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  1. Ban the International break

    It's about time that the international break was stopped for Premier and Championship leagues and their equivalents elsewhere. All clubs that field international players have a big enough squad to put a team on the pitch while their internationals are playing for their countries. It would encourage clubs to develop more home grown players and produce a more level "playing field" for a few weekends through the season. Come on F.I.F.A. make the game a bit more interesting!
  2. Sticker 2 Helston 2

    An interesting and well written match report. I leave it to others to judge it’s accuracy as I wasn’t there, but certainly a good read.
  3. Cornwall Junior Cup 3rd Round draw 25/11/17

    Obviously this is a very, very worrying development. Is being drunk in charge of a set of studs as dangerous as being drunk in charge of a bicycle for example? Should all Referees be issued with breathalysers⁉️
  4. Just one thing Paul, I don’t know about the picture of that miserable looking bloke on the gate, on the home page. You’re supposed to be encouraging folk through the gate, not putting them off 🤡❗️
  5. St Blazey seem to be going places both on and off the pitch, if there was a prize for best website in the league you would have to be right up there for it Paul.
  6. Mabe FC Fold

    Hmm, that’s an awful lot of space to take up with double (very, very long) quotes followed by duplicate comments! Changing your name all the time does tend to cause confusion, just ask M.K. Dons, no longer Wombles it seems! I wonder what happened to footballlegends 1-6?
  7. Mabe FC Fold

    I will suppress the temptation to suggest that this is not uncommon in bipedal mammals. In fact almost a requirement for the able bodied. Do you mean that you are left handed, only in the lower limb, thus improving your perceived skills on the left hand side of the pitch? If so, you put yourself down, left footedness may be a small advantage, but it needs fitness and a footballing brain to make it of any use. I suspect that the level of football you played was due entirely to your overall skills, rather some quirk of “handedness”.
  8. Mabe FC Fold

    I’m amazed that in 2017 a request for email address isn’t on the registration form, is there a reason for this or have they not been updated this century?

    Have they booked a second one to watch over Darren Gilbert! And a third to look out for Leeds?
  10. Tigertalk forum

  11. Mabe FC Fold

    I don’t know where you find the time Dave. The graph is fascinating, as well as the year on year decline, it is the continued growth in signings throughout the season with a distinct rise in the closing months that fascinates. This seems to be replicated every season, with an increase of 180+ from February onwards. Are these fair weather players who don’t like cold knees?
  12. Mabe FC Fold

    Some interesting points there Portreathlegend. B_D An interesting compilation, however there is no time frame, nor indication of new teams joining or being relegated from “senior” leagues . Looking at the bare information it would appear that the Trelawny league started out with 136 teams

    Quadruple the pasty order, a huge crowd I would expect at Bolitho Park (although not quite 900+ Cornish fans). That should intimidate Bodmin, they’re not used to playing in front of crowds in double figures!
  14. Tigertalk forum

    Wow❗️A man of many talents Older. That sounds marginally better than kicking it (‘though always worth keeping in mind as a backup option).
  15. Tigertalk forum

    That’s outrageous! Taking the p*** out of your elders and betters. Besides which, that’s my job (younger and betters too)! Everyone knows that re-boot is the act of kicking the computer “studs up”, twice!
  16. Duchy League - Saturday 4th November 2017

    And one of them was sixteen? Now that would make a good story! “Will you still need me................When I’m Sixty-four”‼️
  17. Duchy League - Saturday 4th November 2017

    I thought he was referring to the keeper, we’ve not got many octogenarians playing in the Duchy League!
  18. FA Cup

    Tough for the players, particularly when they showed that they weren’t far away, certainly didn’t look three leagues apart. However I am delighted for Truro Postie. I’d have a wager with him any time!
  19. Leeds, I believe that Bodmin Town Football Club have made clear that they would rather that you didn’t use the nominative plural ”we” when referring to their team! Now where have I suggested that they are “bad”? Just indisciplined, and it wasn’t as if I was referring specifically to Bodmin Town, I think that, if you read it, you’ll find that my post relates to the Premier league as a whole (although, admittedly, not exclusively)!
  20. Have you lost your marbles (again)? Fitness, yes, organisation, agree, I would also add talent and financial muscle (from whatever source) but discipline? Never, most of the players and many managers (particularly one at your home team) lack even the most basic self discipline let alone collective discipline within the team. Does anybody maintain an average card count between the teams/leagues? Certainly if “foul and abusive language” and “dissent” were dealt with appropriately by our over-generous referees, some teams in the premier league would struggle to keep enough players on the field or a full technical area!
  21. Questions on LOAF

    I’m so sorry Laws of the Game, I mistook you for a human being, when clearly you are an algorithm, programmed by the F.A. to spew out their propaganda in response to key words in any given users text. Jolly clever that. You’re just a tool, an educational aid!
  22. Questions on LOAF

    Well Mr. Laws, there seems to be a remarkable similarity between your two posts above, you must have been so proud of your first post that you felt moved to repeat the first half word for word, even highlighting the section you were particularly enamoured with. Alternatively you consider your fellow forum users to be moronic, needing your words to be repeated and emphasised (the keyboard equivalent of shouting)! I do hope you feel better now, having got that out of your system! A simple response to Fanfare, along the lines of “as soon as they are recovered providing play has restarted” would have been quite sufficient.
  23. Another club folding!?

    Sad but true!
  24. At 2 o’clock (officially)!

    Is this a new form of poetry, a bit like Haiku, only different? I can’t see it catching on. I reckon that people will stick to proper sentences!
  25. There's a rumble at the Trungle!

    As I said previously, this double posting hiccup can happen to the very best of us😄❗️ #️⃣Been there, done that❕