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  1. SWPL - Saturday November 18th 2017

    That’s very honest of you bighairydave, thank you. However also desperately disappointing!
  2. I am impressed, well done Parkway, there is still some honour in the game. Looking at the two results, I guess you’re not bad players either❗️
  3. SWPL - Saturday November 18th 2017

    We have loads of referees as members of this forum, I can only recall one: D_B who has stated that he will not tolerate “Foul and Abusive language” and will (and does) show the mandatory red card. He recently reported that he advises teams in advance and now rarely has any abuse. His reputation clearly goes before him, although I guess it doesn’t make him popular. Do any other of our Referees feel brave enough to follow this example? Or do you fear your marks and reputation amongst players (yes O.K. we all love to be loved). Could some of you come on here and tell us why you don’t enforce this particular LAW when you seem to have no problem with most of the others? Is it that you don’t feel supported by the C.C.F.A., or don’t fancy being beaten up by rabid louts (sorry, I meant footballers). Nobody would blame you, but we would like to understand the reasons for selective rule enforcement.
  4. NLS - Sat Nov 18th 2017

    This is the sort of ridiculous fixture that can cost a team, at this level, promotion or the title. Big Al would be disgusted with the fixture authorities, and I could break a long, long habit by agreeing with him‼️
  5. SWPL - Saturday November 18th 2017

    There are many places Dave where it is neither as prolific or at such a high volume. Again lt is one thing to have ill disciplined players, quite another to have it running through the Club from top to bottom. One day (maybe not in my lifetime) the referees will get a grip on it, possibly with the support of Committees, Leagues and Football Associations. I’m not holding my breath though, for fear of cutting my lifetime even shorter‼️
  6. SWPL - Saturday November 18th 2017

    Obviously he was the one who wasn’t one of you two, or a player or wearing a Stoke Gabriel scarf. That’s got to narrow it down.
  7. Senior football facility's

    Ambulances do indeed have their own stretchers, however on a Saturday afternoon they can be two or three hours away. The facilities for injured players are a joke. All teams should at least have space blankets available (they cost less than a fiver) or you could be adding pneumonia to the problem. It’s one thing requiring a firstaider to be present, quite another to provide them with the kit they need to keep players safe.
  8. SWPL - Friday 17th November 2017

    St. Blazey; circa 150, best turnout of the season.
  9. You could be right Mr. L, if so, I apologise. I missed the end of the game so was relying on (possibly erroneous) reports.
  10. I believe that there was a sending off Mr. Laws, although I’m not certain if it was for foul and abusive language. Please do check these things before you pronounce your judgement! Thank you for the info rob, I don’t get up that way much nowadays. Shame, I always had a lot of time for him both as a manager and as a gentleman.
  11. Any chance of congratulations from Leeds? Defied all but one (noted Bobjfh) of the predictions. Well done the Green & Blacks.
  12. Pitch is looking really good again, well done to the Paul’s and their little band of helpers. I might wander down for this one if I can find my winter coat and gloves. Can always buy a scarf when I get there! Best of luck Blazey, I suspect you’ll need it against McQ’s boys.

    What, I wonder, is the difference between a moan and an observation?
  14. Anyone would think that teams (or anybody else, for that matter) cared what you think, anybody else you have a pat on the head for?
  15. NLS - Saturday 11th November 2017

    Pargyle, Exeter, Torquay could all use a bit of this sort of quality. The perennial problem of Conference teams, produce good players, lose them, fail to produce them and sink into oblivion. Sods 3rd law!