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  1. I’m all good thanks m8. I know what you mean buddy, that’s why we are doing all we can to make this as sustainable as possible. Were not looking for a short term fix. Be great to see you at Mousehole m8. 👍
  2. Let me know when your Coming Dave & we will make you as welcome as you made me in my short spell at Penryn.
  3. Thank you for that Mike. Maybe we will catch up sometime, I am manager at Mousehole. My comments were not aimed at you personally. 👍
  4. Pseudonyms upset me ‘ Guess who ‘. Far too many jelly fish on this site. Only say things because nobody knows who they are. If you or anyone else has a comment or something to say, be man enough to put your real name.
  5. Congratulations to Gerald!

    Many many happy returns Gerald. The nicest man you could ever wish to meet. Proud to say I have known him all my life. 🎂🍺🥂.
  6. The Independent along with Radio Rugby, are not intrested in grass roots local football. Some of the things I read & hear from our , Supposedly, up to date local reports is nothing short of embarrassing. I’ve been where you are Mark, going out to local games & doing match reports, trying to help get some coverage for our local leagues, but at the end of the day, all our radio stations, Sunday independent & West Briton are intrested in, is the Cornish Pirates & Truro City. Thank goodness for the Cornish Soccer Forum.
  8. Godolphin vs Ivybridge

    Yeh, pretty much Dave. 😳
  9. If Sijames is interested in the post, those are questions he can ask, however, he’s better off asking those questions in his interview rather than expect someone from Porthleven to plaster their business across the forum. Just my opinion !!!

    Bitter Bitter ??? I have nothing to be bitter about Si. 😉

    Watched this game last night & have to say, the Argyle kids, & they were kids, were absolutely fantastic in everything they did, from temperament to attitude to quality to class. Not on more than the odd occasion did they lump the ball from back to front. The lads at the back took the ball on their chests rather than just head it. The midfielders controlled the ball & the game, contantantly either passing through or running through a very static helston midfield. The strikers were more than happy to have the ball played into feet despite the imtimidation afforded to them by some experienced defenders & not once did I see any of them complain, moan or react to anything that was happening around them. That is the way the game is meant to be played. Pass from back to front, not just have a goalkeeper who can lump it up there & everyone chase after it. Well done to those kids & all at Plymouth Argyle. Best £5 I have spent in a long time. 👌
  12. Paying Players

    Are you kidding ? Speak to anyone involved at Porthleven or St Blazey about the tax man. Both clubs probably still paying him after being investigated some years ago. They have looked at player payments in Cornish football, & they will look again. Any clubs paying players, make sure your doing it through the books, if not, you may find yourselves being fined a considerable amount of money, much more than it’s costing you to put your teams on the pitch. Can any of you afford that.!!!
  13. We deny it at Mousehole, because we don’t pay players !!!
  14. Sponge is a great name for you because you obviously soak every piece of bullshit you hear !!!