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  1. Next to Torridge I guess!
  2. Penzance want to get over to Teignmouth sooner rather than later, it's a long old journey at the best of times, if they leave it 'till the really bad weather comes they'll need an overnight stay‼️
  3. Or even if you're fairly cheap, although free preferred!

    A couple more days to wait yet MOUNTAINEER. Must be an awful lot of games to plough through since it's only the first round, but a twenty game accumulator must net you a fortune if the gods are with you. Think I might just hunt down the ap!
  5. Is it any wonder then that some managers might be tempted to encourage players to be unavailable for County matches. Certainly some of the youth squad must find it difficult if their loyalties to club and county are being tested. Surely nowadays leagues and County F.A.'s should be able to work together for the good of the game and indeed, the players.
  6. You really need a "more" in there bigbadbarry for it to scan. As in: Theolderigetthemorebitteridrink!
  7. Best of luck to the youngsters, I see that Falmouth and St. Austell are particularly well represented (5&3 respectively), maybe we should emulate our professional colleagues and have an intercounties break for the senior leagues for the weekend. I know it makes little sense, about as much as the international break does for the Premiership and Championship!
  8. Saw St. Day recently, reckon that they could do a job in the Peninsula West. #be the best you can. Certainly worth a go!
  9. FA Cup 4th QR - Saturday October 14 2017

    I hope they enjoy yet finer hours, but the official band of Mastersons do rather invite a bit of gallows humour!
  10. FA Cup 4th QR - Saturday October 14 2017

    Now now boys, change the record. Nip(per) down to H.M.V. for the new long-playing independent "truth". 🐕 📢💿‼️ (Don't have the skills to download the "His Masters Voice" dog and gramophone logo!)
  11. Rumours

    Are you stalking him offside⁉️
  12. Why the postponement at Holmans? It's surely a bit early for it to be weather related.
  13. You certainly have a way with words Spectator‼️(Help somebody, which is the emoji for "cringe"?) 🐓🐴⛑⁉️
  14. SWPL - Tuesday 10th October 2017

    Read the thread Digger. Only two players, which is bad enough, but the Manager and his assistant is far more worrying for the Club and general discipline. I suspect that their marching orders weren't for two yellows! There seems to be a degree of reluctance to inform us of just why the managerial duo were sent packing, so we'll just have to go on thinking the worst, as ''tis human nature!
  15. SWPL - Tuesday 10th October 2017

    It's on Saturday, of course they'll have a week-end side!
  16. Rumours

    Gosh, all singing along to the same tune, so that's what Karaoke means to you!
  17. Rumours

    Would that be Big Al??? In which case.........!
  18. Rumours

    Who's Karaoke?
  19. Ah, but they are le boss, (except of course the penalties, thus the inverted commas) just halves of different things I.e. normal time and extra time. Of course if you want to be pedantic, with stoppage time and the vagaries of referee time keeping they're not true halves either! However, football and mathematics are strange bedfellows at the best of times as your 110% effort testifies.
  20. Best and worse showers in Cornwall

    Best showers in Cornwall are the ones that start after the final whistle at about five o'clock of a Saturday evening, the worst are the more usual ones that start Saturday morning and then pour down all bloody day!
  21. Just came across this title: "Re-training for referees..." thread on this sub-forum with a post authored by Fish. On trying to open it I was met by the legend "you are not authorised to view this content", it seems not to exist on the sub-forum index. Do we now have secret sub-sub-forums restricted to some unknown elite? or is it just a glitch in the system?
  22. 'Betting on the football'

    I bet it's a conspiracy Keith, that's my theory anyway! I'd put money on it, if the odds were reasonable!
  23. Worryingly not. In some games you have two halves, followed (if no winner) by two more halves, each of which are less than half as long as the original halves, and then penalties, which all in all means you have five uneven "halves"!
  24. Come on, this is the go to site for S.W.P.L. and E.C.P.L. football, why waste your money on a newspaper that you all reckon is crap anyway!