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  1. FA Cup

    Sorry if I offended you, you old pro, but I do sometimes get fed up with the sycophantic hero worship on this (and sometimes another) sub-forum. I happily concede that they are above average, and sometimes quite talented footballers but that doesn’t necessarily make them particularly nice individuals (I refer here to the whinging, swearing and occasionally, downright cheating that goes on in both national and some Cornish leagues). I suspect however, having reviewed some of your previous posts, that we may have to agree to differ on the subject.
  2. FA Cup

    The traveling is tough❓❓ What are these guys snowflakes? You’ ll have me in tears in a minute. They may have talent but they are cosseted football players, albeit at the bottom end of the professional scale. Now, the armed forces, mineworkers, health care staff, that’s what I call hard work and commitment. Certainly I wish them well in their quest for cup and league success, but I sure ain’t mistaking them for heroes.
  3. Callington Town FC

    Depends where his shadow, Offside sees his car parked tonight! (For the uninitiated see the thread “Rumours” started October 7th‼️)
  4. SWPL - Wednesday 1st November 2017

    More like a carrot methinks!
  5. Another club folding!?

    Count yourselves lucky to have got so much of your long distance travels done so early in the season, during the mild weather. Your opponents have to come to you in the bleak midwinter. It may well be madness but what would we do without it?
  6. Bodmin Town and Leeds United

    I was going to try that baldy, problem was that, firstly, I’d keep forgetting who I was mid post, and secondly I’d end up arguing with myself.....again!
  7. SWPL - Wednesday 1st November 2017

    Newspapers don’t do fake news, more likely a K.G.B. man reporting on Rushing Today!
  8. Bodmin Town and Leeds United

    Except Bodmin Town Football Club; the one post wonder who started this thread. Leeds has been busy posting elsewhere on the forum, but I'm at a loss to know what he'd post on here.
  9. I think there is some evidence of bias in both protagonists. Gareth like any regional journalist is playing to his audience as he should if he wants to keep his job. Sticker Forever is clearly a passionate Cornishman (is there any other type?) although perhaps a touch "over the top", I don't think Darren Gilbert is likely to be canonised for his saintly ways any time soon. But each to their own opinions, we wouldn't have this lively forum otherwise.
  10. There is a picture of him next to each of his posts, if you're using a tablet you can expand it to screen size. Failing that, I'm sure he'd be only too happy to wear a rose in his lapel and carry a copy of the Times 🥀 🗞❗️
  11. Junior Cup 3rd Round Draw Date?

    I believe that the p and the u are redundant in your forename Mr. C. Admit it your BIG AL Collings in (a very poor) disguise.
  12. Another club folding!?

    That is one Herculean task there Richard, I'd have thought that it was far too early to be looking at the 2017/18 season yet, who knows how many teams will have folded by May.
  13. El Niño, You are obviously new to the forum, this has already been discussed to death innumerable times. Go back through the sub-forum indexes, you'll find enough bedtime reading to keep you going 'till Christmas (providing that you're an insomniac)!
  14. FA Cup

  15. Never does any harm to keep under the radar Keith, there's always trolls waiting when you hit the headlines.
  16. '''Tis a difficult conundrum Soccerkid. We all know that there are somewhat less level 6 competent players than are needed to fill all the S.W.P.L. Premier Division squads. Therefore if you don't pay players at the going rate you end up with a squad of second or third rate players and end up relegated (albeit with a smart level seven standard ground that you spent all your pennies on) and if you do pay your players and avoid mandatory relegation, you get sent down anyway because you spent all the cash needed for upgrading, on players. For those without massive sponsorship deals or a sugar daddy all roads lead to oblivion.
  17. BIG AL, If you're afeared to go and see the big, bad, scary Chairman of Falmouth Town, I would be more than happy to come along and hold your hand! I look forward to a lovely day out (all expenses paid, of course!).
  18. ❓❓❓Could you review your spelling and grammar so that I can work out what you mean please.
  19. Watch out guys, we're gonna be edjucated if we're nor real careful. We won't need referees 'cause we'll already know it all!!! It's one thing having an expert responding to queries, quite another getting the "rules" (sorry laws) shoved down yer throat.
  20. It's in Narnis Al, just nip into your wardrobe, out through the back, turn left and ask for Aslan, you can't miss him; long sandy hair, big shiny teeth and a pleasant demeanour. Just ask him witch way to go! Alternatively go to the Club and ask the Committee, apparently they know these things!
  21. That's why we only have one referee! Two referees = two opinions, three referees, a bloody nightmare!
  22. A brave nom de guerre, young newby, I look forward to some interesting interactions with some of our esteemed resident whistle blowers. Rules is one thing, interpretation quite another!
  23. Trelawny League - Saturday October 28th 2017

    Come on Tempo, they're crying out for Referees on a Saturday, slither into your black Lycra!
  24. Trelawny League - Saturday October 28th 2017

    I think that Tempo is planning to manage a senior team; Frogpool! It's been done before and no reason why they shouldn't be meeting St. Austell and the like as they travel in their opposite directions up and down the leagues!
  25. You should have noticed by now, this (sub)human thrives on insults, you're just feeding his ego!