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  1. NLS - Sat Nov 18th 2017

    Look ‘ere Deacon. Don’t mess wiv Mr. Mountaineer!
  2. Researchers.

    I believe that it’s that this is the richest vein of intelligent, savvy and charming football fanatics to be found anywhere in the whole wide world ⚽️😁🌍‼️
  3. How else are you going to thaw out the pitch❗️
  4. All that typing and posting for nothing. Harrumph!
  5. Well Rayvon, it may be a little belated but it seems that your wish will come true. One more game in the Vase and then time to concentrate on the league.
  6. Cornwall Women's Cup

    I don’t even know your name Older, but I still forget it!
  7. Very interesting B_D, but who, I wonder, is playing as “Own Goal” and the “Z’s” (no Older, it’s not a new beat group, just names on the registered players list)!
  8. I know these old timers are getting on a bit since their glory days at the top of the South-western league, but I’d have still thought they’d be plying their trade in senior football. Nevertheless, as you say, a couple of brilliant signings at this level. Well done the NIT’s
  9. Surely nobody could accuse the Sunday Indy of disseminating misinformation about footy! FALSE NEWS as our old friend Donald T would say!
  10. Nice to see an unbiased recommendation (although admittedly they’re worth 90 minuets of anybody’s time)❗️
  11. One thread title seems to cover a number of games at the moment, O.K. not the most challenging opposition of the season, but still yet another long difficult journe. Well done T.C. keep it up.
  12. Cornwall Women's Cup

    Funny how “a bit of real handbags” looks rather sexist in a ladies match report, but bog standard banter in the men’s game. Shame really I always thought that Older was a closet feminist!
  13. Trelawny League - Saturday Nov 25th 2017

    Have you considered a midnight kick-off Tempo?
  14. You’ll be well placed for a stroll up the road to Lewes next Saturday then. You could even put up the T.I.S.A. tribe for the night and show them the bright lights of Brighton!
  15. Lewis is a wealthy County Town in the “Stockbroker belt” of East Sussex, just up the road from Brighton. Lots of rich guys who can afford to be hobby shareholders of their local team. Unfortunately won’t work in an area where most people’s priority is putting food on the table for their families!
  16. Senior football facility's

    Buy an umbrella, or maybe a coat, that’s what the spectators have to do and they’re not fit young athletes!
  17. Trelawny League - Saturday Nov 25th 2017

    Why the breakfast kick-off at Constantine? Does the pitch have other commitments in the afternoon? Looking at the weather forecast most pitches will struggle to host one, let alone two, games come Saturday!⛈☔️❗️
  18. I am impressed, well done Parkway, there is still some honour in the game. Looking at the two results, I guess you’re not bad players either❗️
  19. NLS - Sat Nov 18th 2017

    This is the sort of ridiculous fixture that can cost a team, at this level, promotion or the title. Big Al would be disgusted with the fixture authorities, and I could break a long, long habit by agreeing with him‼️
  20. Senior football facility's

    Ambulances do indeed have their own stretchers, however on a Saturday afternoon they can be two or three hours away. The facilities for injured players are a joke. All teams should at least have space blankets available (they cost less than a fiver) or you could be adding pneumonia to the problem. It’s one thing requiring a firstaider to be present, quite another to provide them with the kit they need to keep players safe.
  21. Mabe FC Fold

    Hmm, that’s an awful lot of space to take up with double (very, very long) quotes followed by duplicate comments! Changing your name all the time does tend to cause confusion, just ask M.K. Dons, no longer Wombles it seems! I wonder what happened to footballlegends 1-6?
  22. Mabe FC Fold

    I will suppress the temptation to suggest that this is not uncommon in bipedal mammals. In fact almost a requirement for the able bodied. Do you mean that you are left handed, only in the lower limb, thus improving your perceived skills on the left hand side of the pitch? If so, you put yourself down, left footedness may be a small advantage, but it needs fitness and a footballing brain to make it of any use. I suspect that the level of football you played was due entirely to your overall skills, rather some quirk of “handedness”.
  23. Mabe FC Fold

    I’m amazed that in 2017 a request for email address isn’t on the registration form, is there a reason for this or have they not been updated this century?
  24. Mabe FC Fold

    I don’t know where you find the time Dave. The graph is fascinating, as well as the year on year decline, it is the continued growth in signings throughout the season with a distinct rise in the closing months that fascinates. This seems to be replicated every season, with an increase of 180+ from February onwards. Are these fair weather players who don’t like cold knees?
  25. Mabe FC Fold

    Some interesting points there Portreathlegend. B_D An interesting compilation, however there is no time frame, nor indication of new teams joining or being relegated from “senior” leagues . Looking at the bare information it would appear that the Trelawny league started out with 136 teams