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  1. Ban the International break

    Ah well, here we go again, another week of Gients v Dwarfs, Sharks against Minnows, overpaid (non-international) Premiership/Chamionship players with yet another long weekend off and no thanks for the fact that we're paying for it!
  2. SWPL - Friday October 6th 2017

    Your post leaves me confused as to which team the "they" is referring to, the high flyers at Bolitho Park or the struggling Pilgrims? Either way the gap can't be bridged by seven league boots!
  3. Re-training for referees......

    As with many laws in football it is all down to the referees interpretation. In this case application of the law would normally be due to intent (to hinder the opposition) and persistence, i.e. taking time out of the game to preserve a lead etc. I wold have expected that "mud in yer eye" to be a mitigating factor, but, of course, there's no telling with referees!
  4. SWPL - Tuesday 3rd October 2017

    What a jolly good idea, however you seem to be forgetting that it's cold in January and February, risk of frozen pitch (and who likes to play with cold knees) so better write them off too. Seven games a week in the spring should keep everybody happy 'till it's cricket time again!
  5. Royal Par 1-0 Kernow Wanderers

    Probably all three Asterix. I know how you feel! But yes you're very close, at least you would be if you were in Par!
  6. Royal Par 1-0 Kernow Wanderers

    The name of the home team is a bit of a giveaway, as well as the fact that you might notice some of the players running! (As an old timer you might remember witch way the railway is!)
  7. SWPL - Friday October 6th 2017

    Wasn't there a thread recently on manipulating the results of matches? If I were a gambling man.......!
  8. SWPL - Tuesday 3rd October 2017

    What an insult to the Green Party Rayvon, I heard that he was thrown out of the Monster Raving Looney Party for excess silliness!
  9. Senior Cup Scoffy. Most teams out for a giant killing.
  10. SWPL - Friday October 6th 2017

    Winner takes (bugger) all!
  11. SWPL - Tuesday 3rd October 2017

    It can in the hotels that I go to!
  12. CCFA breach Junior Cup Rules

    Will do, grass ain't growing so fast nowadays!
  13. Off to Hampton in next round of FA Cup!

    Counting chickens comes to mind! The wonder of the Cup; Truro could well have a resounding win in the league at home next week then crash horribly away the following one. Sincerely hope it doesn't happen but beware tempting the fickle gods of footballing fate.
  14. Best and worse showers in Cornwall

    You have a book about showers?? Good on you Tempo, that's just what we need from a budding journalist. Could I have a signed first edition please!
  15. Off to Hampton in next round of FA Cup!

    Truro v Argyle wouldn't happen, the fixture would be reversed I.e. Argyle v Truro, and yes it would indeed pack Home Park out and might even get the nod from the television media.
  16. CCFA breach Junior Cup Rules

    Hmmm a little more clarity could have been achieved by substituting the word should, or alternatively by having no such rule at all, allowing the C.C.F.A. to schedule the game for whenever they choose, as seems to be the case in practice.
  17. Truro City v AFC Sudbury

    Dear Mrgreen, There are many online dictionaries which will give you several definitions of fishing, it's not difficult to work out which is the relevant one. It must be embarrassing to come on here and admit that you are unaware (although I must admit that I am occasionally driven to the urban dictionary by some of the more obscure/modern terminology used on here). I do however see from the second sentence that you've Mastered some parts of the language!
  18. Re-training for referees......

    Ah what a shame, I thought we had a good conspiracy theory going there for a minute!
  19. Godolphin vs St Austell

    I think you'll find that it is invariably 💷💷💷.rather than ❤️❤️❤️‼️ I think you'll find they get a bit upset I'd you try to pay them in dollars!
  20. Godolphin vs St Austell

    I doubt that many former "ladies of the night" have heard of the F.A. Vase, I certainly didn't realise that any had played for Bodmin!
  21. CCFA breach Junior Cup Rules

    Oops. How very dare you, go 'round checking up on the rules, and then expecting them what made them to abide by them. Shame on you!
  22. Truro City v AFC Sudbury

    Well done Truro, you did what you had to, as expected. I suspect that you'll meet some more difficult opponents before you can think of lifting the Cup at Wembley. Tonight you can dream, the nightmares are waiting down the road a bit. At least you've picked a few more pennies in return of investment for the Masters!
  23. Truro City v AFC Sudbury

    It will be a huge embarrassment if they don't win resoundingly. They are currently 2/11 in the betting against Sudburys 17/2 (5/1 draw). Maybe they should just play their reserves, oops sorry, they haven't got any!
  24. What a relief, for a moment I thought you meant that the old misery from Bodmin was going on a day trip!

    Couldn't he make an exception just for Leeds? Most of us do!