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  1. Well done Witheridge
  2. Andy Waddell, now we're talking strikers!
  3. Agreed good player, but not in the same 'bracket' as Rocky, Hobbo, Carts,
  4. Well done Mousehole, farthest West club making all the noise, congratulations to you. Some added spice afterwards on twitter between Steve 'slick' Massey & St.Austell boss Chris 'gentle' Knight not agreeing with remarks made about his St.Austell's side's performance in last nights fixture. Worth a look
  5. Good luck to the lad Thompson. Not that I have heard of him in local football, but seems like his business could work hand in hand with what Mousehole are trying achieve & that interview suggests both are desperate to succeed. Good luck to Kevin & Jamie at Mousehole FC
  6. Tina Turner - I can't stand the rain against my window
  7. Thank the lord the council pay the upkeep !
  8. Good of you to give Holsworthy the option in regards to traveling Charlie, well played
  9. I notice Phil Hiscox has granted home clubs permission to postpone fixtures as of 9am tomorrow morning. Advised not only the state of pitches but also the distances the visiting team has to travel ( highlighting player/officials travel safety ) interesting to see which clubs will use common sense
  10. What about the consideration of Newquay players getting to Ivybridge for the fixture Atherton? See my post on another thread 'Wednesday's Games'
  11. SWPL - Wednesday Feb 28 2018

    Exactly my point Karaoke, yet Helston have had reportedly 5 inches of snow according to Radio Cornwall. Imagine with the freezing temperatures forecast having to play a fixture down that way in the next few days & having to travel through conditions to get there on the roads. Ice, snow, rain .... surely common sense should prevail? Very rare Amber alerts are in place, like I said if both clubs agree to play then great, but players safety traveling to fixtures must also be treated with 'do-ability' & their safety paramount
  12. SWPL - Wednesday Feb 28 2018

    I personally think common sense should prevail this weekend, with the weather in some parts of the county today ( radio say's 5 inches of snow down West ) & the predicated forecasts for next 3/4 days I think Mr.Hiscox should step in & cancel fixtures himself. Home teams will always want to get games buf for some opponents to be pulled around the county & Devon surely is unnecessary for one weekend? It might not be pitches that are dangerous but the main hazard for the next few days has to be travel conditions on the roads? If both clubs agree to play then great, but with temperatures down to freezing until pretty much Sunday I would suggest the least people on the roads the better. Cornwall very rarely has amber warnings for weather & ice, so I do not see this as a drastic measure but one surely based on common sense?
  13. Missing 9 players I heard. Tough to go anywhere in this league missing so many.....let alone Plymouth Argyle away!
  14. Lucky the team doesn't make the decisions then Herbie

    Blobby Hoppkinson he is such a boy! Loves giving it the big one. He is a good kid really, underneath it all !