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  1. Just one of those days where everything clicked for Bodmin, it was over as a contest from 3-0, which surprised me as Stoke Gabriel always been a good battling side, tougher games ahead for Bodmin coming up, long way to go.
  2. Would imagine so .... especially after Stockies equaliser & being 3 nil up, I would say you would of definitely heard him! He was having some driving issues a few months back, maybe a transport issue or vacation?
  3. That's called being 'streetwise' appealing for everything & decisions, surprised Alan's team are not clued up on that, usually find the Devon sides are streetwise, but credit to you SCFC if you can pinch a point or two over a season for just appealing for a decision then credit to you, players have to be switched on, if not as you have stated in your match report, you suffer hard consequences. Not heard that Alan has gone SCFC maybe illness or work kept him away, or your eyes not up to scratch!!?
  4. I'm sure it goes on 'SCFC', remember an old referee from the 80's called Bruce Taylor, bloody brilliant, never took any hank off anybody, always consistent as well. There is a well known referee on the current circuit who is a nice guy BUT can sometimes favour the sides down West where he is from, occasionally have found this in previous experiences when have been down that way playing against his local sides. Although your point from Saturday's Plymstock/Porthleven fixture, embarrassing for players & officials to be blaming a Referee if they were 3 goals up & only ended up drawing the match, bit embarrassing, would think they would want to disappear quick, so referee's sometimes are easy targets. I couldn't do it.
  5. Well said Dave...like I have said previously, at least our players don't go off assaulting referee's or supporters in the stand like other clubs in Cornwall have had in recent times .... Read somewhere Newquay manager was sent to the stand yesterday at St.Austell, so it goes on at all grounds across the county & regardless of how many been there to celebrate it, the cabinet at Priory Park has always been full of the silver stuff
  6. Watched this game, bitterly cold, pitch looking great, like the good old days when Sir Trevor Mewton was at the helm ( quality on the pitch not quite up to Trevor's standards! ) but was a good game of football. Liskeard very wasteful of some great chances, & the game won by a wonder strike from St.Blazey. Entertaining game. League very open, Elburton starting to creep in to the picture now ( I predicted Liskeard/Elburton) at start of the season. Blazey will upset a few sides as well, & Ludgvan still flying also going very well. Then you have your Wadebridges, Porthlevens ( who let a 3-0 lead go yesterday in half hour it said in the paper) who will also take points off teams but concede to many goals & lack that bit of strength to push the top sides. Shapes well for a good season though, & well done St.Blazey.
  7. But for the few that do come they have had many many years of success Again, no disrespect intended, but Stoke Gabriel isn't going to attract many floaters/neutrals. Went to watch St.Blazey on Friday, they had their best crowd of the season (136), as they were playing Liskeard (who are going very well) & also brought quite a few with them supporting, how many supporters do you think Stoke Gabriel brought to Bodmin..?
  8. 16 year old!! Very fortunate time to play anyone in this league with a 16 year old in goal. Credit to the young boy though
  9. Indeed Good to see he got over his Concussion from Wednesday night

    The original Referee was from just outside of Bristol, appointed by the Fa as it was an Fa competition. He pulled out so a more local referee was found (Plymouth!) No moans from me The Bald One, I have congratulated you & wished you well... Just an observation a very big game, influenced by a big decision, from a Referee from the same location as the side who benefited from that decision... Good luck next round

