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  1. chesterfield

    ECL AGM propsal

    Theres plenty of good ideas on here! The time I do get I manage a village side thankless task. managers get criticised and when things aren’t in order you get slapped with big fines! Think the Ecpl committee get off lightly....
  2. chesterfield

    ECL AGM propsal

    The leagues are in a right state arent they it needs a well thought out re structure! When it was one big league the bottom few teams were clinging to there senior status and continually voted back in. Now the leagues have been split and opened up its lost that senior feel.(some of the standard of facilities should never been in there and yet some teams have really made a big effort to improve ) There’s been a massive geographical change in there as well with lots of Plymouth based sides when I first played there was loads of games st Dennis ,foxhole,nanpean,st Stephen,roach,probus then you would travel to grounds like wadebridge liskard launceston Callington torpoint Bodmin all great grounds . Over time there’s been a few teams folded few been successful and some teams and lots of players who don’t want to be a part of it .The east Cornwall league having plymstock, elburton villa ,parkway, plympton ,lakeside they come In for a year then are gone again. see how many players in there mid 20s playing in the duchy leagues who should be playing higher.Within the east Cornwall leagues you wouldn’t expect players to be getting paid but the travelling is is making it financially difficult for players to play in it