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  1. Hang on a minur, its common knowledge that Mousehole Fc are looking to climb the football pyramid & although having a great season last year, they ultimately fell short, these lads who have moved over to Penzance are obviously surplus to requirements as if what we hear is correct Mousehole would have the financial clout to keep them. They have obviously moved on so they get a game of football next season, lets not judge them. Mousehole have obviously released them.
  2. Patience, we are not even in July yet. You have had one piece of confirmed 'Big News' with the return of Danny O, lets see what happens next ....
  3. What's happened to the old topic 'Paul Pearce'??
  4. Pumped a lot of money in down at Porthleven last season by all accounts
  5. Penzance twitter page has an interesting read regarding a statement from another club, RE development elite training programme's, I wonder who it could be aimed at! πŸ˜‚
  6. Big as in 'large build?'
  7. I think your trying to rock Steve Massey's boat!! He gave plenty of youngsters a chance at Helston last season, & these youngsters are going to learn so much On & Off the pitch under an ex pro like Steve Massey. My advice stick at it to all youngsters, learn the trade. Always easy to Step Down, but a lot harder to Step back up ...
  8. That has been a familiar story for many many years down here 'CornishRhino' Not speaking out at Rocky, as he is one I genuinely believe might of played higher. However their is this mentality down here where if someone is half decent, they would of or should of made it as a Pro. Everybody has their own excuses, to fat, to lightweight, not tall enough, would of rather gone drinking with my friends & all the other lines .... Reality is if you were good enough, likely is you would of been picked up. Maybe slightly harder now with more foreign imports, but certainly years ago when money was a lot tighter at clubs, & football possibly easier ( diet, nutrition, fitness). I have a close friend, who was a Pro, & made a very good career out of football, he then played locally & has laughed privately at all the players that should & could of gone Pro 'line' ... been said to many times, over to many years in Cornwall.
  9. No problem. Was just trying to work out who you were & what sides in the SWPL you have played for πŸ‘
  10. leedsunited

    Management return

    Yeah yeah Kev ... that old chestnut!! β˜ΊπŸ‘πŸ‘Œ All the best ☺
  11. So who are you then 'herbie777?' You must be known on the 'circuit'
  12. leedsunited

    Management return

    You will be back in that familiar 'Hot Seat' soon Kevin! πŸ‘
  13. Penzance have had their 'Gold Dust' in their time I remember some great players traveling down to Penzance from Plymouth over the years. Always a long old drive but a cracking set up for football. Just a great shame they don't have that quality on the pitch as Penzance is most certainly a top division club based on facilities.
  14. Frazer Who?? Make that 30 points behind !! Agreed. Sounds like Penzance have their own issues on the field having finished so far behind Mousehole last season, & being the Senior Club in West Cornwall seems to me like they can't get near them on the pitch so they use this opportunity to try & humiliate Mousehole. Notice long standing Pz & Cornwall legend John Mead didn't feel the need to come on here & 'break the news' nor did the Penzance Secretary who also is a regular poster. Seems like a failed cheap shot by someone in house I think ...
  15. Mousehole will finish at least 20 points ahead of Wayne Quinn's Penzance
  16. leedsunited

    Penryn Athletic

    Eveley Cup πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  17. leedsunited

    Penryn Athletic

    No no ... we would go to the East Cornwall league, stronger, better sides πŸ˜‰
  18. leedsunited

    Penryn Athletic

    You probably wouldn't of ... don't do Combo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
  19. Far from it Kevin, don't worry! You will be back as manager by Christmas, one of the safest bets in local football next season ! Good luck, lets hope you have a better 'rub of the green' this season friend πŸ‘
  20. leedsunited

    Penryn Athletic

    Never heard of him but good luck!
  21. Have spelt 'laugh' wrong Kevin ..? Could of asked you but we hear up this way you have got yourself fixed up with yet Another club! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
  22. Be patient Paul ... 2 months yet. When it's signed & sealed I will be here to to tell you.
  23. 100% Cornish, my friend said, his Aunt's, husbands, stepson son's, new wife told him Newquay were cutting their budget ... ?
  24. Correct Mike, Cardiff first team only playing at Tavistock & Bodmin Town. Other fixtures contested with a mixture of the U23's & youth team players.