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  1. Absolutely brilliant coverage. Thank for your kind words from me & all at Mousehole Football club.
  2. Mousehole v Dobwalls is ON.
  3. Kev no longer at G!

    UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!!
  4. Kev no longer at G!

    You have obviously never managed a football team ... Godolphin FC as a whole were not happy with the position they finished last season, so they wanted someone to bring in some fresh blood & make more competition for places. & I wont even go down the road of players ' just wanting a regular game '. This is peninsular premier league !!!!! That's what you have to do as a club, try & move forward. As for the Plymouth lads, when you watch St Blazey, Ask Toby Chapman & James Baker what they got, but please, stop making up stories, your making yourself look a dickhead.
  5. Kev no longer at G!

    You seem to know Tania quite well 110% Cornish, why don't you ask her why I have left instead of making up some shit in your head & then putting it on here, & whilst your at it, ask her if the ' mercenaries ' from Plymouth were on any more than everyone else at Godolphin.. Jackanory told more truth than you. !!!!
  6. hi kevin, i lost my contact & your number, can you txt me plz 07790188971



  7. Hi Kev

    Didn't realise until reading Indy yesterday that you had left Mullion again. What was it? Players attitude? If I had known I would have asked you Friday evening!

    Did you go to the Final today? If so, what did you think of it? Shame G had players out, but I think it's going to be tough to stop Bodmin winning everything!



  8. Paul Robertson, absolute class on & off the pitch. Great signing for the Saints.
  9. has not set their status