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  1. The Town Man

    Penzance v St Austell

    Thanks for the compliment Rayvon but I think Truro will still have a good chance against Falmouth on Saturday!
  2. Falmouth Town have signed Leslie Gerken according to Twitter. Anyone know anything about him?
  3. Rob Wearne is out for the season, Ollie Walker and Jack Webber to university, Marcello Jones to the USA. There is a bit more room there than it first looks. Great signing though!
  4. And Ryan & Scott Beattie according to Helston AFC Twitter feed. Says they have Southern Prem experience. Not sure who they played for. Looks like Helston mean business this year!!
  5. The Town Man


    As a Falmouth Town Fan I am having trouble summoning up any sympathy for Truro's plight. There is a reason why other Cornish clubs (such AS Falmouth) haven't tried to climb the Football ladder and that is because it is UNSUSTAINABLE!! You clearly are not going to be able to afford to remain at this level given the support you get and I am afraid you are only putting off the inevitable. You will be down grubbing around with the rest of us in a few years once all your assets have finally been stripped. This is a pity as from a football point of view you have done really well. (I still wouldn't cross the road to watch you though!!!)
  6. The Town Man

    New St Austell manager

    Have a bit of faith there. We said the same about Andy Westgarth when he was first appointed and now look. He will just need some support and a good team around him like we have at Falmouth. UP THE TOWN!!
  7. As a Town can I firmly believe that Jordan is nowhere near good enough to play for anyone other than Falmouth Town! Same goes for James Ward, Dave Broglino, Joe Cooper et al. They are all rubbish and should be left to fester forever at Town. (Come on boys! Stick with us and let's win everything next year as well as go on a big Vase run. You know it makes sense!)
  8. A county Youth Team match was scheduled for this season but was rained off.

    Sadly, a few years ago I managed to get a county game at Bickland as it's my home club and was badly let down. When I arrived the pitch was appauling, no work had been done during the week and little effort made to mark it out, the grass hadn't been cut. The changing rooms were filthy dirty as well, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. No committee members there to welcome anybody from the CCFA or Gloucestershire FA, they'd gone to Town's away match somewhere. Only Suzie Williams left to make food for the players after the match which had been agreed beforehand, and she had to go out and buy more as she wasn't told about it.

    To be honest I was embarrassed about it and having agreed everything before the game the "welcome" from the club was anything but welcoming.

    That might have something to do with it. The current committee are trying hard to redress the situation and are back in favour but you'll have to wait your turn I guess.

    Hope that helps.