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  1. kevin richards

    Management return

    Not after the hot seat Leeds. I’ve come here to work with Alan. 👌
  2. kevin richards

    Management return

    🤣😂🤣. Sometimes, your better not saying anything. !!!
  3. kevin richards

    Management return

    Porthleven means as much to me as Helston does to you Bash. Too good a opportunity to turn down. ! 😉
  4. Thank you Leeds. For those who don’t know, I have joined Alan Carey at Porthleven for the coming season. From what I’m hearing, your club will be the team to beat once again this season. Enjoy the summer merry go round & i hope our banter will continue. 👍
  5. Don’t think there is any spelling mistakes in there Leeds. Hope I haven’t stolen your thunder. Haha. The boy has gone back home m8. !!
  6. You having a Laff Dave. 😉
  7. Good old Scoffy. Hasn’t got over that little step over at Porthleven yesterday. 🍺
  8. Good luck to the players & supporters of Mousehole Fc.
  9. kevin richards

    SWPL - Wednesday 9 May 2018

    Thank you for asking Leedsunited. Enjoying the break & getting to watch a few games. Looking forward to supporting Westy & the Falmouth boys in their final tomorrow. Will see what happens, if anything, in the summer.
  10. kevin richards

    SWPL - Wednesday 9 May 2018

    Known for quite a while Dan. Just enjoyed reading your posts. However, couldn’t resist when you referred to yourself as, The lad Tarrant, priceless. Lol.
  11. kevin richards

    SWPL - Wednesday 9 May 2018

    The lad Tarrant. !!! 🤔 Central Defender !!! 🤔 Forum name no 5. !!! 🤔. 😂🤣😂🤣
  12. You believe what you want Del Boy, just be careful what you repeat. Would hate for you to make a fool of yourself. !!!
  13. Pretty Sure, Guessing or Certain Del Boy. ??? If your just, Pretty sure, then you don’t have a clue. !!!
  14. Good luck to the players & supporters of Mousehole Fc. Certain power people within the club didn’t want you there , but you are there because you deserve to be. I know what this game means to you all. Go & give it everything you got. Enjoy the day, but you will only do that if you win. 🏆
  15. kevin richards

    Illogan Reserves doomed!

    Is it Dave ? Is that a fact or will we get to the end of next season & it will be yet another complete cluster f... because we will not have enough teams to fill the respective leagues. ??? Let’s wait & see !!! 🤔