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  1. Yet again a feed has turned in to a chance to slate refs etc. This post is supposed to be about cancelled/postponed games and the results of the games that go ahead. I offered previously to do the course but being the only goalkeeper we have I wasn't a viable option really. So until we have enough able volunteers we will ji have to put up with the shortage
  2. Yet again a thread for the JUNIOR CUP has turned in to an opportunity to slate the ref. Personally Jamie Mooney has always been spot in when he's reffed us used common sense and fair to both teams. Penwith Exciles in with a shout from Trelawney
  3. Re-training for referees......

    Not doubting it mate just saying that no other ref seems to use it. Also heard 10 seconds for an advantage which is a very very long time really
  4. Re-training for referees......

    Referee question then. Playing goal Saturday up at holmans ball comes through splashes mud up in to my eyes so obviously start to wipe it away and all I can hear is the ref counting 1,2,3 so I had to quickly kick the ball away. Is there such a rule for keepers to have so many seconds with ball in hand? Never had it before and every other ref just gets on with the game