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  1. Have a lot more sympathy for yourself and Elburton Villa in this (than Liskeard and Mousehole), not only did Elburton finish in the next promotion spot but also in another year, when relegated you could have dropped into the East and now been promoted again. All seems a little unfair - but with the composition changes coming in next season (2019/20) - will probably even itself out?
  2. Camelford 4-2 Torpoint Scoreline flattered Torpoint and Camelford could / should have scored four or five more with Torpoint scoring from probably their only chances. Great finish to season for the Camels and now on to WCP Cup Final
  3. Just read that Callington and Witheridge reprieved relegation and only Millbrook taking promotion.
  4. Is this a serious post by Mousehole. Sam was in the U18 squad when the Torquay Academy folded due to relegation of the first team. He moved to Yeovil to work with the former Torquay Academy manager looking after younger players - doing a very small stint as interim goalkeeping coach. Good luck to the lad but....... Mosehole are doing some great stuff, but why do they always want to oversell everything
  5. Ah didn’t realise that - is anyone from the East taking promotion then?
  6. I thought St Martins won anyway?!
  7. Ivybridge 1 v 2 Camelford Dont want to finish with a negative, so I will start with the officiating. The referee was Mr Murat, the gentleman who officiated the game where 5 players and two managers were dismissed at Parkway. He was absolutely shocking - amongst many many poor decisions he threatened to sin bin one manager ( fairly sure that does not exist at Step 6), he awarded a foul and then watched the fouled player blatantly kick the tackler (he must of seen it as he blew his whistle again and ran over), but then did nothing, he gave a back pass (which it wasn't) , but then gave the kick from where it was passed, not where it was picked up (some 15 yds different - and for the refs out there it was not given in line on the edge of 6yd box - Law 12), he allowed a two footed 'in the air' tackle go completely unpunished other than a foul and allowed other offences simply go - other than stopping the game at every opportunity to tell players off for questioning his decisions. He was ably assisted by one linesman who instead on flagging at every opportunity and wanted to get involved with every decision, a young man who clearly felt that the 22 players / managers /coaches and supporters where there for his amusement and when challenged over the back pass did not know the law.There was an assessor present - but in simple terms these officials are not suitable for this, or any level above u9 officiating. Rant over - it may sound that this was a 'feisty' game, which it wasn't, both sets of players were just so frustrated and bemused by what they were having to put up with and that contributed to some poor tackles. Ivybridge started very well and dominated for the first 30 minutes, scoring one and probably they should have been three up. However, Camelford finally woke up and a change of formation by Reg made the difference - once they equalised they looked the only winners, which they did through a penalty. Ivybridge threw everything forward in the last 10 and could have sneaked a goal but were caught on the break at will and Camels probably should have scored another 2 or 3 goals. Ivybridge have some real quality players and are a very solid outfit with an exceptionally well qualified manager - one can only wish them well and look forward to seeing them next season. Entertaining game and now looking forward to the last game and at home!!
  8. I don't think that Mousehole have actually paid any players this season - what they have done, through contacts, is bring down players from Academies who have either been released or are in need of playing time and this includes, a couple of lads formerly at a well known French club. The lads are housed and fed / watered but no more - most of us would probably consider that payment but they are not, apparantly getting cash... Like many others, having been someone who contributed to the 'save Millbrook AFC' fund, it is absolutely fantastic to now see them gaining promotion to the SWPL Prem - it's amazing what just loyalty can achieve over and above buying players in. Well done to all involved and will look forward to the visit there next season. Mike - have St Martins in the East not applied for promotion, they could still go past Newton Abbot Spurs? Pastyman - I don't think Reg would ever contemplate not fulfilling a fixture - even after away games on the Friday / Saturday and Monday. Made for a very interesting game, Camels with several (8) non 'normal starter' against a Saltash Team in great form. The Ashes played some lovely football, side to side and created plenty of near chances, but were matched by dogged defence (10 men behind the ball most of the game) by the Camels who threw everything into blocks - and some cracking goal keeping. Ironically the winning goal was probably the one Camels would feel was soft, compared to the other chances - and the Camels had two breakaways in the last 10 with one on ones with the keeper - to have scored one or both of them would have been robbery though! Saltash were worthy victors and must be congratulated on finishing 4th (unless Bodmin do score the 28 goals), great club, well coached with very good players - good luck in the Cup from all at Camelford and a shame Ryan never got the goal and golden boot.
  9. Has anyone any idea of the ‘Golden Boot’ standings - the last SWPL News has Glynn Hobbs on 40, with Jordan Annear on 32 and Ryan Richards on 29 - but with so many recent games and apparently (from twitter) Ryan only being one behind after win at Godolphin with one game to go, Jordan and Falmouth having two games and Hobbs finished - would be nice for a Cornish winner?!
  10. Yes - very lively, drifted wide and through the middle with good pace and physicality. I think he was on the bench for the County u18's?
  11. Not sour grapes, but can see how it reads that way, just my assessment of the game today. As for the Callington game, personal view again, I thought that was very comfortable over the 90 minutes - Callington had a good 10 minutes, but lacked any real quality (other than the young lad George who looks like he could become a really really good player) - but that was more to do with Camelford completely switching off. Callington have done a fantastic job at their club with facilities and having had a bit of an escape this year will hopefully develop their on field next season - great club.
