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  1. NLS - Sat Nov 18th 2017

    Not my doing Dave, transport, I have explored every avenue in an attempt to be there but EVEN YOU would agree that, with and need for an overnight hotel, extra travel cost due to a one day journey not being possible etc £150 expenditure would eat into anyone's pension, however I did miss Spurs game against Crystal Palace in favour of watching Truro City. The last train to get me home tonight would leave Braintree at 22.00 hrs and that would not leave enough time to get to the station after the game.
  2. NLS - Sat Nov 18th 2017

    OK I will look out for you on Tuesday at Braintree.
  3. NLS - Sat Nov 18th 2017

    Good seeing the "Always there" boys today, hope you made it back in good time.
  4. FA Cup

    Thanks Richard Rundle, I was aware changes in respect of playing time were brought in to benefit the BIGGER clubs, they appear to have all the sway, I didn't realise the match day payouts had been changed in respect of attendance revenue. Reaching the 1st round proper has brought football alive in the county having slumbered for too long, teams need to take the national competitions more serious than they have done in the past to maintain that buzz - Football revolves around finance but for teams like Truro a few extra thousands of pounds on the wage bill to attract players maybe short term for those matches may be money well spent. Oops I've left myself open to criticism now Darren and Olden !! - We must remember the winners of each round receive a payment so that along with increased interest whilst success is bred has to be useful. A successful Cup run advertises what clubs have on offer and hopefully encourage armchair followers to attend games, there are times part time players pull a bit of magic from somewhere to compete with what we see on TV.
  5. FA Cup

    Darren, the gate money after expenses is split THREE ways, a third to each club and a third to the Football Association, for fully televised games each club received an additional £67,000.
  6. FA Cup

    David - So have I. Spurs game was scheduled for Saturday then swapped to Sunday for TV, good for me 2 games to attend so I bought my ticket, then Truro gets swapped for small in play visits to 8 games to show snippets if something happens in them, unfortunately it will be Wembley for me unless the pitch fails a pre match inspection. ( ) Not only the day changed but the kick off brought forward by one hour, NO THOUGHT for the supporters who facing a 600 mile round trip need to leave home in the middle of Saturday night and on return go to work on Monday morning. I have always supported the FA but this time they have failed the lifeblood of football THE SPECTATORS, televising the WHOLE game would be a big yes but for short highlighted visits it is an own goal. Mind you - I will only lose the £20 cost of my ticket if I don't go to Wembley.
  7. FA Cup

