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  1. SWPL - Wednesday Nov 8th 2017

    Interesting....if he jumped over the keeper there would not have been contact and the keeper would not have to be helped off the pitch. He may of tried to jump over the keeper and failed which would still constitute dangerous play, does not have to be intentional to be dangerous as the Mane situation proved (never said he was a dirty player).
  2. SWPL - Wednesday Nov 8th 2017

    Thinking if Bodmin concentrated on playing football rather than moaning at every decision they would be a good team. (saw Mane get sent off against City for dangerous play, yet Carter kicks Newquay young keeper in the head when the keeper was clearly going to and did, win the ball ?..nothing given...odd)
  3. Newquay vs FALMOUTH

    What an awful offensive performance by Newquay hardly one completed pass by the front four and with three pacy players leading the attack, not one pass made beyond Falmouths back four. Newquay's right back had to go with a high (not aggressive) very very mistimed tackle and the no9 for an obvious second yellow. Miserable match to watch with so many players constantly moaning at the ref (Falmouths no7in particular) and swearing (as normal !!). Near the end Falmouths left back was fouled and lay on the ground until the ref came over to check him, he then slowly got to his feet, then trotted away laughing, out of the refs view....but not the linesman!!?? Falmouth the better team with Ollie Walker always an available, skillful, pacey outlet.