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  1. That’s a shame , I was going to try get hold of the st day manager for a friendly, as in last couple years we have had some great, close and very fair games not a bad challenge or word said to one another and st day are a great club to, hope you find someone to take over
  2. footballlegend7


    Yea that is cool , we can arrange one for the 11th if that’s cool ?
  3. footballlegend7

    Chacewater Football Club

    Would love to arrange a friendly with you guys at yours or ours if it gets sorted, hopefully you do 🤞
  4. footballlegend7


    Newlyn lions looking for friendlies, we are not available on 21st July but games all through July would be ideal as not sure wen season is starting yet cheers
  5. footballlegend7

    Illogan 3rds

    Alright mate we at newlyn lions will play you in July some time we are not free on the 21st though
  6. footballlegend7

    Mariners pre season

    We at newlyn lions could host you if you’d like, we already hav a game on the 21st July though
  7. footballlegend7

    Trelawny League - Saturday 21 April 2018

    Thank you for saying it’s our title (Newlyn lions) but we have too win all four games really to get that , my boys will be trying very hard to not let it slip but we very much respect the 4 remaining teams we have to play as anything can happen 11 vs 11 and are not counting our chickens just yet
  8. footballlegend7

    Trelawny League - Saturday 21 April 2018

    I was going to say I used to play mousehole first team and seconds in peninsula and Trelawny premier and Harry Tonks used to get reds and wen we don’t hav a game and the other club teams had a game it never reduced his ban for the existing team we played in at that time! 🤔🤔
  9. Hey just requiring about What league you play in? Cheers