    Emirates FA Cup fans will be able to watch three live televised games in the first round proper next month. Broadcast partners BBC and BT Sport have made their selections from the draw, which was made on Monday evening following last weekend’s fourth round qualifying ties. And the first tie of the round will be screened live on BBC Two as eighth-tier side Hyde United host League One outfit MK Dons at Ewen Fields on Friday 3 November, with a kick-off at 7.55pm. The following day sees another non-League team attempt to cause a Cup shock against EFL opposition, as Shaw Lane Association play Mansfield Town live on BT Sport 1 in a lunchtime kick-off (12.30pm, on air at noon) on Saturday 4 November. BT Sport 1 will also show the all-Lancashire tie between Chorley and Fleetwood, which will take place on Monday 6 November with a kick-off at 7.45pm (on air at 7pm) shortly after the second round draw. Each club will receive £67,500 from the FA’s broadcast fund and winning clubs will pick up an additional £18,000 from the prize fund. By FA Staff No mention of the watered down version involving the 8 Sunday games except on the Official Truro City website, I am sorry the club should boycott the weak watered down coverage, support the supporters who have a 600 mile journey and work on Monday
  8. 48 years of inflation £ for £ at current values NO 9. VENUE FOR MATCHES (a) Venue (i) The venue of each match (save for the Semi-Finals or Final which will be played at venues selected by the Professional Game Board) will be that of the first named Club. Subject to Competition Rules 9(a)(ii) and 9(a)(iii) such match shall be played on that ground unless the consent of the Professional Game Board has been obtained to any change of venue. In the case of a replay, subject to Competition Rules 9(a)(ii) and 9(a)(iii), the match shall be played on the ground of the second drawn Club, unless the consent of the Professional Game Board has been obtained to any change of venue. (ii) For a tie to be played on the ground of a Club outside The FA Premier League or Football League playing a Club from The FA Premier League or The Football League, the Home Club shall take all necessary steps to liaise with the local enforcing authority and/or Police to assess the suitability from a safety or security point of view of staging a tie at the ground. Any such assessment shall be completed within three days of the date of the Draw (or the date of the drawn tie in the case of a replay) or such longer period as shall be agreed by The Association. The Home Club shall forthwith notify the outcome of the assessment to The Association along with such documentation supporting the assessment as may be required by The Association. The Association will decide whether to allow and require the match to be played at such ground or not, taking into account the assessment and any supporting documentation. In the event that The Association allows and requires the match to be played at that ground, the Away Club may still lodge a protest under the provision of Competition Rule 9(b) if applicable. In the event that The Association decides not to allow the match to be played at that ground then the first alternative ground shall be the nearest suitable ground subject to the agreement of the Professional Game Board. (iii) In any event, the Professional Game Board shall have the power to order that any match be played on an alternative ground or date, including a Sunday, if it is considered appropriate and necessary. For ties switched from the ground of the Club first drawn, then the Professional Game Board shall determine the financial conditions in which the tie shall be played and this may include, any excess receipts to be paid into the Pool. (iv) No monetary or other consideration shall be asked for, offered or paid in connection with negotiations for a change of venue. (v) Any Club with a tie switched after declaring that the ground has been authorised to a capacity agreed with the local enforcing authority or Police may be refused entry into the Competition for the following season and be subject to such other action as the Professional Game Board shall deem necessary. (b) Protests Regarding the Suitability of Ground 7 (i) A Club may protest to the Professional Game Board that the ground of the Home Club is unsuitable for the match. Such protest must be made to the Professional Game Board and must be accompanied by a fee of £250, which may be forfeited if the protest is not sustained. (ii) The Professional Game Board shall have the power to consider the protest in such manner and following such procedures as it considers appropriate. The Professional Game Board may amongst other things order the match to be played on the ground of the protesting Club, or on a neutral ground. The payment of the costs incurred by either Club or The Association incidental to the protest shall be at the discretion of the Professional Game Board. (c) Ground Sharing Clubs with ground sharing agreements must arrange for ties to be played on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. If a clash of fixtures occurs with the sharing Club or other Sport, if for any reason a tie is unable to be played on the ground of the first drawn Club on a Saturday, the tie must be played on either the day before, i.e. on Friday, or the day after, i.e. on Sunday on the ground of the First drawn Club. If Clubs are unable to agree on the date, then it will be played on the Sunday, unless the Professional Game Board decides otherwise. The decision of the Professional Game Board shall be final and binding. FIXTURE REVERSALS CAN STILL BE POSSIBLE (the three day notification period could be a busy time.

    To win the FA Vase - Parkway are 50/1 All Vase games tomorrow can be bet on with betvictor.com - I've done my pie in the sky bet of selecting 20 matches for my accumulator. I have included Parkway but not Bodmin or Ivybridge.
  10. Thanks Dave - I'm old school who believes in paying for my sporting pleasures. Nothing against those who volunteer their time being rewarded from time to time.
  11. FA Cup

    Oops perhaps. IF as has been widely spread on the forums you are a substantial influence in the Truro City set up (that's as delicate as I can describe it) I would tread carefully, the players are not permitted to bet, should a senior member of the backroom establishment bet they too MAY fall foul of FA betting rules , the consequences being a heavy personal FA fine and perhaps the forfeiting of any club win prize money, there is NO MERCY with the FA, their attitude is RULES ARE RULES and should be followed without question at all times. If you are not connected with the club then Good Luck.
  12. Hello Dave :- "Free transport" is mentioned twice in the posting. This is the 2nd Quote - Would'nt it be a great gesture,by Peter Masters,to lay on some free transport for supporters,to get to the game ,
  13. It goes to prove, some of my postings get read, thanks for that I am ashamed Off I go.
  14. David what clubs have you seen offering free transport other than possibly a few seats on the team bus? - I ask because I am not aware of any. I don't think clubs like Truro should provide FREE Transport. We all know without seeing any figures that the team is heavily subsidised with it costing more to run than the attendance revenue.
  15. I think he would be UNITED if that were to happen - Fortunately the Owls don't enter the FA Cup until January 2018.