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  1. Mullion reserves game saturday 18th

    Look forward to it. Is nick still in charge?
  2. Mullion reserves game saturday 18th

    Hi mate i have been trying to get hold of mullion secretary but no joy for a few days. I am the manager of Mullion and the game is definetly on. 2.30 ko. I hope the secretary is ok. Apologies Lee my my moblie is 07850 265469 The ref has been confirmed
  3. Trelawny League - Saturday October 28th 2017

    Could it be compulsory that each club has to have a qualified referee who may not want to referee each but if a referee isn't available he then could cover his home team fixture. At least the game would be played. Just a thought
  4. Best and worse showers in Cornwall

    Dracena or Frogpool