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  1. Vets 12th Nov

    Saltash United 2-3 Halsetown Having the game moved to the Saltmill 3G pitch, today brought the end of the back to back matches. Which we won in the last minute in the cup match last week. However Halsetown got there revenge today going 2-0 up midway through the second half. We then came back into the match when I got 1 back, they complained about being offside, oh well too bad! We then piled on the pressure and in the last minute force a defender to head over his own keeper to make it 2-2. At this point we were happy with the draw, but they weren't and from the k.o forced a winner. Two really though matches, where to be fair a win each by the odd goal in the last minute each time showed how evenly matched the two teams were. we will concentrate on the cups now! we are still are new team and starting to gel together, but also some who are new to vets football are realising how hard you have to work to get a result.
  2. With the frustration of rearranging yet another game and then being told the the opposing team can't raise a side, maybe it would be worth considering regionlising the leagues next year which may avoid such problems. Having to arrange pitch, food and refs and then having to let them all down on a Saturday night ain't a great place to be. Just a thought from someone who loves the opportunity to still put a pair of boots on now and again. Or maybe it is down to teams or players letting the league down.
  3. I think having a rep team is a great thing, I would have loved to have been involved in that back in my day!. If some teams don't want to release their players then there aint much you can do about it. Maybe should be blaming the clubs and not the guys trying to put a team together? Maybe we can get a vets rep team together to give the East Cornwall team a game?
  4. Moved to lanreath i see?