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    Mousehole Thirds Fold

    Crazy. Haven't even started season yet. Money talks I guess. We at Frogpool reserves decided to start our season earlier then normal because of the weather ( normally wait till after our annual memorial match). Now lost Mousehole game and storm game might be in doubt! Hope they manage to get some players together. As for marazionhole this kind of thing leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. People start resenting these kind of clubs/teams where they take over a whole team (carharrack at combo spring to mind) and leave everyone else in the shit. It's recreational football. What happened to just having a game and having a beer win lose or draw. Now it's about paying players/teams/managers to go through the league's. I'm glad I'm coming to end of my career as having played for 20 years I'm starting to hate the way the game is now....