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  1. bighairydave

    SWPL - Saturday 12 May 2018

    Congratulations to Falmouth Town! @BIG ALseen eating a huge slice of humble pie!
  2. Rule 12B (iii) says if a reserve and first team are in the same league the reserves will be automatically relegated unless they withdraw from the league.
  3. bighairydave

    SWPL - Friday 4 May 2018

    Exactly! It’s a farce really. The problem is there aren’t enough observers around to abolish club marks. Perhaps a system where ex-players, media and match officials go to games like in the Premier League who mark referees and clubs and are independent of the club is a better route to go down.
  4. The inspecting referee took no fee at all and as the match official didn’t travel they got no fee either!
  5. I’m not stopping people questioning just trying to say it’s not all down to the club.
  6. No the club had standing water on the pitch and called in the referee to be safe.
  7. But it wasn’t called off by the club!? So how can you blame them?
  8. bighairydave


    What does it have to do with CCFA?
  9. bighairydave

    Tuesday,17th April

    Even though the referee said it was unplayable? Clutching at straws!
  10. bighairydave

    Trelawny League - Saturday 14 April 2018

    Surely if you were getting changed there is nothing to tell any way!?
  11. Damage couldn’t have been that bad as the game was played next day. I’m not saying that it was the fault of Falmouth just stating a game was off due to floodlights.
  12. Falmouth v Helston last month after the storm?
  13. bighairydave

    Colin Penhowood

    I imagine he took it all in his stride. Only worked with him a handful of times but enjoyed every moment! And a great character at meetings and dinners.
  14. bighairydave

    Colin Penhowood

    How did he manage with the board yesterday 😂😂😂
  15. bighairydave

    Junior cup

    Probably ground availability. As stated before there aren’t many grounds who put their name forward for the semi-finals/finals so it’s a case of most central in some cases.