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    green & white reacted to leedsunited in All roads lead....   
    Many congratulations to Mousehole Fc
    Hope to see you in the Premier Division next season with all the good things you are doing & visualising for the future, I for one hope you are successful in achieving your objectives.
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    green & white reacted to TheolderIgetthebetterIwas in All roads lead....   
    If you can find the road that is ??????
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    green & white reacted to Sijames in Can someone from Mousehole FC answer this?   
    GET A GRIP CTB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The jealousy you have for Mousehole is glaringly obvious for all to see, you are looking like a schoolboy who was picked last and then decides not to pay at all, and probably take the ball home also as that was yours! 
    i havent seen many (or any) questions regarding Penzance AFC and their finances recently, so i'll ask the question and expect you to answer it just like you have expected someone to answer yours:- how much does it cost to field a team on saturdays, not necessarily financed by the club, but a sponsor or 'backer', just a rough figure please? do you feel the way players were transferred form, Mousehole to Penzance recently was done above board?