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  1. mockey jackson

    Perranporth 2 Bodmin 2

    Any lineups
  2. mockey jackson

    Parkway Squad Announcement quashes rumours

    Stewart yetton is one
  3. mockey jackson

    Parkway Squad Announcement quashes rumours

    Hobbs out annear in
  4. mockey jackson

    Parkway Squad Announcement quashes rumours

    Exactly that hobbsy has already decided he doesn't want to and is going to sign for bodmin
  5. Tavistock would have 5 strikers at the club, struggle to keep 3 happy let alone 5
  6. Glyn Hobbs has had a bust up with his brother Lee and is leaving parkway. Who will be favourites to get him signed? Bodmin to throw money at him? Or return to tavistock on the cards?
  7. It was all over his twitter That's the one
  8. It was all over his twitter
  9. Dan Sullivan a Taunton player crago a winger, didn't they have a ginger striker playing at the end of the season
  10. Who are tavys current forwards? Have they left? Seen somwhere about Josh Grant playing higher
  11. In work 2day found out news of a possible massive u turn by new helston striker stu bowker leaving to go bodmin town for an even bigger pay day then massy was giving him
  12. That means you haven't got a clue
  13. Have bodmin announced any signings yet?
  14. Are Falmouth now considered as up there to potentially win the league? Who do people think are favourites?
  15. All this speculation that Glyn will leave has come people trying to stir things Glyn will definitely play for parkway next season