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  1. Poor older and sss 54 years since your last title  and counting  of course you want to win it  but you haven't even been close ,  now you want top four as well? Why ?  Money of course more money in champs league , more money being higher up the table , more cash to develop your new stadium  , use Wembley while ground is being built  my  how you don't want to follow the Gunners blue print  ha ha    , keep up the good work  guys    closet gooners   , I suppose copying. your nearest rivals is flattery now all you need is a few more  titles to catch up   keep it up spuds  you do make me smile on a winters evening .

    Won't cost Tottenham anything to build the stadium, Joe Davis has said he will pay for it.

    who is Joe Davis ? Is he a tax exile ?  Spuds sugar Daddy ,  cant find him linked to spurs  how would this affect fair play rules ?  No older surely not   now spurs  copying Chelski ?    I could be wrong but  your owner is down as Joe Lewis   billionaire.   Await the c---ks crow on this dark and wet evening    .

    I thought he was something of a snooker/billiards player in the olden days, brought magic to the table if I remember correctly. Certainly what Spurs need now on the green surface!

  2. That's another 2 points lost in the Spurs title chase. Arsenal looking good. Yes, not the best performance, but a win. I think Arsenal will strengthen in the transfer market this January, I just have that feeling. Plus the players coming back from injury, including Sanchez. Looking good...

    I am really looking forward,to the rest of the season,and dont want the Goons to win the league.

    But now is the time for us YIDS to get behind our boys.

    Yesterday,Spurs were awesome in the 1st half,and with a bit of luck with Kane and Davies strikes and we could have won it.

    Obvious Everton would come at us in the 2nd half,but our defence stood firm,and 10 out 12 pts over the Xmas was better than anyone else.

    Top 4 got to be priority,and we will never have a better chance.

    Some more good news for us YIDS,Jamie Yardy has been ruled out for up to 2 weeks after a minor operation.

    Spurs next two games,Leicester home. Massive two games.


    Don't believe you SSS, your next two games cannot possibly be Leicester at home, unless one's postponed from last season, or brought forward from next, but massive games no doubt no matter who the opposition.


    Just 'cause he's a Spurs fan don't make him all bad (just a bit like the curates egg)! 

    Predictions before the New Year may just be a touch premature, I don't recall anyone on the Forum flagging up Leicester in August, or for that matter, flagging down Chelsea!

    The moral of this story is; don't be mean to morons!

    Lots of love, BTE

  4. Yes, much more interesting season, especially for the mighty Spurs.

    But I do expect our usual slip unfortunately. We'll see.

    It's always a bit embarrassing when your slip is showing, so I'm told! 

    I'm getting worried about you, you're spending to much time indoors.

    They don't let me out any more Older, but at least I have lovely soft walls, and a comfy (if a bit tight) jacket! Wibble! 

  5. Ouch Merry Xmas. Arsenal gave Southampton a belated present they didn't turn up  credit to the Saints they wanted the points more , need to sign players  squad to thin .   

    Felt really sad for assenhole today, ripped apart, outrun, outclassed, pee poor. LOL

    Then the mighty Tottenham brightened up my day.

    I feel sorry for the T.V. Pundits, all their carefully prepared predictions torn to shreds in ninety minutes by a bunch of feckless, overpaid footballers. It is so so sad, but unlike managers, at least they never seem to get the boot for getting it wrong every week! My money is on Nottingham Forrest definitely winning or losing today, unless its a draw. Guaranteed!