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  1. bighairydave


    Not really by Helston though as they have communication to say it was first team.
  2. bighairydave

    Sin Bin Feedback

    All of the trial leagues or all leagues?
  3. bighairydave

    Sin Bin Feedback

    Are any of the leagues continuing with it 18/19 season?
  4. bighairydave

    Pre-season friendlies

    Perhaps @Dave Deacon could pin a post at the top of section with link to SWPL thread?
  5. bighairydave


    Coach Road, where the Devon County Offices are?
  6. bighairydave

    Promotions / Relegations

    If they didn’t promote people would moan that some divisions don’t have enough teams in. The league can’t win!
  7. What are you doing next season?
  8. The reason this ends up happening, and each year has a higher likelihood is because the draw is localised for the beginning of the cup draw.
  9. bighairydave

    Referees Course news

    There is also a course being run at Hayle FC starting on Sunday 1st July. http://po.st/WXE4cx
  10. bighairydave

    Penwith Exiles Looking for players

    At the last meeting they had I think they agreed to stay as they were.
  11. bighairydave

    Penwith Exiles Looking for players

    Why not? Imagine there will be quite a few with the restructuring.
  12. If weather permits why not play the other game later in the day or play it at Holmans?
  13. bighairydave

    Duchy Knock Out Cup Semi Final tonight (Wed)

    Having read the league statement and others comments can someone confirm Bartolini played a part on the field as a sub? And confirm he has not played for any other team than Torpoint 3rds this season?
  14. Is this a question from a while ago? They have their own section now.
  15. Hey Luke, not full anymore mate!

    You alright