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    20 minutes ago, TheolderIgetthebetterIwas said:

    Penryn 5 ...Illogan 4 -  good game to watch, and some cracking goals.

    Unusual to see a bit of real handbags at one point, and a bit of moaning at the referee from the Illogan girls (!)

    But all in all a deserved win for Penryn against a strong Illogan team.

    Funny how “a bit of real handbags” looks rather sexist in a ladies match report, but bog standard banter in the men’s game. Shame really I always thought that Older was a closet feminist!

  2. 7 hours ago, Burto said:

    Amazing to see and hear so many Truro fans at this match. It looked like it really raised the team. My journey was relatively local (!) from Brighton where I was working yesterday. Nevertheless, trying to get through the Dartford tunnel and around the M25 at leave-work time meant it took 3h 08m to travel 117 miles. Not that I'm complaining in the slightest when the journeys of others were taken into account...

    The performance and the result really reinforced that we can finish in a competitive position in the league this year if we can continue to play like we did last night. In recent weeks we've performed well against two of the strongest teams in the league.

    I thought the first half was a masterclass in team organisation from Lee and the lads. Everyone stuck to their jobs and restricted the Braintree attack to a few half-chances. They looked quick, skilful and comfortable on the ball, but also seemed to run out of creative ideas as the first half progressed. We closed them down quickly and forced an error that resulted in them losing possession in their own area, enabling Cody to score.

    We seemed a little asleep at the start of the second half and it took their well-earned equaliser to really wake us up. I did worry if we might get overrun for a while, but the introduction of Tyler and Jordan seemed to change the whole complexion of the game. We ended the match as the dominant team and had two or three realistic chances to win it near the end. A draw was probably a fair result, all told.

    Well done to the team and hats off to everyone who made it up from Cornwall for the game!

    You’ll be well placed for a stroll up the road to Lewes next Saturday then. You could even put up the T.I.S.A. tribe for the night and show them the bright lights of Brighton!

  3. 3 hours ago, John Mead said:

    It would be ideal if all clubs were able to make gradual improvements to their facilities but I know money is always going to be a problem. I am currently doing a survey of basic facilities for all clubs - not everyone has replied yet despite the questionnaire being given out at the AGM in June! When it is complete, the committee will be aware of all "short-commings" and will no doubt devise a strategy to get all clubs up to the required standard. Personnally, if the weather is bad, I believe clubs should refuse to play a game at a venue where ALL* of their "dugout party" were not offered protection from the elements during a game.(* up to 5 subs, manager, assistant/coach & 1st Aider - maximum of 8). Not sure all of the management committee would agree with my opinion though!

    Buy an umbrella, or maybe a coat, that’s what the spectators have to do and they’re not fit young athletes!

  4. We have loads of referees as members of this forum, I can only recall one: D_B who has stated that he will not tolerate “Foul and Abusive language” and will (and does) show the mandatory red card. He recently reported that he advises teams in advance and now rarely has any abuse. His reputation clearly goes before him, although I guess it doesn’t make him popular.

    Do any other of our Referees feel brave enough to follow this example? Or do you fear your marks and reputation amongst players (yes O.K. we all love to be loved). Could some of you come on here and tell us why you don’t enforce this particular LAW when you seem to have no problem with most of the others? Is it that you don’t feel supported by the C.C.F.A., or don’t fancy being beaten up by rabid louts (sorry, I meant footballers). Nobody would blame you, but we would like to understand the reasons for selective rule enforcement.

  5. 1 minute ago, Dave Deacon said:

    Where on earth does he watch local football where bad language isn't heard?

    There are many places Dave where it is neither as prolific or at such a high volume. Again lt is one thing to have ill disciplined players, quite another to have it running through the Club from top to bottom. One day (maybe not in my lifetime) the referees will get a grip on it, possibly with the support of Committees, Leagues and Football Associations. I’m not holding my breath though, for fear of cutting my lifetime even shorter‼️

  6. 5 hours ago, Postman Pat said:

    There is a stretcher available at clijah Croft in the corridor beside the changing rooms. The only problem would be that paramedics bring their own with them,so there is no real need for one.

    Ambulances do indeed have their own stretchers, however on a Saturday afternoon they can be two or three hours away. The facilities for injured players are a joke. All teams should at least have space blankets available (they cost less than a fiver) or you could be adding pneumonia to the problem. It’s one thing requiring a firstaider to be present, quite another to provide them with the kit they need to keep players safe.

  7. 3 hours ago, Laws of the Game said:

    Must have been for Dissent not Foul and Abusing language as that is a sending off offence.

    I believe that there was a sending off Mr. Laws, although I’m not certain if it was for foul and abusive language. Please do check these things before you pronounce your judgement!

    3 hours ago, rob brown said:

    MQ hasn’t been manager at Liskeard for a couple years now 👍

    Thank you for the info rob, I don’t get up that way much nowadays. Shame, I always had a lot of time for him both as a manager and as a gentleman.

  8. 29 minutes ago, leedsunited said:

    The original Referee was from just outside of Bristol, appointed by the Fa as it was an Fa competition. He pulled out so a more local referee was found (Plymouth!) 

    No moans from me The Bald One, I have congratulated you & wished you well...

    Just an observation a very big game, influenced by a big decision, from a Referee from the same location as the side who benefited from that decision...

    Good luck next round 

    What, I wonder, is the difference between a moan and an observation?


    53 minutes ago, leedsunited said:

    After a day of reflection, firstly I would like to say well done to Plymouth Parkway & good luck in the next round. Had the makings of a great fixture & very proud of how Bodmin played. No one gave us a prayer there so going away to Parkway who are steamroller the league, & to give them a game for a large part with only 10 men was a huge credit to the lads. Not going to mention the ref, I am sure many neutrals who were there can give a better report on the Ref than I can. We have done very well financially this season out of the FA competitions & always had to end somewhere. 

    Well done to my second favourite side  Liskeard on turning up the heat in the West league, with Ludgvan losing it might of just 'turned the tables' yesterday, with only one promotion spot be interesting to hear if Ludgvan would take it if they finished in that position?  

    & I suppose I should also say well done to Newquay stopping their 5 game losing run! 

    Anyone would think that teams (or anybody else, for that matter) cared what you think, anybody else you have a pat on the head for?