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  1. Trelawny League (& cup) - Saturday February10 2018

    Newlyn lions vs frogpool off
  2. Seems penryns main pitch still is unplayable so penryn vs Newlyn lions is off
  3. Transfer query

    Ok sweet cheers for the help! 👍
  4. Transfer query

    Just wondering if the transfer process between duchy too Trelawny is the same as Trelawny too Trelawny or do we not need to even get a transfer , seein as it’s different areas? Much appreciated on any help
  5. Newlyn lions vs st day called off Ref inspection this evening

    I say mousehole too go all the way to win it!!
  7. Junior cup Saturday Jan 20th 2018 - 4th Round

    Mousehole vs titans best bet I’d say
  8. Matches postponed 13/1/18

    Goonhavern vs newlyn lions off
  9. Games cancelled this weekend

    Ffs every week someone comes on here n gives madron a load of hassle , hav you got nothing better to do with your time? For the last few weeks ppl say that they are only just getting people in too help out and it’s gonna take a little while so stop going on coz you fill up the feed with a load is s**t wen it’s bout results/or cancelled games
  10. Games cancelled this weekend

    STorm vs newlyn lions off
  11. Clijah

    Am I too assume that there defo ain’t gonna be a game a clijah tomorrow
  12. Favourites

    Think mousehole reserves b right there at the end
  13. Hey just requiring about What league you play in? Cheers