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  1. kevin richards

    SWPL - Monday 16 April 2018

    They have been putting in performances like that for months Paul. I will miss them more than they will miss me. !!
  2. kevin richards

    Clubs looking for managers next season.

    Top man Kimmo. Keep going Pal. 👌
  3. kevin richards

    Kevin Richards

    Fortunately Dave, all my friends put their real names. 🤡🤡🤡. Don’t. !
  4. kevin richards

    Kevin Richards

    None Cornishlegend ??? Well & truly retired. Would like to thank all the friends I have made in Cornish football both as a player & manager. I would like to think I’ve made more friends than enemies. Kev Richards. 😘
  5. kevin richards

    Kevin Richards

    Maybe your right, whoever you are. ?
  6. kevin richards

    Kevin Richards

    You f...... idiot. !!!
  7. With reference to the stament issued by Mousehole Fc. The club have decided to relieve me of my position. The owner of the club has massive ambition for the club & promotion was a must for him. It looks unlikely, after yesterday’s result, that I would be unable to achieve that goal this season. it seems that picking up 40 points out of 51, after the previous manager had achieved 5 out of the first 24, getting the team into the top 4 from 2nd bottom, reaching the league cup & charity cup semi finals as well as the senior cup final, wasn’t good enough for him. !!! I wish the players at Mousehole every success, but I will say to the next lamb to the slaughter at Mousehole. Beware. !!!!
  8. kevin richards

    County Youth's first game in the Duchy this season!

    Good luck to Josh Otto & Yeshie Brier, & of course to Glyn & all the other lads from everyone at Mousehole AFC. 👍
  9. kevin richards

    LWC Drinks League Cup Final - RESULT

    I’m good thank you Rodney. Hope you are well. 👌
  10. Draceana was like that most of the time Dave. Hated going there at the beginning of the season when it was rock hard. 😁
  11. kevin richards

    LWC Drinks League Cup Final - RESULT

    Don’t let Rodney Beer hear you lot praising Porthleven. 🤣😂🤣😂
  12. Health & Safety, keep your noses out & let’s get games played. Love that. 😀
  13. kevin richards

    Ground gradings

    Of course they won’t. We were up at Newquay for a cup semi final, in the home dressing room, & the players are trying to shower under a tap in the corner because the showers were not working ! Once your in, your in, no mater what your facilities are like. !
  14. kevin richards

    Blaise Park - St Blazey

    I don’t think it will be moved. They will just arrange another date. Should be interesting trying to find a space. Lol