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  1. SWPL - Tuesday 31st October 2017

    So will we have the pleasure of your company at the Camelford game then?
  2. SWPL - Tuesday 31st October 2017

    Plenty of trains mate, you could even make an appearance at Falmouth's next home game. Would you like directions to the ground??
  3. SWPL - Tuesday 31st October 2017

    No Big Al , it was a great game. Plenty of fast attacking football by both sides well refereed by Mr Annis. It would be better if you came and watched a game or two rather than talking through your backside again
  4. SWPL - Tuesday 31st October 2017

    Jones first goal, own goal second goal, missed penalty Jordan Annear, third goal Ward, Jordan Annear fourth goal, fifth goal penalty Jones with last kick of the game