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  1. That means you haven't got a clue
  2. Have bodmin announced any signings yet?
  3. Are Falmouth now considered as up there to potentially win the league? Who do people think are favourites?
  4. All this speculation that Glyn will leave has come people trying to stir things Glyn will definitely play for parkway next season
  5. That and personality, is he the striker to fire Heston to the title
  6. Big news on a big striker on the move...... stu bowker to helston
  7. Is there another mass exodus on the way? Why does this seem to happen down there?
  8. Looked like he went slightly backwards at bodmin, I would say was a good fit at Saltash.
  9. Been told Lewis russell heading back to the ashes
  10. mockey jackson

    New St Austell manager

    Wayne hillson won the treble on half the budget Lee hobbs is spending
  11. Maybe pway might sign him
  12. heard yesterday up goals from a pway player Carter was returning to pway?
  13. I wonder how many players St austell tapped up over the past weeks. Just out of interest Ben are there any players you think St austell should sign from either parkway or bodmin