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  1. Adam Carter in my opinion is not a dirty player. Butvpleasecexplain the brushing to Zacs head and face after the incident. Sure he didn't do it himself. And Leeds you need to stop blaming Bodmin for always playing badly. They are just not simply the side they use to be and Newquay took them all the way and deserved at least a draw. The good thing about Newquay is that most of the squad are local and do not travel for a big brown envilopes week in week out. Oh and before you comment Leeds I have played for bodmin and know the score. Hence the lovely car and holidays I use to have each year. By the way Sheila makes the best sandwiches ever. Also I believe Zac is a keeper to watch out for and being a bodmin lad will probably never get the opertunity to play for his home club.
  2. Key Miller persuaded to do another season?? Can you confirm this Leeds Utd?