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  1. It was the 1st goal when it happened and an own goal by the keeper, I was not at the game but the reporter was probably in a similar position, Dan Lincoln is probably very sore but thankfully OK otherwise. What should concern us is why it took so long for an ambulance, I listened to the radio commentary and officials could be heard in the background talking loudly one said "They said the ambulance won't be here for 90 minutes" the game ended at 17.48 so it must have taken the ambulance between 30 and 45 mins to arrive. This incident raises an ongoing concern of mine about where Truro City house their defibrillator.
  2. Maybe this is what I saw. https://twitter.com/stdennisafc1?lang=en
  3. Thank You Mike, Being exiled has it's downside, to attend a home game costs well over £100 for the train alone almost that when using the annual Railcard I purchase each season. add to that a B&B overnight stay. Away games are not cheap from here to Bognor, next Saturday is £45 return, with my Railcard I pay £30 involving many forms of transport, Buses (2) Trains (2) Underground (2) then reverse that after the final whistle - Watching City's away games takes approx 12 hours so no time to chat about local Cornish matters hence there are times I get things wrong. Dave, Mike has explained my confusion so I apologise if my posting upset anyone. - Yet another Ivor 'Oops' moment.
  4. Sorry Dave perhaps I have it WRONG (That's the problem being an exile). - In recent times I saw an article with a photo of a stand it had a headboard with St Dennis painted across it, the article mentioned Boscawen Park where I assumed that was where they played, perhaps it was a bogus story like some that appear in Wikipedia from time to time. With your superior knowledge I am eager for you to put me in my place sparing my blushes.
  5. Bobjfh posted that Truro City have a couple hundred supporters - I am sorry to say HE IS WRONG, as he is about away supporters swelling the figures, truth is due to distance few clubs. swell the crowd by more than a handful. The average attendance of 502 this season is an increase of 24.88% which proves the club is not dead but will be unless the Football Club who's supporters were not responsible for it's 2012 and before demise gets assistance from the council and I don't mean £6 million - Back in 1960/61 Truro Cricket Club got a ground from the council at Boscawen Park - A precedent was set so why not offer the same option to Truro City and forget the S4C project which IMO will not work - Up grade and share with St Dennis keeping Truro City in TRURO. salvaging as much as possible from Treyew Roads current facilities. There was no public objection when the Cricket Club were given the land that was once the rubbish tip; I played in the first game of cricket at Boscawen Park when converted from a rubbish tip, many games were played by a number of clubs almost all were league games, it destroyed lower grade cricket when it lost it's cricket home to big brother. Truro City attendances lowest Chippenham 288 Highest Bath City 676 Average attendance 502 Increase this season from last +24.88%
  6. Yes shall be listening lets hope back to winning ways, then anything can happen in the playoffs #goingup

  7. Hello Dave, there are a few differences in your league table to the National League one Truro have played 34 first figures by our name and the last figure before the 0 is 57 the number of points we have, I know you strive for perfection so hope you don't mind me mentioning it privately.There are a few other clubs that need adjusting like Hemel.

    Hope you are almost fully recovered.




    1Ebbsfleet United3996413612212566313578-0

    2Maidstone United37121511352341049331673-0

    3Sutton United3688212422012470313972-0

    4Truro City349346931512753431057-0


    6Maidenhead United3710625311159136157454-0

    7Hemel Hempstead Town366668551411116154753-0

    8Concord Rangers37648946158146059153-0

    9Oxford City3768575613131165501552-0

    10Gosport Borough377567571410134747052-0


    12Eastbourne Borough3868563101211155355-247-0

    13Bishop's Stortford37829567138164958-947-0

    14Chelmsford City37829558137175856246-0



    17Havant & Waterlooville3710261711119175067-1742-0

    18Bath City376574691011164257-1541-0

    19Hayes & Yeading Utd383887391011174267-2541-0


    21St Albans City377573312108194462-1838-0

    22Basingstoke Town36559241179203762-2530-0


  8.  So did I - Arsene's never seen them play that bad.   There is more effort shown by the Premierships bottom 3.   Never thought I would ever see them play impotent football   They certainly weren't up for it.