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  1. I see on twitter that Dave D is on a coach on his way to the County Youth Cup tie against Kent tomorrow. The fixture seems to have received scant coverage on here, unless I'm looking in the wrong place! Very best of luck to all the players in what promises to be a tricky match.
  2. NLS - Saturday 28th October 2017

    Thank you, half asleep, corrected!
  3. NLS - Saturday 28th October 2017

    Should see some movement back up the table all being well, especially with Dartford playing St. Albans.
  4. Bodmin Town and Leeds United

    See, just like I said, another bloody interloper impersonating the rich and famous.............Oh, what Ma'am, it is you, oh dear, humble apologies, off wiv me head🗡😢❗️
  5. Falmouth v Saltash

    Hmmm, let me just look at the table, Falmouth fourth, 28 points, Tavistock 3rd also 28 points, Bodmin 14th with eleven points. Admittedly both of the latter have games in hand (3 & 6 respectively), but who's to say that they'll win them!
  6. University Project

    Ben, you seem to have posted this twice, easily done, just delete the other thread. You might try P.M.ing (personal message) Tempo who is our resident journalist/manager/referee who might be able to help. We also recently had an undergraduate posting a survey on football gambling on the "Non-Cornish Football Subforum, you can probably find his contact details on the forums recent history. His survey format was easy to use and he seemed to be pleased with the results. Best of luck with the project.
  7. Bodmin Town and Leeds United

    It could, of course, be that Leeds has just set up a spare account under the name of Bodmin Town Football Club, just to make us all feel sorry for him 😩. I guess though that the Moderators check these things out, otherwise we could have The Queen, famous footballers (or football clubs or presenters) or even well known artists and poets posting all over the forum. No, I guess it could never happen‼️
  8. NLS - Saturday 21st October 2017

    Sorry, which day Independent was that?
  9. Bodmin Town and Leeds United

    I never thought that that the Committee of Bodmin Town would disavow Leeds before Falmouth did it to Big Al. They even had to take the time and effort to set up a new account and new thread to do it. I know that he can be a little irksome at times, but is it really necessary for the team he clearly loves and supports to humiliate him like this? However I'm sure that he'll bounce back, you can't keep a good man down..............or Leedsunited for that matter!
  10. FA Cup

    From Twitopedia: F.A. Cup Fever Symptoms: 1) A tendency to get hot under the collar. 2) An overwhelming desire to dress up as a regional delicacy (e.g. pasty etc.). 3) A sudden appetite for long distance travel. 4) Verbal diarrhoea centring around imagined superpowers of football players. 5) A temporary suspension of reality relating to unlikely possibilities. Treatment: In the short term none known, although a cold shower can sometimes alleviate the symptoms. In the longer term only being knocked out of the competition will bring lasting relief although this may take repeated replays/rounds (hopefully).
  11. Cornwall Senior Cup

    The last thing the world wants to see is my face RAPPO, I'd rather some of the other forum members didn't see it either, I might just get it smashed in!
  12. NLS - Saturday 21st October 2017

    Thank you Gents, that's the sort of knowledgeable reports I was looking for, by people who know the game and the players, far better than the remote, sterile, print media! It just would have been nice forty-eight hours ago. Hey ho, better never than late (or not)!
  13. Trelawny League - Saturday October 21st 2017

    So this, I presume, only has to happen if the game, or necessary travel to it, occurs during normal school hours.
  14. Cornwall Senior Cup

    🏆😀💙3️⃣ Bruegel the Elder reacted to this
  15. Cornwall Senior Cup

    Oh what a (potential) honour, I thank you, I thank you, I thank you! Although I feel that I would have to defer to the other two. It would have to be outdoors though, I don't think there's a building in Cornwall big enough to accommodate that pair of egos! There are besides, those far more worthy than I. Theolderigetthelouderishout far outstrips me, as holder of the "year" and "all time" records, and the evergreen RAPPO a consistent contributor and all round poster (boy) of all things football in the County. Do bring it in dear C.C.F.A., it would certainly liven things up and the (match) reports would be stunning!
  16. '''Tis a sad reflection on Cornish football that only one team (possibly, if they win their first round game) will make it into the second round of the Vase, against four from the Devon "half" of the S.W.P.L. Even if Bodmin do get through, I wonder how many Cornish players there will be in the second round!
  17. NLS - Saturday 21st October 2017

    Thanks for your kind suggestions Rayvon, I admit that, like many on this forum, I am not a dedicated Truro City fan, but do have a passing interest in how Cornwalls most senior team are doing. Since the Cornwall Football Forum dedicates a whole sub-forum to the Vanerama National League South, represented in Cornwall by a single team, one might have thought that a representative of that team might just take the time to update the rest of us interested (if not passionate) heathens. As I sometimes get bored with saying, for me, and many others, this forum is the 'go to'" media for all things Cornish football. It is a shame that a large hole is often left at, what should be, the pinnacle of our local game. It is also pretty lousy P.R. from those who really should know better.
  18. Cornwall Senior Cup

    That's a bit harsh digger, most of us don't hate Bodmin per se, just certain boastful individuals who can't stop harping on about their achievements (which, we note, do not include being promoted)!
  19. Trelawny League - Saturday October 21st 2017

    Always smart to quote the post that you're responding to, otherwise when they delete their post, you end end up looking like a total wally........Again!
  20. Always nice to get praise from a neutral!
  21. Trelawny League - Saturday October 21st 2017

    Public forum Zebedee‼️
  22. Trelawny League - Saturday October 21st 2017

    We clearly need our experts Zebedee and should cherish them, otherwise you and I, along with most of the rest of the forum, would go on spouting utter trash. Not that I have ever let a little thing like the truth stop me from spouting on 'till my hearts content‼️👨‍🎓 📖
  23. NLS - Saturday 21st October 2017

    With all the fuss about the F.A. Cup it seems that nobody can bring themselves to report on the result of this game. Truro lost 2-1 at Wealdstone, leaving them in fourth place (Wealdstone tenth). You'll have to wait for a report, I wasn't there. Don't hold your breath, it could be a long wait! Maybe a case of "you only post when you're winning 🎶"!
  24. Silly b****er, he could have stayed at home and watched Forest win, a much greater wonder of the world this season. Well done Newquay, what an amazing transformation in just a few months. I'm sure that Leeds will be proud of you!