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  1. Saturday 24th February PREMIER DIVISION Exmouth Town 3 v 2 Launceston Helston Athletic 2 v 1 Cullompton Ivybridge Town 1 v 2 Stoke Gabriel Newquay 1 v 3 Tavistock Plymouth Argyle 3 v 1 Godolphin Plymouth Parkway 1 v 1 Camelford Saltash United 4 v 0 Callington St Austell 7 v 1 Witheridge Sticker 1 v 3 Bodmin Town WALTER C PARSON FUNERAL DIRECTORS CUP QUARTER FINAL Falmouth Town 3 v 1 Torpoint
  2. Bodmin Town 7-1 Witheridge Callington Town 1-2 Torpoint Athletic Camelford 2-2 Tavistock Cullompton Rangers 2-1 Newquay Exmouth Town 2-2 Falmouth Town Godolphin Atlantic 2-1 Stoke Gabriel Ivybridge Town 1 - 4 Plymouth Parkway Launceston 1-2 St Austell Plymouth Argyle 2-1 Sticker
  3. I always like to support the league committee as they do a great job - but this decision is ridiculous. Its only Mid Feb and there are over 10 weeks left before the end of April - not sure when league finishes but it’s normally early May. Most teams across the leagues only have about 10 game left to play - and AT MOST 3 Cup games - so it would involve a couple of mid week matches - which everyone expects anyway. This is not just a daft decision for Cup games, but the ‘press release’ states that double headers WILL be fixtured by the league (where the teams haven’t played yet) - this could easily mean that league titles are decided on double header games (if say top two teams are forced to play a double header) - we all know occasionally teams have absenteeism / sickness / hols etc - so when the game is played may really overly advantage one team or another. Also clubs will need reminding about rules - eg what if a player is sent off in the first game, can they play in the second, or playing higher ranked players. Leave it go - if clubs fail to meet fixtures deal with it firmly as in previous seasons. If come mid April and the situation is critical - do something then. The decisions taken make a farce of the season - a team who has only played 8 games could by being allowing to play mid week and Sat - Sun games with a full squad and availability of dual registered or higher ranked players - win the league in a week!!!
  4. Saturday 10th February PREMIER DIVISION (3.00PM) Ivybridge Town 1 v 3 Camelford Newquay 1 v 3 Exmouth Town Plymouth Argyle 2 v 3 Tavistock (1.00PM) Plymouth Parkway 5 v 1 Falmouth Town Saltash United 4 v 1 Godolphin Atlantic St Austell 3 v 0. Cullpton Rangers Stoke Gabriel 3 v 1 Callington Town Witheridge 1 v 1 Sticker
  5. Having watched both these teams half a dozen times each this season, I had Falmouth down as winners in the prediction league, especially looking at the CCFA website and seeing Giler showing as suspended for two games, however Giler started so obviously the CCFA site is not up to date. First half started very sprightly for Falmouth who had lots of possession, although their distribution in the final third was very poor. There were clearly reasons why Tom Annear started as left back (he didn't look comfortable) and Josh Richards as right back - especially as Falmouths 6,7 and 8 all had games to forget, very poor on the night. The assistant ref made an horrendous decision mid way through the first half, calling back Goldsworthy for an offside that he was well onside for - however he subsequently made up for it by not giving a clear offside, prior to the ball being crossed in for Goldsworthy to score a well finished header. 1-0 at half time which was unfair on Falmouth, but they just seemed to be lacking any 'spirit' and were very flat. Early in second half Falmouths keeper made a fantastic save from an 'over the shoulder' volley by Watts, however Giler scored a header following a parried save from the keeper and you could see Falmouths will dying even more. Falmouths 3, 6 and 8 were all subbed and Richards brought into the middle that gave stability but all a bit too late. Can't comment on the penalty miss or 3rd goal as I decided to leave before the last 5 as game was over and it was freezing. I have previously thought that St Austells midfield were weak, however happy to be proved wrong and tonight they outclassed Falmouth and were very well organised. Knowing the pace that Falmouth had up front I was very surprised that they did not exploit the pace at the back for St Austell (their two centre backs are outstanding, just not the fastest). St Austell were solid and organised rather than playing really well, whereas the Falmouth management team will be disappointed by the performance of several of their players. Good luck to St Austell - they will need to improve a bit and the next draw will be critical - but can see them being real contenders for the cup.
  6. Bodmin Town 3 v 0 Torpoint Athletic St Austell 2 v 3 Falmouth Town
  7. Mousehole are a very hard team to beat at home, especially on ‘challenging weather’ days - which is why so many had them as winners in the prediction league - BUT - 5-0 is big big win for a lower league team - would be very interesting to hear from Danny O as to what happened??? Could it be Mouseholes year?
  8. Godolphin 2 - Newton abbot spurs 2 Bodmin 3 - Torpoint 1 Mousehole 2 - Newquay 1 Saltash 3 - Sticker 2
  9. El Niño - I know Parkway have a squad and will use them to suit the managers needs - only mentioned Charlie as I think he is a cracking striker (have seen him since he was u11/12 at Torquay academy) - most teams in the Prem would start him every game - but the strength PPFC have in depth means he will for the foreseeable future only start very occasionally or as injury cover - great for Parkway. but perhaps not great developmentally for him - just a personal view? Leeds I have always tried to give a balanced view - I think Newquay have improved dramatically and are on the right path, especially with building from new - just their early form led a few to think that they had already ‘got there’ - they will but not just yet - perhaps some times your comments about Newquay have been a little more pointed than that??
  10. Before the thread becomes totally about pasties (Stickers are very good, if a little small but cheap) - this was a training match for Parkway - every team they play (especially lower half) has to come out firing, otherwise the game is over before it starts. Newquay s early season was, I think, a bit misleading - massive improvement on last season but they still lack depth and if not starting 11 are there for the top teams - absolutely no disrespect meant. Nice to see some of the bench start - the lad CJ would start upfront in any other team in the league - but is strangely happy to sit on the bench, presumably as a prelude to Western Prem next season
  11. I actually had Dartford with the highest average of 979 and Truros home fixtures ranging between 288 and 676 with an average of 501 - and there is some question, I believe, as to whether the figures include season ticket holders? Even with 500 supporters at £10 a head (ignoring the large number of concession tickets) - that's £5000 per week - with a maximum 25 home games - that's £125,000 per year, which I think you will find is less than the repayment of a £2,000,000 (their third) loan at 5.5% - and that's without player salaries, travel or other running costs - so how exactly are TCFC going to pay off the loan - or do they want it for nothing?? I am actually a supporter of the S4C - just not giving money to TCFC, until they show some commitment to the local community for Cornwall - youth / reserves / decent PR etc. or any of the above! Tommy - it's great work being done at Falmouth and will be a real bonus for all local football there (your scheme is built around the community). Do you know if Town will be 'safe' with the SWPL - as in will they be able to convince the SWPL by the end of March that they will have a suitable ground to play on by September - they must be cutting it tight?