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  1. SWPL - Saturday Feb 17 2018

    Why would Ivybridge give up the home advantage and a bumper gate ? Can you honestly see Mr Marker and Mr Stuart agreeing to that ... not on your nelly .. not to mention Brian Howard.. he’d probably have a melt down at the very thought of it
  2. Bodmin Town

    at least the problems has been identified and a solution is in place...god knows how much that will take to sort out
  3. SWPL - Saturday Feb 17 2018

    cant speak for divs 1 east and west but how many of the prem games will be off I reckon the following wont be on....i hope im wrong and we get a good weekends worth of football in Bodmin Town v Witheridge Callington Town v Torpoint Athletic Godolphin Atlantic v Stoke Gabriel Ivybridge Town v Plymouth Parkway Launceston v St Austell
  4. Bodmin Town

    St Austell managed it a coulpe of years ago when they had the fanastic run in the Vase and if I remember correctly the weather was up to its same old tricks then...not quite as bad tho. All clubs are in the same position, pitches are very wet and even with three or four days dry its just not long enough for them to dry out sufficiently. What can you do ....
  5. bodmin/tavistock - OFF!

    weather forecast for bodmin reckons there is very little rain due for the area for the rest of the day... which is nice
  6. is there any news on the cup game tonight at priory park between these too yet

    you are a font of knowledge Home Waters
  8. Bodmin/Tavvy

    Muchas gracias amigo
  9. Anyone have any updates or whispers yet as to if this cup game is on or not
  10. Thanks Dave.... anything on the Bodmin game, my sons just been past Priory Park and he says theres not much happening there and its raining apologies ...spitting
  11. Has there been any more news on either of these game going ahead tonight.... need a fix
  12. Didn’t they used to have a very successful youth set ? im sure it was up and running only a few years ago…what’s happen3ed to that, as they must have a decent catchment for youth in that area surely
  13. if they ground share at coach road there will no difference
  14. Hopefully the League will learn by its mistakes and the same problems wont be so prevalent. Perhaps PAFC and TUFC could ground share at Coach Road lol