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  1. Suspect they meant a Duchy and ECPL merger and a Trelawny and Combo merger as opposed to a merger of all four. You are right though; the more travel is involved the less the commitment that will be received from smaller clubs and their players. Longer Saturdays will mean fewer teams
  2. Once the apologies have been made publicly (as the criticisms were) I would agree. A few at Torpoint are in the frame
  3. Thanks for the very many years of dedication Mike. You will certainly be missed. Even when I vehemently disagreed with decisions taken I had respect for the people prepared to make the decisions. Others have appeared to have taken a different path recently. I am glad you will remain part of the Duchy.
  4. The final has been played. Congratulations to Foxhole. Now just the small matter of the apologies owed for some of the silly comments made on here that were aimed at hard working officials of the Duchy League. You know if you owe an apology and I trust you will be decent enough to make it
  5. So StarMan is nothing to do with St Stephens then? Nor Fat Ronaldo or the other muppets? Allow me to be candid. I have little time for the Duchy Leage and they have made a mistake here. Despite that I recognise the tremendous amount of work the Committee members have put in for very many years. As such I have not allowed my personal antipathy become insults or unfounded criticism. I hope that the Duchy will learn and move on. I trust the rest of you will do the same. If the Duchy should fold I trust some of the half-witted on here will reflect on their part in this outcome
  6. So it is late but afraid some of the Torpoint massive are in danger of being as cretinous as the St Stephen idiots
  7. Can we stop suggesting Torpoint cheated. They asked for guidance and were given incorrect information. This is called making a mistake. Your cheap point scoring is childish and does you no credit. I will assume that StarMan is a soubriquet you gave yourself 😂
  8. Comes under the heading cutting your nose off to spite your face 😂 Torpoint have spent years saying their use of squads is within the rules so cannot really be affronted when rules are broken. That said I feel for them too Get the game replayed and stop pissing about
  9. This is an awful situation. Both the Club and the League have made mistakes . It is untrue to say there was no apology from the League. Paul Collings apologised at an early stage. My twopenneth is that the League have obviously screwed up but Torpoint cannot simply absolve themselves of responsibility for checking the eligibility of their own players. Should the Duchy have to do this for all clubs each week? Clearly not. They won by playing an ineligible player who, it seems, had a big hand in their victory. St Mawgan should not be punished for the League’s error. The way forward is a replay. No good reason not to do this if fair play more important than league coffers or face saving! My helmet is on...
  10. Columbia

    Congratulations St Newlyn East

    A very good team and sporting with it. Good luck next season