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  1. Not like it used to be davegrose.... from the games/teams if have seen play in the West this season, they wouldn't of beat East Cornwall Premier sides 10 years ago. Standards have most definitely gone down, poor, & that seems to be the general opinion amongst most
  2. Cally v Parkway

    Cornishfootball, you might be right, as I have said they are on a roll at present & are going to take some catching! Bodmin have been there many, many times before & got the full trophy cabinet, if Parkway go all the way & win it ( which is looking very likely) then good luck to them.
  3. Cally v Parkway

    Great stats Mike, So we need two goals from next three games to reclaim that stat!? Parkway going a long like an express train, again no qualms from our camp, not like a lot of the moaners from.different clubs ... they are the bench mark we are all chasing now...
  4. Ego clash....its Cornish Football!!
  5. I will always tell it how it is SCFC, might offend some people but I don't care! We had an objective & that was to rest as many players as possible & get in to the next round, which we did. That's no disrespect to Porthleven, but after a very difficult fixture midweek at St.Austell & one eye on next weeks FA Vase game Gilby had to play it sensible in regards to selection. You are right Port in spells going forward looked good, just a need a bit more at the back & cut out the naivety & they will be fine. What did make me smile was the excuse my terminology here ( the rather large guy! ) who Port had reportedly just signed, criticising his team's defending & Alan's tactics, suggesting he should of been playing. He was about 20 stone! Think he used to play at St.Austell also. Anyway good luck to Port in their league campaign, as I say we at Bodmin will await another away fixture...
  6. My memory is not so good now Mattelot, Saltash & Liskeard more so in the 80's?
  7. Porthleven 2-4 Bodmin, After a very long drive down to Porthleven, people were entertained to a good game played in the right way. Pleasing for us to come through un-scathed, we were carrying a few knocks & very leggy from our tough mid-week fixture against St.Austell. With one eye on our important Vase fixture next weekend it gave Gilby the chance to swap it around a bit & rest a few who have played to many games recently, all the lads did their jobs. Awaiting another away draw as that's all we seem to get in cup competitions. Well done to Porthleven, who going forward were good in spells. If they can tighten up at the back they will have a fair season
  8. Town Man, you been very quiet for some time then, maybe years! You take a couple scalps then think you are one of the big guns again ( maybe in the 60's & 70's)
  9. Very quiet on here again, you would think the holders going out would attract a few more posts!! What Is going on at Poltair....
  10. Blimey Paul, three consecutive wins against ( no disrespect) Bude Town, St.Day Fc, & Wendron United!! A couple seasons ago I saw you beating Saltash & Launceston. You need to get yourself down the Club on snooker nights, the other factions of the Blazey supporters are still very disgruntled & extremely disappointed that they are not even in the top six, or come to that the top 10! Very very sad for a club with a very glittering past that was not so long ago. Will catch you at Co-Op soon for a natter, after I have checked the floors around the self service tills for loose change
  11. Knowing Ron he was probably carrying on the 'prevado' just to copy Wayne ! Get some of the lime light, should be in panto
  12. Brilliant Bruegel!!
  13. Agreed. Many sides will be defeated at Saltash this season, in my opinion one of the hardest fixtures of the season
  14. St.Austell 0-3 Bodmin Town

    Ahh! After all these years...thanks Digger1000
  15. Very quiet, thought a bit more would of been said about this result between two.of Cornwalls more Successful clubs...or is it a result not many wanted so it just gets swept under the carpet..?