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  1. Or one in the microwave or a quick soak in a bowl of Hot Water...
  2. bodmin/tavistock - OFF!

    Always going to be OFF
  3. Saltash will not draw St.Austell, FACT
  4. All roads lead....

    Many congratulations to Mousehole Fc Hope to see you in the Premier Division next season with all the good things you are doing & visualising for the future, I for one hope you are successful in achieving your objectives.
  5. WE been there so many times before Danny on Easter Monday (7 😂) missing a season wouldn't hurt ( well maybe for a couple days ) I'm over it already. Interesting to see if the CCFA keep St.Austell & Saltash apart ( the glamour final ) with the four sides remaining, or you think they will be kept apart?! 🤔🤔🤔 Anyway, good result for Newquay yesterday, I actually come over to watch as St Dennis game was off & thought it could of gone either way, but credit to you Newquay lads, both Newquay & Exmouth goal mouths lived a 'charmed life' over heard a few supporters moaning at the tea hut after the 5-0 drubbing the weekend before against Mousehole so lets hope they went home with a smile after the whistle yesterday. Poor crowd at Mt.Wise yesterday which I was surprised at also with so many matches off? Also heard Bray Evans now seeking a move away after you pinched his Captain armband out of his kitbag Danny (from an older lady sat on the benches by the hut!) Anyway Good luck for remaining games old friend 👍👍
  6. Would agree, Saltash are always a tricky fixture. Sticker really struggling it seems
  7. No, no, knowing Danny like I do he will not be worried about who's took bate after the day his Newquay side have had...trust me!
  8. Your a good guy Danny O! You won't get any cheap shots from me mate, after a 5-0 hammering to a side in a league below, in a Cup Quarter Final in front of your large travelling support, in your last meaningful game of the season, must be a hard enough pill to swallow without me pushing your buttons! All the best Danny, see you soon, always welcome anytime at The Priory
  9. Crickey Alan, where did that come from! With all your previous success, I am surprised at your jealousy there
  10. Possibly, or just honest views & people don't like reality sometimes...
  11. I am glad you said this & not me! You to saw the same game through my eyes & came to the same conclusion.... yet I am always called critical of Newquay!! Not that I really care but just a observation
  12. They did in the first 12 minutes but after that as 'gingerninja' stated it was all very relaxed & made easy from Parkway ( they kept the ball possession at one stage for nearly 10 minutes! ) As for you Sticker Forever....good luck in your relegation battle
  13. Who knows, possibly Truro City going 'cap in hand' to old friends Falmouth Town asking to share their ground!
  14. I thought a few of the fringe players had a run out, my eyes are nowhere as good as they used to be, especially under the floodlights but at one stage I didn't recognize 3 Parkway players & was then told they were lads that don't usually get a run out. Heard someone ( had a club tie on) say Newquay have won 1 league game in the last 12 matches, like he said lucky they started the season well! Still one of my favourite grounds Mt.Wise
  15. Finished 3-0 to Parkway, miserable wet/damp night at Mt.Wise. Good display by Parkway, probably sown up the title this evening. At 3 nil they just played keep ball, Newquay chasing shadows. Good crowd at Newquay tonight, many from Parkway.