    Interesting a Plymouth based referee for the fixture also....
  12. If people didn't care Bruegel they wouldn't be waiting for me to come on here .... like most are each week Or replying to my posts ... like you! Pat on the head from the boys that have won it so many times
  13. After a day of reflection, firstly I would like to say well done to Plymouth Parkway & good luck in the next round. Had the makings of a great fixture & very proud of how Bodmin played. No one gave us a prayer there so going away to Parkway who are steamroller the league, & to give them a game for a large part with only 10 men was a huge credit to the lads. Not going to mention the ref, I am sure many neutrals who were there can give a better report on the Ref than I can. We have done very well financially this season out of the FA competitions & always had to end somewhere. Well done to my second favourite side Liskeard on turning up the heat in the West league, with Ludgvan losing it might of just 'turned the tables' yesterday, with only one promotion spot be interesting to hear if Ludgvan would take it if they finished in that position? & I suppose I should also say well done to Newquay stopping their 5 game losing run!
  14. Thank you Danny, finally some common sense. Lovely to have you back & watch you play again at the Priory. With 3/4 additions bit more experience you will be just fine. Good luck in getting your 3 points tomorrow
  15. Tornado Bello £80 a game....think their are brown envelopes everywhere, at all clubs including Newquay Also its been posted on here in previous weeks how badly Bodmin have performed & not by me, Wednesday was by far our worst performance of the season & I AGREED, that's no disrespect to Newquay, but we still got the win & the three points condemning Newquay to their 5th straight defeat. Thats football, it can be a cruel game sometimes. But stand by that Carts would never intentionally do someone intentionally, he is a Christian
  16. Newquay obviously disappointed as we were dreadful & still inflicted their 5th consecutive loss for them. But to say Carts intentionally done the keeper is ludicrous! The boy goes to Church every Sunday & Bell ringing practise on a Tuesday night, he doesn't have a bad bone in his body. Lets see if the Newquay keeper plays tomorrow or whether he genuinely does have concussion..
  17. Bodmin 2-1 Newquay Least said about this game the better. Bodmin's third consecutive terrible performance in succession, & last night if I am quite honest maybe the worst display I have seen in many years at the Priory. Losing Neil Slates at H/T didn't help but it was in general a very poor football match, with both sides contributing. The ONLY plus to take from our last three performances is that it's been so bad, yet we have still managed to win the matches, & not dropped any points, & that's no disrespect to our opposition either. We will have to brush up sharp if we are to give the all conquering Plymouth Parkway a game at Bolitho Park on the weekend, huge underdogs...but you all like an underdog on here!
  18. Good luck to Mousehole. Unsure how the dynamics will work, but can never fault a 'Trier!'
  19. Alan, after many many years of coming against your sides I felt for you personally yesterday. Alan Carey's team usually have fight & compete for Every ball/tackle, yesterday for what ever reason St.Blazey beat Porthleven in all areas of the pitch & were stronger. However, St.Blazey football club will always be indebted to what you achieved there a season or so ago Alan saving the club from relegation ( only to be carried by last season's fool's !) The limited games I saw you play (mostly evening's) with the experience you had there O'Hagan, Painter, Cooper, Greet, Sims, Drummond, Tornado you had the foundations of a good side. They should always be thankful for what you done for them. However yesterday's game there was only one winner
  20. You really are clueless! We can't be bad, we win quite a lot ...
  21. Right....here goes! I am not very good at eating humble pie however.... St.Blazey 2-0 Porthleven, With no fixture yesterday I decided to go across town & watch St.Blazey, after recent weeks with them picking up a few results. Firstly, I would like to comment on how good the ground was looking, banks cut, pitch looking lovely (heard from the tea hut Paul had done it, well done Paul cracking effort) On to the game, after a lacklustre first half where it was very one paced & flat St.Blazey just shaded the first half & went in winning 1-0. The second half was dominated by St.Blazey & they increased their lead to 2-0. They could of added more goals but some wayward finishing prevented that but created many chances They were first to nearly every ball & were far stronger than Porthleven , so I must Apologise after recent weeks of maybe putting them down. It was at times yesterday Men against boys. Personally I can see St.Blazey finishing top 5, promotion might be a little bit to much for them (my opinion I still back Liskeard) but they have certainly turned the corner & will have an influence on where the title ends up on yesterdays performance. Felt sorry for Alan Carey returning to his old club, he was let down by some players not even committing themselves to win tackles, or headers, they were weak. He didn't look happy afterwards heading back to the changing rooms, & Alan Carey's teams do not usually lack tenacity, but yesterday belonged to St.Blazey. Also well done Godolphin, great result in progressing to the league cup quarter finals at Plymouth Argyle Res expense
  22. Callington Town FC

    Well they drew at Tavistock yesterday so can't be that bad..
  23. Huge difference Hetty, discipline, fitness, organisation, a big difference between both leagues. E.G Sticker walked West league last season, & if you look at the current Premier Division table they are struggling. (No shame in that) but your correct, big difference.
  24. Not even a very poor ( by their previous season standards) St.Austell side would lose at Witheridge today, rock bottom of the league I can see St.Austell getting the maximum points today. The rest of the Premier games I am going for all Home wins .... even fancy an improved Ivybridge team to take points off Saltash as my suprise of the day!
  25. Might pop over Dave, used to enjoy my visits over to St.Dennis! Problem is it was more than 30 years ago now, time is going far to quick Dave! Was thinking of venturing down to St.Blazey, watch them.today, maybe a couple Malibu & Pineapple to wash it down! Great cause the 'Charity Cup' but when I was playing it was a bloody hindrance sometimes, never ranked anywhere near the importance of the Senior Cup, a trophy is a trophy they say, but that cup was the one a few of the fringe players would get a run in