certainly one of them played half a season at Bideford last season - as a defender and I think the other is a defender as well ? As for Stuart Bowker, surprising move for him and Helston, unless his brother is coming as well - will score goals but there are much better about, in my opinion, but Steve Massey has certainly put miles in scouting. Got to agree with SCFC - Helston has a cracking youth set up, next year is a preparation year - why not develop local players - none of the three coming are going to be cheap (level of playing or mileage) - clearly the management at Helston have no faith in their own players.
  10. From experience it works well in the Trelawney League and all the 'problems' suggested prior to it being introduced never actually happened (time wasting, set plays etc). Managers and players seem to enjoy it (in the main) and gives the opportunity to bring in younger players, players returning from injury and 'older' players - for sorter periods of play. Couple of points to remember - clubs don't have to repeat subs if they don't want and the Ref controls entry to field of play and easily stops 'abuse' of the idea.
  11. Surely the initial conversation between Penzance and Mousehole was just a sounding board between committee members of both clubs - not for general consumption? Now it’s subject of a Penzance press release
  12. I have got to agree with Rob1978 on this. Whatever your individual view on Mouseholes aspirations - surely this was a ‘private’ conversation and not one to be derided in such a sarcastic way - does not reflect well on the club, in my view.
  13. Daft though it sounds I would welcome a Torquay Reserve Team into SWPL (West or East - Argyle Reserves were West at same ground). Having been critical of Argyle over adversersely affecting the league - Torquay Reserves would (even with a couple first team players) be West standard and their inclusion would not damage the league integrity and add variety.
  14. Would have thought Ollie and Webby would both be off to University - and cannot see Marcelo staying local for too long - so Westy will have even more reason to fight to keep Jordan (and Tom and Dennis) - he’s a loyal lad so i’m sure it would take more than what’s suggested for him to leave.
  15. Have a lot more sympathy for yourself and Elburton Villa in this (than Liskeard and Mousehole), not only did Elburton finish in the next promotion spot but also in another year, when relegated you could have dropped into the East and now been promoted again. All seems a little unfair - but with the composition changes coming in next season (2019/20) - will probably even itself out?
  16. Camelford 4-2 Torpoint Scoreline flattered Torpoint and Camelford could / should have scored four or five more with Torpoint scoring from probably their only chances. Great finish to season for the Camels and now on to WCP Cup Final
  17. Just read that Callington and Witheridge reprieved relegation and only Millbrook taking promotion.
  18. Ah didn’t realise that - is anyone from the East taking promotion then?
  19. I thought St Martins won anyway?!
  20. Plymouth Argyle 5 v 0 Callington Town WALTER C PARSON FUNERAL DIRECTORS CUP QUARTER FINAL (7.30PM) Tavistock 1 v 3 Plymouth Parkway CORNWALL SENIOR CUP SEMI FINAL (7.30PM) At Helston Athletic Mousehole 2 v. 2 St Austell
  21. Saturday 24th February PREMIER DIVISION Exmouth Town 3 v 2 Launceston Helston Athletic 2 v 1 Cullompton Ivybridge Town 1 v 2 Stoke Gabriel Newquay 1 v 3 Tavistock Plymouth Argyle 3 v 1 Godolphin Plymouth Parkway 1 v 1 Camelford Saltash United 4 v 0 Callington St Austell 7 v 1 Witheridge Sticker 1 v 3 Bodmin Town WALTER C PARSON FUNERAL DIRECTORS CUP QUARTER FINAL Falmouth Town 3 v 1 Torpoint
  22. Bodmin Town 7-1 Witheridge Callington Town 1-2 Torpoint Athletic Camelford 2-2 Tavistock Cullompton Rangers 2-1 Newquay Exmouth Town 2-2 Falmouth Town Godolphin Atlantic 2-1 Stoke Gabriel Ivybridge Town 1 - 4 Plymouth Parkway Launceston 1-2 St Austell Plymouth Argyle 2-1 Sticker