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  1. I can assure you I'm nothing to do with any fake profiles and if it is any of the players in my club I'm very embarrassed. I couldn't care less about the matter season over for this 45 year old much needed rest
  2. What a load of complete and utter nonsense I feel bad for all teams involved in the situation as no team at fault in my opinion. Also like to point out there are a few comments on here from people claiming to be from st Stephen who are most certainly not it's embarrassing to say the least.
  3. coady-9

    Duchy Premier League champions

    To be fair 64 isn't far off however the table doesn't lie and goals win games. Immensely proud to of captained my village team to a league and junior cup double. Promotion will be voted on as a club but it's looking likely we will take it. #coys 🏆🏆
  4. coady-9

    Who’s favourites for the title?

    6 pints for me grosey I'm on double cowboys wages 👍🏻👍🏻