  12. Cullompton 2 v 1 Camelford Having travelled away to Callington last night (winning comfortably but making themselves work with some shaky defending in the Second half), Camelford knew that a second game in 18 hours was a big ask - especially on a consequetive hot days and travelling away to Cullompton - even accepting the fixtures backlog, 3 away fixtures (Saltash on Monday) in 4 days over a bank holiday weekend is problematic. No excuses, just tiring. Ground looked great in the sunshine and a very welcoming club house. Seeing Cullompton narrowly miss out on winning at Sticker, they have some good young players so expected them to be a hard challenge - however was a bit dismayed to see that Cullompton had drafted in a Taunton striker (who is apparently on loan), a Barnstable winger (signed for cover) and a player with connections to Torquay United - along with the young players from the Sticker game - three Exeter u18 academy players (released over the last couple of weeks - have to be honest but I thought new players signed on after the transfer deadline were exceptions and generally accepted to be developing players and not semi pro's). This must be the most expensive mid table game that Cullompton have played - doing nothing wrong at all but made for an even greater challenge than expected. As for the game Camelford dominated and created several clear chances but just could not finish in the first half, including having a penalty saved. Half time was 0-0. Second half saw Cullomptom become a bit more direct, to good effect and their young ex Exeter winger causing problems, resulting in a goal mouth scramble and Sow blasting in from a yard out. Camels heads never dropped and they were rewarded by a cracking goal from a 25yd shot, leaving the Cullompton keeper flat footed. Shortly after this Camelford had another goal ruled out for offside - very (very) close, but as the young linesman flagged whatever the Cullompton captain called for it was not surprising - sorry to have a go but both young linesman were poor (being assessed along with the Ref) and they seemed slightly intimidated. Shortly after this Cullompton made a couple of substitutions (one of whom was supposed to be the Cullompton manager, who he wasn't , by his shirt number - apparantly a genuine error and a sub wearing the wrong shirt - but the linesman would surely have noticed that?) and their fresh legs made a noticeable difference. Next little bit of controversy was the Cullompton 4 diving in with a two footed tackle, could easily have been a red card but got told to calm down by the Ref - it never worked as he then intentionally elbowed a player in the face, for which he got a yellow card? Cullompton scored a cracking second goal with a great solo run and finish by Joe O'Loughlin (Exeter u18) and even though Camelford had a clear penalty waved away and a couple of one on ones they could not get the goal they deserved. Hard game, but some very good football played by both teams and looking forward to Mondays fixture, well done Cullompton.
  13. Totally agree and last night summed it up - Argyle chose not to play as it suited them, whereas Witheridge (knowing they are relegated) travelled down to Camelford with 11 for a mid week fixture and gave all they had on the pitch. Witheridge failed to fulfil at a time they lost their manager and had reall off field problems - they got a £250 fine which is a lot for a non profit making football team (nothing to Argyle) and have made every fixture since. The excuse given by Argyle will be EXACTLY the same next season if they continue to play their Reserve team in the Central League (which they only entered this year)SWPL and U18 League - at this time of the season when they have ditched most of their year 2 scholars, their younger players having exams and injuries (reasons they gave in their press release). My point is not against Argyle - they are the top pro club in the area and need to develop their Reserves - just do it ‘honestly’ - pick two leagues to play in and not three (I won’t go into the injustice of playing 8 pros one week and 11 16 year olds another). As for the ‘big crowds’ - that is not as straight forward - several Argyle away games have brought decent crowds - but Argyle do not ‘bring’ the away supporters - they normally travel with just a few parents - the bigger crowds are local to the home team who turn up to see 8 pros - paying £5 to watch a group of talented 16 year olds is somewhat of a rip off (you don’t pay to watch the academy u18 league). Those fans are already there and just need engaging with - Helston or Mousehole being examples of that as teams who have bucked the trend of declining crowds (a bit).
  14. The SWPL (Phil) has said that Argyle Reserves will be dealt with 'as other teams' - but they are not. I think everyone would accept that the first team fixture takes obvious precedence and has nothing to do with this failure to play a fixture. However the fixture in the Central League most certainly does. Argyle entered the Central League this season, whilst members of the SWPL Prem Division - I did comment at the time that Argyle were using the SWPL and would pick and choose squads to suit themselves - from 8 pro's to now failure to fulfil fixtures!! They have CHOSEN not to play tonight's fixture in lieu of playing in the Central Reserve League - that is different from a local club with a lack of finance / injuries / work etc and playing Away from home. Loosing points / having points awarded or a fine has no impact at all on Argyle Reserves (in my opinion). Without knowing the full league sanctions (FA controlled or otherwise) - Argyle should be removed from this league - after all they have the U18 Academy League / Central Reserve League and First team fixtures still available.
  15. I have no idea what Bodmin may have said to the league, but know why the game was brought forward, not that it makes any difference. The Camelford players at the County youth game were wearing their Camels polo's and jackets (fully showered and changed?!?!) - not quite sure how that constitutes 'showboating' as they had travelled straight from the Bodmin game and included three of last years team that got to the national final, who were supporting their former team mates, supporting their keeper Luke and supporting the CCFA by lending their 'caps' for presentations as the ones ordered by the CCFA had not arrived - nice that you appreciated their efforts Brugel.