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  1. Someone needs to get a life.
  2. Im sure the forum police will be on here soon to issue you a warning of what you and your club will be hit with if you do this. How dare you have a bit of banter on here before a game absolute joke.

    Parkway 7-0 Bodmin
  4. Hayle are known for being like that it’s not the first time they play they’re the victims
  5. That’s poor from st ives mariners. No need for it everyone just wants to play football what a wasted trip for that player. Joke.
  6. There is a lot of people that do loads for Cornish football they just don’t come on here and feel the need to tell everyone or tell people they’re wrong about games when they weren’t even there 🤔🤔
  7. I’m sure Cornwall’s footballing god will be on here to quote rule 456 iii at some point soon ...
  8. The Sin-Bin so far?

    I’ve only seen it used once where a referee was letting tackles flying 2 footed and everything in with his response being as long as there is no contact it’s not a foul which he then lost control of the game and then decided sin binning someone would be the best way to re-control it
  9. Manager Required

    You've obviously not seen them play
  10. Still waiting for a penwith write up! Normally one of the first on here to brag about battering a team 15-0 🙄🙄(battering being the key word) 👀
  11. Re-training for referees......

    The ref in our game was letting both teams go into tackles however they wanted 'as long as he doesn't touch the player' is the phrase he used and as you can then imagine there were tacked flying in and he lost control of the game within the first 5 minutes