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  1. Del Boy


    Has the date and venue been decided for the final yet?
  2. Why would people within their own club not want you to make the Senior Cup final? Makes no sense. I have it on good authority the club does not have an owner.........Committee make the decisions on how the club is run.
  3. Tongue and cheek comment 😝 I see that Ludgvan won 3-0. Taking it to the last games for title decider.
  4. Pretty sure Mousehole don’t have an owner. They are run by a committee like most clubs in Cornwall. Good to see a SWPL Div 1 West team in the final. Good luck to them. Haters going to hate.
  5. It’s raining so surely Porthleven v Ludgvan must be called off. Wait must have players available tonight 😂😂😂
  6. Players ‘health and safety’ don’t make me laugh No5. Only health and safety would of been to make sure all the players had sun cream on as it was a lovely Cornish evening/day. Porthleven had a number of players away and struggling to get a full side. Wake up and smell the coffee.
  7. Porthleven struggling to get a team is my guess. Used the rain from the previous day as a cover to get the game called off. The evidence is clear that the pitch was fine to play. Ludgvan is less than 20 minutes away from Porthleven so there was no need to call the game off that early. As I have said in a previous post the ref and club should be ashamed of themselves and be honest to the reason why the game was postponed. Hiding behind an unplayable pitch at midday is not exceptable. As the evidence from videos and photos clearly show the pitch looking in a very playable state. Nothing will be done which is a shower of in my personal opinion.
  8. FAKE NEWS Having seen the video and images on twitter. The league surely has to take action against Porthleven. It is an absolute farce that this evenings game has been postponed due to a waterlogged pitch. Whoever made the decision ref or club should have a long hard look at themselves as this is scandalous and a disgrace. Don't normally have an opinion on these issues but when there is hard evidence against the club I genuinely hope the league take action and make an example of parties involved. Sad day for Porthleven.
  9. Mousehole 2 - 0 Ludgvan Mousehole avenging their defeat to the Hurlers at the weekend. A comfortable win for Mousehole. Two nil at ht. First goal powerful shot from right midfielder lopping over the keeper. Second coming from a corner, header at the near post from the Mousehole captain. Ludgvan gave a good account of themselves a much changed team from the team that got 3 points at the weekend. This their 3rd game in 5 days (Mousehole had the same obligation I know, before I get shot down). Ludgvan a team trying to win the league have to play Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday (away to Elburton Villa) and Saturday. Not sure what everyone else’s take is on this but for a squad of 16 players max this is a tall ask. I’m sure they are not the only team to have this many fixtures but it just seems madness. Surely a two week extension to the league would help and not cause this massive fixture pill up. I sometimes wonder what goes through the heads of the powers that be at the FA.
  10. Del Boy

    Kevin Richards

    People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Short memories the magpies must have. Mousehole run the club they want to run it. I have no idea why Kevin has been removed. I would of liked for him to stay until the end of season and then make the changes, but it is Mousehole's prerogative to run the club how they chose. Looks like another season in Div 1 West for them, which i don't think was the plan Good luck to Kevin for his future plans weather that be retirement or a new club. One of the nicest people i have meet in Cornish football.
  11. Ludgvan 1 - 0 Mousehole Great local derby and really good game, hard fought victory for Ludgvan. Not the best footballing match but plenty of grit and determination and the spoils went to the deserved winners. The goal coming midaway through the first half. A superb free kick delivered into the visitors box and a flick on header with the keeper in no mans land. Mousehole dominated possession in the second half and couldn’t break down a resolute Ludgvan defence. Ludgvan had a few break away chances which they couldn’t convert. Both teams have important games on Monday before they do it all again on Wednesday. I for one hope the game is as good as today’s match. Ludgvan got their groove back for the run in. Dont know who the ref was today, could only of been 20 if that. Had a great game and controlled it with ease. One of the best I have seen in Cornwall for a while.
  12. Ludgvan 3 - 0 Porthleven A good game to watch for the neutral. End to end first half with chances for both sides. Ludgvan went in 1-0 at HT thanks to very early goal. Second half Porthleven pushed for an equaliser but poor final ball and poor finishing didn't help their cause. Ludgvan looked very good on the counter attack and a well worked moved resulted in them going 2-0 and not long after a very neat turn from the striker allowed them to take a 3-0 nil lead. A couple of tasty tackles from both sides which could of seen rather than the that were produced but overall I think the ref had a very good game and controlled this local derby very well. With the games coming thick and fast for most of the Div 1 west sides now. Going to be a very tight finish i think which will make for great watching. Good luck to all the teams in the hunt for the title.
  13. Watched Penzance (1) v Mousehole (4) today. For me the better team won on the day. Mousehole never really hit top gear but didn’t need to against a very average Penzance side. Penzance had a spell just after half time to their credit made the game a little more entertaining rather than watching Mousehole keep ball training session in the first half, during this spell they were awarded a penalty that was given by the ref (who failed to keep up with play for most of the game) from the half way line when the Mousehole player clearly took the ball first and Penzance player fell over the tacklers leg (one for VAR). Good luck to Mousehole in the final on Monday!
  14. Might have to make a few adjustments. I must admit didn’t see some of those results happening. Like you said some big games coming up, everyone will take points off each other. Liskeard will be the happiest after the weekend I think.
  15. With the games coming thick and fast from now until 7th May. The Div one west title could go down to the wire. Ludgvan looked certain winners towards the end of 2017 but the miserable weather stopped them firm in their tracks with a number of cancellations. Having slipped up in their last two fixtures its giving the chasing pack a sniff of getting back in the title race. I believe (this is my opinion) that it is going to be a five horse race from now until the end of the season. With a lot of the top teams still to play each other, on some occasions home and away I think there is going to be lots of twists and turns in the tile race. Interested in other peoples thoughts. Looking at the fixture list and tables my five horse race consists of Ludgvan, Millbrook, Liskeard, Mousehole and Porthleven. For a bit of fun I have predicted what points each team will get from their remaining fixtures and come up with the final table that looks like this: (I STRESS THIS IS FOR FUN AND MY OPINION) Table: 1. Ludgvan 70pts 2. Millbrook 69pts 3. Liskeard 68pts 4. Mousehole 67pts 5. Porthleven 63pts Anybody else have a different final table?